Web Development Bootcamp 2021

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Learn practical web development from scratch within just 1 month and kick-start your dream career as a Web Developer.

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Fees: £499£249 (VAT Included)

Nov 2021

2:00 pm ET

What you get in this liveclass

Webinar Requirements

Smartphone /Computer/Laptop

Internet Connection


Video feed will NOT be shared

Liveclass Outline

Class 1 – HTML

  • Editor and setup to write HTML – create an html file
  • Anatomy of an HTML element – opening tag, content, element, closing tag
  • 4 must add tags for HTML pages: html, head, title, body
  • Comments in Code <!–  –>
  • Create a basic template
  • Introduction to common HTML tags <h1><p><div><span>
  • Self-closing tags <hr><br>
  • Tag attributes (id, style, class)
  • <a> anchor tag hyperlinks connecting pages
  • <img> add images- self-closing tags
  • Lists <li> <ol> <ul>
  • tables <table><tr><td> <th>
  • HTML semantic elements <nav><header><section><article><aside><footer>

Class 2 – CSS

  • Google Chrome Dev Tools
  • Adding Styling to HTML tags style <style> link to CSS file
  • CSS rule CSS Syntax (Selector) (Declaration) {Property:value}
  • Element Selection by tag name, id, class
  • Comments in Code /* */  
  • Colours – Colour types named colours HEX RGB RGBA
  • Background – colour – image – repeat – attachment – position – background shorthand
  • Box Model – Borders – Margins – Padding – Height and Width
  • Text – text-align text-decoration text-transform 
  • Fonts – font-style Google Fonts
  • Link states – a:link a:visited a:hover a:active
  • Display Properties – inline – none – block
  • Max Width
  • Position : static relative fixed absolute sticky
  • Float and clear left right and none 
  • CSS combinators for selection – space child selector >
  • Pseudo-classes – :hover, :first-child, last-child, :nth-child(2)
  • Pseudo-Elements – ::first-line, ::first-letter, ::after 
  • CSS Grid – display: grid; grid-template-areas:
  • CSS Flexbox – axis row and column
Class 3 – JavaScript Basics
  • JavaScript Introduction alert prompt
  • Variables Let and Const
  • Operators 
  • Arrays and Objects
  • Data Types
  • Functions
  • Conditions
  • Loops Do While, For, While, for each
Class 4 – JavaScript Advanced
  • Ternary operator
  • String methods
  • array methods
  • Math Random
  • Date Object
  • Function arrow format
  • functions scope
  • Function expression vs declaration
  • Function Recursion
  • Function Closures
  • IIFE

Class 5 – JavaScript DOM

  • Element Selection
  • DOM tree
  • Multiple Elements selection
  • Element Manipulation
  • Adding event listeners
  • Input Values
  • Create Elements

Class 6 – JavaScript Data

  • JSON – stringify and parse
  • Complex JS objects arrays and objects
  • Local storage
  • JSON – file
  • Fetch JSON
  • Output JSON data to webpage

Class 7 – JavaScript Typing Game

  • Create a typing game that counts the seconds it takes to type the word phrase that is displayed.  Code will check for word accuracy and time it takes displaying the results to the player.
  • Array, DOM, event listeners, random, scoring, timer, logic.

Class 8 – JavaScript Shopping list

Interactive DOM based list where the user can list out items, edit items, add new items, remove items, check off items as complete.  Saves to local storage.

  • The Complete Full-Stack JavaScript Course
  • HTML Web Development Crash Course
  • Basic HTML 5
  • Fundamentals of CSS
  • CSS 101
  • CSS 201
  • Javascript Programming for Beginners
  • Java Programming: Beginners to Advanced
  • CSS – Responsive Design
  • Diploma in HTML for SEO and Carousel in Google
  • Web Design and WordPress Training
  • Javascript for Data Structures
  • JavaScript Shopping Cart Course
  • Learn DOM Manipulation with JavaScript



Start Date:

Nov 07, 2021

What's Included


How It Works

Get Certified by One Education

Earning certificates and showcasing your achievements are equally as important as gaining skills. Keeping this in mind, One Education offers you a handful of certificates accredited by the likes of CPD & IAO along with a certificate of achievement endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme. The certificates are available in both PDF & Hardcopy format and guess what — they’re also FREE!

Meet Your Instructor

Laurence has been teaching Web Development since 2002. During his 18 years of creating digital e-learning content, Laurence had the honor of reaching over 1 MILLION students worldwide. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, and MySQL are among his specialties. Laurence enjoys sharing his knowledge as a web technology expert and assisting others in learning about digital technology.

Laurence Svekis

Web Technology Expert, Google Developer Expert and Application Developer with 18+ years of experience


Ans: No, it’s not mandatory to have a personal camera. However, owning one will definitely result in a hands-on learning experience and a massive boost in motivation to pursue your passion for photography.

Ans: You can sit back and relax because the whole workshop will be completely online — giving you the freedom to attend the classes from the comfort and safety of your home.

Ans: You can attend the sessions via any smart device of your choice (Smartphone, PC, Laptop etc.) with a stable internet connection.

Ans: You can download the brochure to find out the topics to be covered in detail, along with other exciting benefits and deals!

Ans: The skills you will gain are as follows:

  • Adjusting camera settings like (Exposure, ISO, Aperture, Histogram etc.)
  • Proficiency in flash photography and the best use of lighting.
  • Capturing better portraits, landscapes and wildlife photos.
  • Adeptness in working with wedding lights and other props.
  • Taking candid shots, group photos and couple photos like a pro.
  • Skilled at setting up your photography equipment for an event.
  • Expertise in smartphone camera composition and editing.
  • A good handle of editing & retouching using Adobe Lightroom CC 2021.

Ans: Yes, you will get FREE Hardcopy (delivered straight to your doorstep) & PDF certificates of completion. Please note that students outside the UK will have to pay the shipping charge to receive the hardcopy certificate.

Ans: You will be given access to a discussion forum immediately after joining the workshop. There, you can discuss and collaborate with other students like you. In addition, you can post all your queries, confusions, or opt for suggestions that will be answered by our expert instructor team within 48 hours.

Ans: There’ll be 5 tasks throughout the workshop. If you can submit the tasks within the given deadline, you will be automatically entered into a competition in which the winner will get a 6-month subscription (priced at £180) to One Education’s library of 1000+ courses along with a 20GB Adobe Creative Cloud Photography (Lightroom+Photoshop) Subscription Plan!

Ans: Yes. Along with lifetime access to the recorded sessions, you will be entitled to unlimited support and assistance from our customer support team and your teaching assistants.

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