Top 10 Reasons To Become A Nursery Teacher In 2020

Maybe you have thought about a career in education and want to know where to begin. Maybe you have also always been great with children, and your friends and family members have marvelled at how easily being with children comes to you. If this is you, and you would love to combine your passion for teaching with your love for spending time with children, then there can be no better way to pursue this than by engaging in nursery teacher training to become a nursery teacher.

Who is a nursery teacher?

Simply put, a nursery teacher is someone who deals with children at the preliminary stage of their education. It is an extremely vital stage of any child’s development, as it is usually a child’s first exposure to a classroom environment.

As a nursery teacher, you must be able to play many different roles in children’s lives, all with the intention of developing them for the next stages of their life. Be it through play, games, or even one on one sessions, a good nursery teacher is expected to impart knowledge and teach basic language and social skills. Since nursery teachers are also responsible for the children’s overall wellbeing, you will also be responsible for promoting good behaviour and cooperation among the children.

Therefore it is vital to have the right nursery teacher training. It is only when you acquire the right nursery teacher qualifications will you be considered for the best nursery teacher jobs. Besides the academic requirements, where you must have passed your GCSE in maths, English, and science, you will also need a host of skills for landing nursery teacher jobs. These include:

– Patience and kindness: Perhaps the most integral skill. Working with children is rewarding but difficult without patience as children have short attention spans

– Humour: Children love to laugh. They also get bored easily. Having a humorous personality is therefore very important

– Creativity and Imagination: It is impossible to engage with children unless you are creative and used your imagination when spending time with them

There are several estimates to how much you can make as a nursery school teacher in the UK. one estimate of the nursery teacher salary by the job site is £19,529 while another estimate by the job site is that the average nursery teacher salary is  £34,161. 

What this says is that if you have the right nursery teacher training, you will be sure to find a rewarding job. As far as job prospects, you will start off as a junior nursery teacher and with additional experience and qualifications, move up to nursery school teacher and eventually to a senior nursery school teacher. Your salary will naturally increase progressively as well.

Top 10 Reasons to Become a Nursery Teacher

By now, you must be thinking about the different reasons to pursue a career in becoming a nursery teacher. It’s a new year and a new decade. It’s time you made that change in your life. It’s time you followed your passion and interest. 

Without further ado, here are the 10 reasons why you should consider becoming a nursery teacher.

1. Children are amazing learners

There’s something to be said about a rewarding and fulfilling job. By teaching children as young as 3 years old, you will be witness, first-hand, on how incredible their learning ability is. Children are always eager to experience new things. They will not have the complex minds of older people, and there will be an atmosphere of joy and fun. This will undoubtedly make your job exciting and rewarding. You will be inspired from them in your own life to lead a more simple life.

2. Something new every day

Because you will be dealing with such young children, you will be able to teach them something new almost every day. Not only that, but you will get to experience growing up and the joy of discovering things for the first time. Even the best businesses don’t get such instant results.

3. Develop amazing relationships

When you teach the same children on a daily basis for a long time, there’s an unmistakable bond that will be created between you and the children you are teaching. You will essentially be like a mother or father away from home — making a bond that becomes incredibly special and almost unbreakable. You may gain the student’s trust and such, they will share important moments of their life as they grow older. You may have students come to you many years later, telling you how much you meant to them at the early stages of their lives or remembering some of their earliest memories with you.

4. Flexibility in life

While a career as a nursery teacher is by no means easy, there is no doubt that it offers a sort of flexibility that you will simply not be able to enjoy in many other jobs. If you value time to yourself, or desire flexibility in your life, nursery teacher jobs offer precisely that.

5. You want to work with children

This is simple. You deal enough with adults in your life and you would rather be in a job where you have to engage with children in a day to day professional setting rather than adults.

6. Shape future leaders

Because of the age of the children you will be working with, you have the opportunity and responsibility to shape their lives by teaching them the correct lessons in life. It is also an opportunity to identify children who will go on to do great things for the economy and the world at large.

7. You can become a better future parent  

There is no doubt that the skills you will acquire as a nursery teacher will be invaluable as a parent or caregiver. Whether you are a parent already, or a caregiver, or even an uncle or aunt, you will undoubtedly be better at that role.

8. Embrace your inner child

Sometimes, it is difficult being an adult. There are many responsibilities that come with being an adult, and we all wish that we could just become a kid sometimes. With this job, you can do that.

9. Become a better multi-tasker

In this day and age, it has become increasingly important to wear multiple hats. As a nursery teacher, you will be challenged to keep up with the children by adopting several different roles, from friend to teacher to caregiver, which will ultimately work to make you a better multi-tasker.

10. The priceless moments

Finally, there is nothing like the priceless moments that come with being a teacher. When you look back at your life, you will cherish these forever.

So what are you waiting for? The future is yours to shape. It’s time to start your career as a nursery teacher and follow your passion.

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November 10, 2020

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