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7 Easiest Ways to Learn Spanish (Like a Pro)

Hola amigo! If you want to know the easiest way to learn Spanish or you are in the beginning stages, you’ve come to the right place. Spanish is one of the most popular and easiest languages. You have made a great decision by aiming to learn this exotic language. So, Know the easiest ways to learn Spanish and how to speak Spanish fluently. 

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Why Learn Spanish?

Learning Spanish is a good plan for a handful of reasons. Most importantly, you can easily meet and make more friends in countries where most people don’t speak your native language. You can also get to, or you can increase your chances of working from anywhere in the world.

Why Learn Spanish

Spanish (español) is a Romance language derived from Vulgar Latin. It is recognised in the Spanish constitution as Castilian (Castellano).

Spanish is the official language of Spain and the official language in 19 other sovereign states and one dependent territory (Puerto Rico) also. In addition, Spanish is spoken by around 500 million native speakers all over the world.

What are the Benefits of Learning Spanish?

The benefits of learning Spanish are abundant. Here is a brief below: 

One of the best languages if you love travelling

Firstly, Spanish is the second most spoken language globally. You can travel to a Spanish-speaking country and get the opportunity to know their culture.

Learning Spanish makes you more employable

Secondly, Job opportunities will increase by learning Spanish. Spanish speaking can greatly enhance your resume. The United Nations has six official languages. Spanish is one of the six (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish) official languages of the UN and the third most used language in the media.

Also, if you are bilingual and can speak Spanish, you are more competitive in the workplace. Moreover, if you are a businessman, you can trade in Spanish-speaking countries without any language barrier.  

A world of art, literature, and beauty will open up to you

One of the most significant benefits of learning Spanish is that you’ll gain access to the rich Hispanic culture. For instance, watching classic Spanish movies in their natural language is more enjoyable than watching with subtitles. The same goes for reading enriched Spanish books.

It will keep your mind active

Moreover, as we grow older, our memory starts to fade away. Learning a non-native language can actually help keep your memory sharp. 

It will not take you too long to learn Spanish  

Finally, Spanish is widely regarded as one of the easiest languages to learn. Spanish may take 480 hours of professional curriculum to achieve mid-advanced fluency, which is comparably less than many other languages. Moreover, in this blog, we will share with you the easiest ways to learn Spanish fast.  

Are You a Beginner?

Before starting the learning process, you have to know your current position. However, if you are not a beginner, you can take a free proficiency test to figure out where you are. There are many websites that will let you take a free language test and assess your results. Most of these resources will give you a score on the Common European Framework of Reference. These scores range from A1 to C2.

Beginner: Range A1 and A2 indicate that the speaker knows the basic use of the language.

Intermediate: B1 and B2 show that the person speaks at an intermediate level.

Advanced: Range C1 and C2 are the two highest levels. Both indicate proficiency in Spanish, but C2 shows complete mastery of the language.

How to Learn Spanish Quickly?

Learning a new language as an adult is always challenging. But you can take a more straightforward and effective path while starting to learn a new language. It will streamline your journey. First of all, you need the utmost dedication. You have to be determined that you will give your total effort to become fluent in the respective language. Secondly, enjoy your learning journey. Fill your way with both knowledge and pleasure. Finally, if you want to know about the easiest way to learn Spanish quickly, here are the 7 Easiest Ways to Learn Spanish for you.

7 Easiest Ways to Learn Spanish

Here are the 7 Easiest Ways to Learn Spanish (Like a Pro) to give you a hand and make your learning journey smooth. Keep on scrolling! 

1. Listen!  

Humans learn language by listening. Listening has an important role in learning as it is one of the four major skills in language acquisition. Even though the other skills are essential to developing language proficiency, listening contributes primarily to language expertise level. 

Listening awakens your awareness of the language as it is a receptive skill that first develops in you. Nonetheless, listening to the target language can significantly improve your language ability.

Listening to Spanish

The sound, rhythm, intonation, and stress of the language can only be perfectly adapted through listening. Also, to understand the nuances in a particular language, one must be able to listen. In brief, as we understand spoken language by listening, it is easier to improve the other skills and gain confidence.

