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Stay one step ahead of your competitors with digital content and ad campaigns that really work. Whether you are a small business owner, aspiring marketing professional or freelance blogger, this SEO and Social Media Marketing course will teach you the techniques and tools to engage your audience and drive maximum traffic to your web pages.

We will show you the winning formula for turning clicks into conversions, by introducing best practices that every digital marketer should know. Learn how to optimise your content through keywords, analyse audience engagement, utilise link-building, and so much more.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to navigate each social media platform with ease, making the most of their key features and tools. Not only that, but you will become an expert in monitoring web page performance, with step-by-step guidance on Google Analytics.

Enrol in this best-selling course today and watch your web page rankings increase in no time!

Learning Outcomes

  • Fast track your career in digital marketing with an accredited, formal qualification
  • Understand the importance and benefits of search engine optimisation
  • Discover winning techniques & strategies to improve audience engagement
  • Learn how to optimise web content with long and short tail keywords
  • Know how to analyse web page performance and measure your results
  • Understand how in-bound and out-bound link-building works and why it is important
  • Create impactful ad campaigns and utilise online advertising tools effectively 
  • Learn how to conduct market analysis and how to prepare marketing audits
  • Identify the main social media platforms and their unique features
  • Deepen your knowledge of the social media landscape and its growth in recent years

Who is This Course for?

This course applies to the following:

  • Anyone interested in a career in digital marketing
  • Marketing professionals who wish to build their skillset & existing knowledge
  • Freelance writers and bloggers who want to learn how to utilise SEO tools 
  • Small business owners who wish to understand online marketing trends

Career Path

A certificate in SEO and Social Media Marketing will equip you with the core skills required for the following roles:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Assistant
  • SEO Copywriter
  • Digital Content Writer
  • Blogger
  • PPC Executive

Course Curriculum

SEO Basics
What Is Search Engine Optimization? 01:00:00
Search Engines That Use SEO 01:00:00
Using SEO In Website Text 01:00:00
Using SEO For Google Ads 01:00:00
Using SEO For Article Marketing 01:00:00
Using SEO In Press Releases 00:30:00
Using Longtail Keywords 00:30:00
Using Google To Discover The Best Keywords 00:30:00
SEO For Video Ads 00:30:00
SEO In Photos 00:30:00
Blogging With SEO Marketing 01:00:00
Using A SEO Company 01:00:00
SEO Techniques
Introduction to SEO 00:30:00
Improve Engagement to Improve Rankings 01:00:00
Make Your Existing Pages Longer 00:30:00
Focus on YouTube SEO 00:30:00
Improve Site Speed 00:30:00
Focus on Topics Instead of Keywords 00:30:00
Build Backlinks 00:15:00
Reporting and Analytics 00:30:00
Technical Optimization 00:30:00
Local SEO and Listings 00:30:00
Guest posting 00:30:00
Effective Seo Tools 01:00:00
Google Adwords
Benefits of online advertising and AdWords 00:30:00
Choosing a campaign type 00:30:00
Measure your results 00:30:00
The Rise of Social Media
What is Social Media 00:18:00
The Growth of Social Media 00:10:00
Conducting Market Analysis 00:16:00
Auditing Social Media 00:26:00
Corporate Culture and Social Media 00:12:00
Social Media Goals vs. Business Goals 00:10:00
Types of Social Media Platforms 00:08:00
Creating the Social Media Policy
The Social Media Policy 00:40:00
Creative Commons 00:21:00
Brand Marketing 00:27:00
Keyword Selection 00:17:00
Content Marketing on Social Media 00:26:00
Content Development 00:23:00
Understanding the Popular Platforms 03:34:00
Launching Successful Campaigns
Traditional Website Advertising 00:37:00
Social Media Documentation and Schedules 00:29:00
Project Management Software 00:39:00
The Community Manager Role 00:26:00
Importance of Voice Consistency 00:30:00
Organizational Customer Servicen 00:28:00
Social Media Triage 00:14:00
Online versus Personal Interactions 00:26:00
Social Media Analytics 00:27:00
Goal Value 00:43:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – SEO and Social Media Marketing 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – SEO and Social Media Marketing 00:20:00

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    This one is the best….one of a kind…. lovley

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    Brilliant!!! How good it is to see all the essential items together!!

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    Absolutely outstanding! Highly recommended! (y)

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    i’m really happy to complete the course, worths the time and money….. highly recommended!!

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