Certified Estate Agent – Complete Career Guide – 5 Courses In 1

Certified Estate Agent – Complete Career Guide – 5 Courses In 1


Course Overview

This Certified Estate Agent – Complete Career Guide – 5 Courses In 1 bundle is a complete A-Z guide on real estate management for anyone looking to learn about these subjects and becoming a professional real estate agent.

Every course in this bundle is made by industry experts with the utmost care. You will get a detailed step by step breakdown of each and every course topic and after completing the course you will get a certificate of completion from One Education which will help you start and prosper in a career as a professional real estate agent.

Take this course bundle today and learn new skills with the fantastic audiovisual courses from One Education.

Learning outcomes:

  • Get a detailed overview of the Real Estate
  • Learn to generate leads, market and manage properties and negotiate with potential buyers
  • Become a marketplace expert and gain a firm understanding of Real Estate Laws
  • Develop your negotiation and communication skills and grasp different types of investment structures
  • Discover every aspect of home loans and property valuation
  • Learn how a private equity investment is structured, measured and remunerated
  • Identify the key elements and dynamics of a real estate cash flow
  • Find sellers to buy houses from and buyers to purchase investment properties
  • Learn to effectively deal with clients to maximize business profits
  • Get an idea of taxation related to real estate
  • Understand how to protect wealth adhering to the legal grounds
  • Learn how to build a property portfolio
  • Develop a strategy to use property as an investment vehicle
  • Implement a strategy that focuses on growth and income
  • Achieve financial freedom through property investment
  • Learn about different mortgage products
  • Understand the historical nature of property market in the UK
  • Know how inflation plays a role in property finances
  • Master fundamental persuasion and influencing techniques to accelerate your career
  • Gain skills to motivate others, win over clients and build strong working relationships
  • Learn sales techniques to close a deal successfully and present your ideas effectively
  • Improve your verbal and non-verbal communication skills to effectively network and thrive in any business environment
  • Explain important business ideas in an engaging and effective manner
  • Learn to manage time more efficiently in day to day activities
  • Gain an idea on how to set and stick to goals and expectations
  • Learn the techniques to be focused and composed at work
  • Maximize client interaction through efficient time distribution

Who is This Course for?

The Certified Estate Agent – Complete Career Guide – 5 Courses In 1 bundle is ideal for:

  • Aspiring real estate agents
  • Anyone interested in learning about portfolio and asset management
  • Anyone willing to be utmost productive by effectively using his/her time

How is the course assessed?

To successfully complete the course you must pass an automated, multiple-choice assessment. The assessment is delivered through our online learning platform. You will receive the results of your assessment immediately upon completion.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Upon successful completion, you will qualify for the UK and internationally-recognized professional qualification and you can choose to make your achievement formal by obtaining your PDF Certificate at a cost of £9 and Hardcopy Certificate for £15.

Career Path

This Certified Estate Agent – Complete Career Guide – 5 Courses In 1 bundle provides learners with the opportunities to explore job sectors like:

  • Real Estate Agent (Average Annual Salary In The UK: £29,597)
  • Real Estate Asset Manager (Average Annual Salary In The UK: £47,979)
  • Property Manager (Average Annual Salary In The UK: £30,091)

