Online Coaching Business: Health & Life Coach Certification

Course design

The course is delivered through our online learning platform, accessible through any internet-connected device. There are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules, meaning you are free to study the course at your own pace.

You are taught through a combination of

  • Video lessons
  • Online study materials
  • Mock exams
  • Multiple-choice assessment


How is the course assessed?

To successfully complete the course you must pass an automated, multiple-choice assessment. The assessment is delivered through our online learning platform. You will receive the results of your assessment immediately upon completion.


Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Upon successful completion, you will qualify for the UK and internationally-recognised certification and you can choose to make your achievement formal by obtaining your PDF Certificate at a cost of £9 and Hardcopy Certificate for £15.


Why study this course

Whether you’re an existing practitioner or aspiring professional, this course will enhance your expertise and boost your CV with key skills and an accredited qualification attesting to your knowledge.

The Online Coaching Business: Health & Life Coach Certification is open to all, with no formal entry requirements. All you need is a passion for learning, a good understanding of the English language, numeracy and IT, and to be over the age of 16.


Course Curriculum

Who this course is for !! 00:02:00
What you will learn !! 00:02:00
Why do you want to be a coach? 00:02:00
What it means to be your own boss 00:02:00
Defining Your coaching offer
Defining your coaching offer 00:01:00
Describing your coaching offer 00:04:00
The secret: You are the product! 00:03:00
How to find your coaching niche 00:04:00
Structuring & differentiating your coaching offer 00:03:00
Coaching Tools
Managing Yourself
Managing yourself overview !! 00:01:00
Working from home 00:02:00
The modern dilemma 00:04:00
Too many distractions 00:02:00
How to reduce your decisions 00:05:00
How to organize your home for productivity 00:07:00
How to organize your social life 00:07:00
How to organize your time 00:06:00
Work, work, work 00:08:00
Limit your sources of information 00:04:00
Value your time 00:05:00
The Coaching Process
The coaching process overview !! 00:02:00
Getting to know your client & building rapport 00:07:00
Setting SMART goals 00:06:00
How to design an action plan 00:03:00
The feedback loop 00:03:00
Client Coach Relationship
Client Coach Relationship Overview 00:01:00
What clients expect from their coaches 00:04:00
Why clients will choose one coach over another 00:02:00
What qualifications do you need as a coach 00:02:00
Client coach boundaries 00:03:00
How to retain clients long term 00:05:00
Marketing & Selling
Marketing & Selling Introduction 00:02:00
Your marketing game plan 00:01:00
Your sales approach 00:05:00
How to sell your coaching business 00:01:00
Content marketing for coaches 00:06:00
The right coaching program outline 00:03:00
Identifying your client’s selling style 00:06:00
Your logo 00:01:00
Your coaching website 00:04:00
How to define your mission statement 00:02:00
How much should you charge for your services 00:03:00
Finances Overview 00:01:00
Sole tradership of limited company 00:03:00
Should you work with an accountant? 00:01:00
Order Your Certificate
Order Your Certificate Now 00:00:00

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