Watch movies

There are two learning techniques from TV. The first is for beginners: watching Spanish with the help of English subtitles. The next one is for advanced speakers. After you start speaking Spanish fluently, watch movies with Spanish subtitles. 

Watching Spanish movie

Although it might seem unusual to watch in Spanish and read subtitles in Spanish simultaneously, it can really do wonders for you. Reading skills develop much faster than your listening skills. By reading and listening together, you will definitely be able to improve your pronunciation a lot.   

Listen to Spanish music 

Despacito..! Spanish songs are definitely too catchy. You can savour the taste of Spanish music and songs even if you don’t even know a single word of it. 

Language learners do not enjoy listening to the same spoken conversation again and again, but everyone has some favourite songs that they could play over and over again all day!

Generally, after only a few repetitions of a good Spanish song, you’ll get an ear for the sounds, and you can’t help it; the song will get stuck in your head. Feel the rhythm and follow with the lyrics while you listen. You’ll learn new words and improve your listening skill at the same time. 

Listening to songs in Spanish can improve your Spanish fluency. Your vocabulary and grammar will upgrade. Because you’ll have a context for the new words and sentences you’re learning. Moreover, you are more likely to remember the words if you learn them in a song rather than in a long vocabulary list.

Listen to the radio in Spanish

Listening to the radio in Spanish is a thing you will definitely find enjoyable after being fairly fluent. You may find it impossible at first, but try to stick with it.

Listening to Spanish radio stations

However, understanding what someone says in an exotic language without seeing their lips syncs can be puzzling for you.

Try managing a good half hours every day, listening to the radio on your phone when you take your shower, travel to and from work or some other convenient time.

Listen to Spanish podcasts

Aside from those, podcasts are a great source of learning because you can listen to them whenever you engage in activities like walking your dog or doing the laundry.

Listening to Spanish podcast

You can download or stream free episodes from the Podcast app on iOS or from the Stitcher app for Android users. There are many amazing Podcasts out there for those that like hearing the Spoken Spanish language.

2. Build A Sizeable Vocabulary In Spanish

You need to have a good amount of vocabulary in Spanish if you want to talk fluently. Also, try to exercise Spanish grammar.  Here are some ways to do so –

Download Spanish vocabulary building apps

Words are one of the most significant things in a language. If you want to speak Spanish, nothing will help if you don’t know enough words. Now, the best way to grow vocabulary in Spanish over time is by learning as you go.

For that reason, we suggest you try to speak Spanish daily. Concentrate on learning the specific words and phrases, it’ll be very helpful. Learn easy words and use them often because the easiest way to learn Spanish is to enrich your vocabulary.

Spanish vocabulary app

However, If you are under pressure, you can take a more direct route. Studies of Spanish word frequency show that 1,000 most frequently used words in Spanish account for 87.8% of all spoken Spanish. This means you have to learn around 1,000 words only to understand most of what you hear in Spanish, which is amazing!

Invest an hour a day in grammar exercises

You will find easy and handy grammar books and CDs for beginners. Those books filled with short explanations and exercises to practice. It is an outstanding source for learning the basics of grammar: tenses (past, present, and future); prepositions; singular and plural of words; gender; popular phrases, etc.

Spanish grammar

Finally, you can set one hour at any time of day to go through the exercises. You must practise it every day. Whenever you cross a section that troubles you, you will have to keep going back to repeat those exercises until you make the grammar easy-peasy for you.

3. Start Speaking Spanish  

The third way of the 7 Easiest Ways to Learn Spanish is to speak. If you want to be fluent, you have to talk and practise a lot. You can try the following –

Find an online tutor to speak 

If you are in your quest for Spanish fluency, our recommendation is to focus on the following method. The fact is having an online tutor will increase your results compared to time spent in an actual classroom.

Why might you ask?

