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Enrol now to take your imagination and literary skills to professional levels, allowing you to make a lucrative living with your words. This training provides expert tuition for you to start writing fiction or nonfiction for a publisher or specialise in script production for an agency.

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A full-time or part-time creative writer has the talent to make words leap from a page or screen, subsequently entertaining or informing the audience that it is intended for. Professional writers can work in various genres, producing fictional narratives, documenting actual events, or even writing words for an actor to speak. The possibilities are almost endless and are often only limited by time and ambition.

Becoming a Writer and Selecting a Genre

Most creative writers will find themselves drawn to a writing style or genre. This could be the production of historical research or a bloodcurdling exercise in exploitative horror. The literary world can be your oyster. You will be shown the choices and styles that can be available to your writing talents and then learn how to develop and refine your skill in this area.

Writing to Embrace Your Style and Strengths

Once an individual is drawn to the profession of creative writing, they will soon find where their strengths and interests lie, as well as the type of writing that their audience is most responsive to. You will be taught how to underline your writing style, whether it brings to life gruesome crime fiction or embellishes a tearful drama. The best outcome will be to write something that you would enjoy as a reader.

Penning Scripts and Adopting a Freelance Lifestyles

A creative writer may be more drawn to producing scripts for a media platform. There are opportunities to produce written narratives in TV, Radio, Films, and Podcasts. You will be shown how to enter this exciting industry and make a name for yourself. Alongside this, the potential that exists for working as a freelancer will be opened up to you, providing even more chances for earning potential and recognition.

How to get started

Select your career path

Engage in online classes.

Test yourself

Earn your certification



Taking your writing skills to professional levels



Learning to write for entertainment purposes and target an audience



Learning how to write about historical events and notable personalities



Creating imaginative worlds for young readers and their parents



Mastering the art of producing short and sharp narratives



Discovering how to turn a central concept into a compelling plot that enthrals the reader



Appreciate the importance of providing better outcomes and outstanding services



Bringing thrills and excitement to the pages of a book



Discovering how to write serious and thought-provoking work or make the audience laugh



Know how to work in this enduringly popular genre



Understand how to turn a plot into words that can be spoken and acted on the screen



Appreciate the skills and patience needed to work as a freelance specialist



Be able to adapt your writing style for handheld screens and digital reading

Joel Brookes

Faculty, Program in Graphic Design
One Education

Joel Brookes

Faculty, Program in Graphic Design
One Education

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