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Advanced Certification in Data Science and AI

During these live and pre-recorded Data Science and AI classes, we will go through hands-on training with essential tools including Statistics, Python, Tableau, SQL & Hadoop, Business Intelligence , Data Mining and many more. Become a Data Science and AI specialist with One Education & accelerate your career.

Join our live training sessions to learn the data-driven decisions.

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Fees: £4000£199(VAT Included)

OCT 2021

2:00 pm ET

Advanced Certification in Data Science and AI Class Overview

Webinar Requirements

Smartphone /Computer/Laptop

Internet Connection


Video feed will NOT be shared

Training Outline

Day-01: Python for Data Science
  • Overview of Python programming(Data Type, Loop, Function, Modules etc.)
  • EDA(Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib)
Day-02: Statistics and Mathematics
  • Basic Statistics
  • Linear Algebra
Day-03: ML fundamentals and Data Preprocessing
  • Day-03: ML fundamentals and Data Preprocessing
  • Handling Missing Values, encoding etc.
  • Feature selection and dataset preparation for the ML Models
Day 04: Machine Learning: Regression Algorithms
  • Regression Algorithms
  • Real Life projects walkthrough
Day 05: Machine Learning: Classification Algorithms
  • Classification Algorithms
  • Real Life projects walkthrough
Day 6: Model Optimization, Deployment and Scale
  • Bias, variance, underfitting, overfitting etc.
  • Model Tuning
Day 07: Model Optimization, Deployment and Scale
  • Production Level Model Deployment in the cloud
  • Real Life projects walkthrough
Day 08: Fundamentals of Deep Learning and AI
  • Tensorflow Overview 
  • Neural Networks and Deep learning 
  • Real Life projects walkthrough
  • SQL Training
  • Python Data Science
  • Data Engineering with Google BigQuery & Google Cloud 
  • Diploma in Data Analytics with Tableau
  • Data Analysis In Excel
  • Statistics & Probability for Data Science & Machine Learning
  • Diploma in Computer Programming
  • Microsoft Power BI – Master Power BI in 90 Minutes!
  • Business Intelligence and Data Mining
  • Data Science and Machine Learning using Python – A Bootcamp
  • Time Management



Start Date:

Aug 20, 2021

What's Included


How It Works

Get Certified by One Education

Earning certificates and showcasing your achievements are equally as important as gaining skills. Keeping this in mind, One Education offers you a handful of certificates accredited by the likes of CPD & IAO along with a certificate of achievement endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme. The certificates are available in both PDF & Hardcopy format and guess what — they’re also FREE!

Meet Your Instructor

John Harper

John Harper is a machine learning engineer, a Python programmer, and a tech entrepreneur. Trained at Cambridge University, Accelerate Cambridge and a recent scholar at the Prestigious Pi School in Rome for Artificial Intelligence.


Ans:  Anyone can enrol for these live classes, as long as you have a passion and desire to learn.

Ans: All of our live classes will be conducted via LIVE Zoom sessions. After enrolling on this live class you will get instant access to 11 premium courses. You can start study instantly after getting access. Each week you will attend 1 live workshop on Advanced Certification in Data Science and AI.

Ans: You can attend the sessions via any smart device of your choice (Smartphone, PC, Laptop etc.) with a stable internet connection.

Ans: If you have any questions during the live class, you can note your questions. At the end of the class, you can ask your questions to tutor. Also, if you have any questions while you are studying the online materials, you can send an email with your questions and the tutor will get back to you.

Ans: To attend this live online course, there are not many requirements. All you is need a smart device with a good internet connection. You should have the “Zoom” app installed on your device.

Ans: Each live class will be recorded, and you will get access to them in case if you have missed a class or want to recap.

Ans: The total duration of this class is one month. However, you will get access to the courses and recording sessions for one year.

Ans: For premium online CPD courses, you will get the certificates after successfully completing the course. Also, you will receive 4 Certificates of Achievement from the Quality Licence Scheme for free.

At the end of the live sessions, you will receive a course completion certificate.

Ans: Yes. Along with lifetime access to the recorded sessions, you will be entitled to unlimited support and assistance from our customer support team and your teaching assistants.

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