Online tutor is convenient as–

1. It will save you time.

2. One on one interaction with your teacher will bring fruitful outcomes.

3. It is cheaper than attending language school

4. Expert native Spanish tutors are easily available

Spanish online tutor

A classroom environment is focused on teaching many students, and everyone learns at a different speed. On the contrary, an online teaching session is 100% focused on you only.

Try conversing in Spanish with your partner

There is a saying that, “Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant”. Many of us do really well with a partner rather than by ourselves while learning. A learning partner will challenge you and make your language learning journey less solitary and more enjoyable. If you can’t find a native Spanish-speaking person, partnering with someone is the second-best route.

Conversation with Spanish friend

Besides, you can also make your spouse, sister, brother, or friend interested in learning Spanish.  So, pair with them as learning partners and practice Spanish in the house with your dear ones. Sounds amazing, right?

Make native Spanish friends and talk to them

Language exchange is an excellent and one of the easiest ways to learn Spanish. Unlike the pre-internet era, you can speak with someone from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

You can meet amazing friends from all over the world with the help of the internet. Also, you can help each other learn different languages. For instance, you can help them with English, and they can help you with Spanish. A win-win situation.

All you need to do is say, “let’s spend half of the time speaking in English and the other half speaking in Spanish.” The amount of time can vary from half an hour to as many hours as you guys want. The most excellent part is you are meeting some new people and learning at the same time

Spanish Language Masterclass
This Spanish Language Masterclass covers everything you need to know to start speaking Spanish with confidence.
Spanish Language Masterclass
This Spanish Language Masterclass covers everything you need to know to start speaking Spanish with confidence.

4. Read and Write

Read a book in Spanish, underline anything you don’t understand. Then, look up the words in your dictionary, note down the translations, and read the chapter again. Try learning new words and phrases, and you will learn how to string sentences together. 

Read and write Spanish

Reading at home, without any doubt, will be one of the most helpful activities you can do whenever you get time for in the early stages of your learning. You may read anything that you could get in your hands. You can start reading easy Spanish novels.  

Simple writing is perfect for beginners. Try choosing books where sentences are short and easy to understand, and their vocabulary will be pretty basic. 

Read Spanish books 

You can read books by Noble prize-winning writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez or famous poet Pablo Neruda after you learn to read Spanish. But you have to start with something easier.

Reading books in their original language gives you deeper insights into them than through translations. Start reading easy books with simple sentences and gradually increase the level. 

Keep a Spanish blog

You may consider the idea of keeping a Spanish blog. It is something anyone can do, even a Spanish-speaking newbie. 

By writing blogs in Spanish, you will be able to unlock the possibilities of Spanish vocabulary. You will benefit from the freedom of writing in your mother tongue and then have the tricky work of converting the post into Spanish.  

There is no doubt that this exercise will help broaden your vocabulary, grammatical knowledge and build confidence. Writing Spanish can be fun for you as Spanish uses inverted exclamation and question marks¡ 

5. Exchange Language to Speak to Native Speakers

Speaking to native Spanish person

Travel to Spanish-speaking countries

The easiest way to learn Spanish fluently is travelling. You will eventually get better at talking to the locals in Spanish. Try to understand what they say to you. It can be a really fun experience. Also, it’ll make you want to improve your language skills in Spanish. So, enjoy and keep travelling. 

Allay of a Spanish speaking country

Spanish is spoken all over the globe. Spanish-speaking countries in Europe are Spain, Andora, and Gibraltar. 

However, it is the official or national language in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

You can travel to Spanish-speaking countries to hear more Spanish. The more you hear, the easier it becomes for you to understand it in any context. Also, travelling can give you lots of confidence in your Spanish. 

Volunteer for a project in a Spanish-speaking country

You can volunteer for NGOs dedicated to raising money for various charities and projects. 

Volunteer work for Spanish speaking country

The more time you spend with disadvantaged people, especially the children, the more experience you will have. It’ll give you access to natural vocabulary that you will not have access to otherwise and all while helping someone else. 

Spend time in Spanish-speaking environments

If you’re in a Spanish-speaking country, consider going to a local gathering. Also, you can join a local club, maybe a dance party, cooking class, or even a book club to speak face-to-face in Spanish.