Course Curriculum

***Estate Agent Diploma***
Module 01 – Estate Agent: An Introduction 00:24:00
Module 02 – Different Types of Estate Agents 00:18:00
Module 03 – Getting Started on the Job 00:19:00
Module 04 – Listing Property: Finding the Sellers 00:27:00
Module 05 – Valuation Process 00:24:00
Module 06 – Negotiating as Estate Agent 00:15:00
Module 07 – Selling Property: Finding the Buyers 00:26:00
Module 08 – Letting Property 00:34:00
Module 09 – Technology for Estate Agents 00:24:00
Module 10 – Regulation of Estate Agents 00:16:00
***Time Management & Productivity Training in Real Estate***
Meet Your Instructor 00:02:00
Why Shawn as Your Instructor? – Personal Success Story 00:04:00
Roadmap to Do More Deals in Less Time 00:01:00
Time Management Trough Tempo Methodology
What is Tempo Methodology? 00:02:00
The First Step to BOOSTING Productivity 00:08:00
Personal Strategy Assessment Time! 00:08:00
How to Make the Necessary Changes 00:05:00
Developing a SUCCESSFUL Game-plan 00:05:00
It’s Go Time.. 00:02:00
The Tempo Methodology Machine 00:03:00
Productivity Killers - How to MINIMIZE
Avoiding Your Email Inbox Nightmare 00:06:00
SILENT but DEADLY Productivity Killers 00:06:00
What are Electives? How Do We Stop Them 00:04:00
Mind Blowing Social Media Trends 00:04:00
Productivity Boosters - How to MAXIMIZE
Step 1 is Always NUKE IT 00:04:00
Mastering the Art of Goal Setting 00:07:00
Prioritize – Prioritize – PRIORITIZE 00:05:00
Mini Strategies for Success! 00:04:00
Return on Time Invested (ROTI) 00:04:00
Exponentially AMPLIFY Your Time
How to Manage 1,000 Clients w/ 1 Click 00:08:00
Simple Tip for Staying Focused 00:06:00
How to Wake Up Every Day Ready to Succeed 00:07:00
Simple Technique to Sleep FASTER & Feel BETTER 00:05:00
How to Increase Efficiency by 300% 00:08:00
My Thanks to You 00:03:00
What’s Next? (BONUS) 00:02:00
***Real Estate Investment Training***
Introduction Super Real Estate Investing 00:11:00
Why Real Estate Continues to Be the Best Investment for Most People 00:13:00
Getting Amazing Deals on Properties
How to buy houses for super cheap 00:21:00
How to use direct marketing to reach motivated sellers 00:16:00
How to Finance Real Estate Deals
Secrets to financing all kinds of deals 00:17:00
Understanding Hard Money 00:07:00
More Hard Money Examples 00:11:00
How to Execute Effective Exit Strategies
The best exit strategies in real estate 00:14:00
Secrets to wholesaling properties to other investors 00:14:00
Secrets to rehabbing the property and maximizing profit 00:07:00
Making Money with Tax Lien Certificates and Deeds
Secrets to buying tax lien certificates and tax deeds 00:09:00
Building Wealth and Passive Income Through Rental Properties
Buying and renting for maximum passive income 00:16:00
REI Secrets, Tips, and Tricks 00:13:00
More REI Secrets, Tips, and Tricks 00:11:00
Even more REI Secrets, Tips, and Tricks 00:09:00
Conclusion Super Real Estate 00:06:00
***Portfolio Building for Property***
Module: 01
Introduction 00:07:00
The answer is Property 00:05:00
Mortgage Types 00:06:00
Negative Mind Chatter 00:08:00
Module: 02
Steps in the Plan 00:06:00
Property Types 00:02:00
Set it up and Forget about it 00:07:00
Raising the Capital 00:16:00
Watch your cashflow 00:08:00
Look at the costs 00:10:00
Module: 03
Portfolio building strategy 00:13:00
Historic Property Cycles 00:07:00
Make your portfolio grow faster 00:08:00
Ways to Create Income 00:02:00
Understanding Inflation 00:03:00
***Persuasion and Influencing Skills***
What Is Influence & Why is It Important! 00:06:00
The Power To influence – Beginning Concepts 00:13:00
The 6 Master Principles Of Persuasion – Part 1 00:15:00
The 6 Master Principles Of Persuasion – Part 2 00:16:00
The MUST Have Persuasion Tool! 00:09:00
Emotional Reasoning 00:06:00
MORE Powerful Tools Of Persuasion 00:17:00
Rapport Building & Reputation – Part 1 00:11:00
Rapport Building & Reputation – Part 2 00:16:00
Powerful Tools Of Persuasion – Part 1 00:13:00
Powerful Tools Of Persuasion – Part 2 00:12:00
Powerful Tools Of Persuasion – Part 3 00:15:00

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