• Marine Biology Course - Online Diploma
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    Learning Outcome


    Gain an acute understanding of our planet’s oceans and undersea wildlife by taking our Marine Biology Diploma Course. The oceans cover around 70% of the Earth’s surface area, and yet most people know relatively little about the animals and natural phenomena that lie in their depths and shallows. Whether it is for career purposes, research reasons, or just personal curiosity, this course will enhance your knowledge of Marine Biology to a significant degree. Each interactive online module is packed with facts about the oceans and the life therein, all of which has been sourced from industry experts and verified by scientific studies.

    This Marine Biology Diploma Course provides all the information that you need to gain certified knowledge in this subject. You will learn about the history of the oceans and their link to the origins of life itself, as well as an overview of their ecology and the relationship they have with weather systems. The size and characteristics of various marine habitats and environments are explored in-depth, as well as the vast arrays of life that exist within them. You will also be shown the way in which marine wildlife sustains themselves in communities and the damaging impact that humankind has placed on the natural resources and vitality of the world’s oceanic system, with conservation plans being examined. Our certified course can be studied on any online device, and at the speed you want to take. Sign up now and study the seas.

    Who is This Course for?

    This course is intended for any individual that wishes to learn about Marine Biology and information about ecology in the seas. This may be for personal interest or to advance knowledge and qualifications for career advantages.         

    Career Path

    This course is perfect for those working in scientific or research environments or areas where ecological knowledge is required. As such, it covers the following careers and roles:

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