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Key to Happiness is Balanced Life

A successful life is all about balance; too much and too little can destroy anything. A balanced life is a life which is an equal blend of all three aspects- Health, Wealth, Happiness. That’s why; a balanced life is a key to happiness.

Look out for a man with a successful career; if he cannot lead a peaceful life with his family members, he will not be happy in the long run. Leading a balanced life by balancing personal and professional aspect is so versatile that it can bring you peace. Such monetary bliss without personal happiness or family peace is nothing but a betrayal of oneself.

How do you achieve more balance in your life?

Have you ever felt like at the end of the day you’re just completely wiped out and you just came through a crazy storm? That you have all these obligations and responsibilities in such a way that you feel completely depleted.

You just feel like saying, “why do I have to do so much stuff?” or like “why can’t I get my life balance?” or has someone said to you, someone being your spouse, your wife, your lover, your kids, someone you care for – “I never get to see you anymore. You’ve just kind of torn your life apart and given it to everybody all over here. But I’m not getting anything from you any more”

Have you ever just sensed that you know your priorities are out of whack that you know you compromised so much for your career?  For other things, you thought you’re supposed to do at the cost of your health or your joy or your sanity or your time off. What do you do about all that?


Well, let me show you a couple of strategies and ideas to get back the balance you want in your life.

Now, first and foremost, if you already a person who’s like “dude, there’s no balance; this is stupid, I’m giving up on you” really need to go through this writing. Because that’s the part of the popular victim mentality of the world.

Don’t be an extremist in your life, you know, don’t be the person who throws the baby out with the bathwater and expects that the baby learns to swim instantly. Because it doesn’t make any sense.

If you’ve ever seen a kid ride a bike and you saw them over a period of time, you will see that they start with little to no balance and develop better balance, and then proficiency. That’s the same way that you should manage your life agenda.

You know, if you feel like you might crash right now and you’re just completely out of balance, or you just feel like you’re under this constant sort of road rage of trying to keep everything together, well then, that’s okay, no worries about that.

There’s always a better balance; there’s always the next level of proficiency in managing your life. So, don’t quit; don’t get jaded. Never be that person who just says, “Well, it’s not possible. There’s no such thing as work-life balance”. This idea became very popular in our culture because our culture gave away their lives to work. Our culture made lots of excuses and reasons and made it socially acceptable to give away their lives for a career. But you don’t have to do that.

The Ways to Achieve More Balance in Your Life

 1.Key to-Happiness-is-Balanced-LifeThe number one most important thing you have to do is to understand – Why do you want balance and where do you want it:

First and foremost, if you’re ever going to do it and you’re ever going to be better at a greater level of proficiency, you need to decide why you need it. It’s the most basic thing to do. So much of human behaviour and motivation comes from that question of why do I care about this? Why is it important to me? Why is it meaningful to me? A lot of people haven’t really revisited their life for a long time. There’s no possibility of having balance in their life because they’ve never set a goal for what balance means.

Whatever, you need to know why you want it. For example, I think health and vitality are important for me and I need to have that in my life but it was a point my life where it went away. So, I started instituting that I was going to work out every other day for an hour. Some people said that it was not possible in my life. Really, it wasn’t possible at that time but I had to make it happen. We’re all gifted with the same amount of days in terms of the hours each day. I should say and if that’s true then it’s on us to decide how we’re going to protect those times.

  1. The number two thing is that you have to do is – Remove Distractions Immediately:

Most people aren’t out of balance, they’re in distraction. It’s not that there’s a lack of balance that’s available to them. It’s that they’re watching hours of television or hours of content that doesn’t add value to their life. I hope this article is adding value; it’s giving you content and instruction for what to do. A lot of folks spend time just looking at lifestyle magazines or people’s magazines or watching silly news that has nothing to do with anything. If you ever want to achieve balance, get rid of those things that aren’t adding value to your life.

  1. The third thing you have to do is to learn to Say NO:

It’s time to set some boundaries and stop saying ‘yes’ to everything. This is the point where people say, “Well, you don’t understand me. I can’t say no to these projects; I can’t say no to the meetings; I can’t say no to these things; I can’t protect my time; I can’t do these things.” As an example, at work, you might think that your boss wouldn’t like that. The truth is: there’s probably a lot of things your boss doesn’t like about you already. So, who cares if it is one extra thing your boss might not like about you. You start setting boundaries at least.  It’s protecting your sanity; set the boundaries to start saying no to people and don’t apologize for it. Just be real about it and say “you know what I’m sorry I can’t do that because I’ve previously agreed to these other things; sorry I can’t do that because I have this that I must go/do, or I have this email to response and I’m sorry I can’t participate.” The reality is that I have projects and priorities that have been scheduled for months and some of them for years. So, say no and tell the real reason and make yourself crystal clear.

The solution is; you must know the limits of everything! You can do anything but not everything. Select the most important priorities first. Then cling to the time management. Your work should separate from your family life. Spend quality time with your family.



October 14, 2019

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