If you are not planning to travel abroad, travel to places in your country where Spanish-speaking people are available. Join a salsa club, and you will have a great time. 

You can also eat in Spanish restaurants, go to Spanish bars and have conversations in Spanish. 

Another great strategy is to change your living place into a Spanish learning zone. In fact, to learn and improve Spanish, one of the ultimate strategies is to change your environment.

6. Use Online Sites and Apps

If you want mates from a Spanish-speaking country, you can find them using- 


You may try various sites. Language learners give personal profiles that list various things like- gender, age, hometown, native language, learning language(s), hobbies, and purpose for pairing up. Basically, most of them desire to practice a language with someone more fluent to make their journey smoother. 

Obviously, it’s a brilliant method to chat with someone in Spanish and maybe even form a long-lasting friendship!

A language exchange partner will help you with your pronunciation, grabbing idioms, and learning about their culture. It’s incredible how quickly you will improve when you start spending time with your language exchange mate. Most importantly, it will hardly feel like work than a game when you are enjoying the language learning process in this manner.

Spanish language learning app


You may like a few Spanish apps because they are convenient and offer tiny bites of learning whenever you have free time.

There are many helpful apps to try out. They offer so many features, including the ability to record and track how many words you’ve already learned, a playlist to shuffle the previous contents and targets. Hence, you know what you’re working towards. There’s a lot of downloadable audio material for assisting you. If you are somewhere away from internet access, you can still continue studying Spanish.  

These also feature vocabulary reviews using the Spaced Repetition System (SRS), which means that words you have learned will pop up in your lessons. In this way, those words stay in your mind for an extended period, and you don’t forget them easily. As vocabulary builds, the SRS accommodates more by offering you different words.   

Try some Spanish learning games

Spanish learning games will be a cheerful addition to this language journey. Who doesn’t love to play, huh? You do too! 

Spanish learning app

And even though your opponent is yourself, you can use this option; it will still load fun that translates into fun language learning! 

7. Join Online Spanish Courses 

Our last way of 7 Easiest Ways to Learn Spanish can be your game changer.

Take a Spanish Language Masterclass. This is a highly effective method for learning Spanish from your own computer. We pretty much spend our time on our laptops, tablets and phones every day. Also, any online course will be available to you. So, you can learn in your spare anytime from anywhere.

Spanish Language Masterclass will help you through step-by-step guidance. It will also provide you with video material. Thus, you will learn how to take part in simple and regular conversations. 

Join Online Spanish Courses

This training program is appropriate for both beginners and advanced speakers. Folks who are interested in boosting their Spanish-speaking skills, covering exciting topics such as the weather, personal interests, shopping, etc. It explores Spanish grammar rules and much more. It will definitely help you to build on your communication, listening, reading, and writing skills. As a bonus, after successfully completing the course, you will be able to order an endorsed certificate as proof of your new achievement. 

Another effective course is Level 1, 2, 3 Spanish with Business Correspondence Training. If you’re an existing practitioner or aspiring professional, this course will improve your fluency and boost your CV.

This course is split into three sections. Each section provides a great demonstration of topics with practical examples. Moreover, the course is delivered through an online learning platform, accessible through any device using the internet. There are no deadlines or teaching schedules, which means you are free to study the course at your own pace.

You are taught through a combination of

  • Video lessons
  • Online study materials
  • Mock exams
  • Multiple-choice assessment

Finally, after completion of this course successfully, you will qualify for the United Kingdom and internationally recognised professional qualification. You can choose to make your achievement formal by obtaining your PDF Certificate.

Adiós Me Gusta!

These are the 7 Easiest Ways to Learn Spanish (Like a Pro). If you want to learn more, take this Spanish Language Masterclass. Happy Learning!   

Spanish Language Masterclass
This Spanish Language Masterclass covers everything you need to know to start speaking Spanish with confidence.
Spanish Language Masterclass
This Spanish Language Masterclass covers everything you need to know to start speaking Spanish with confidence.
December 2, 2021

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