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10 Ways To Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

Writing skills are essential to survive college; however, they can be very tricky too. You can’t just learn it all overnight. Many students seek writing help and find ways to better themselves, but it all goes in vain. So, we are here with some practical ways to help improve your handwriting.

Keep it Simple

Simplicity goes a long way. If you are looking for ways to improve essay writing, keeping it simple is the best favor you can do. Unfortunately, many of us are so worried about these easy tasks that we take them to our heads and make many mistakes. As a result, students tend to overcomplicate it, which turns it twice as hard, and on top of that, they deviate from the topic itself in the process.  

Here are some ways to keep it all sweet and straightforward instead of getting caught up in a confused state of mind:

  • Follow the standard essay format instead of playing around;
  • Try to use accessible and relevant vocabulary, and you’re not a dictionary;
  • Keep the sentence structure simple and easy to follow;
  • Don’t introduce too many ideas; pick two-three linked ideas;
  • Make sure it all flows well.

If it seems a bit too much for you to start with and there is a rapidly approaching deadline, you can ask an expert to “write my essay” and take some time away from the stress.

Ensure A Strong structure

Like we said, go for a simple structure, but that shouldn’t be loosely tied to what you want to say. Make sure it is strong enough to link it all together and enhance how you present your words. You can’t ever improve your writing skills without focusing on the structure. It gives students a chance to organize information accordingly. The more structured your work is, the more readers it attracts.

So what exactly is a vital structure? Let’s find out!

It should be easy to read and run through. Don’t mix up the ideas that feel like everything is falling out of place. More than that, you must follow a logical order when you write. So make sure your ideas are presented in a logical order. 

If you want to do all this effortlessly, you must create an outline before you start writing because it can save you plenty of time and help you become a better writer.

Vary Your Sentence Structure

If you are looking for a simple tip to write an essay, you must use a varying structure. It is excellent to use a variety of sentences because that keeps your readers interested in the content. However, reading the same things repeatedly in the same structure gets quite dull and repels the reader away. Sentences often have a similar subject, length, or type. So, writers cleverly change the structure to ensure it conveys the message but appears to be a new message. It will create rhythmic prose for your readers, keeping them completely engaged in your piece.

You can try changing sentences by altering the opening of a sentence, using compound sentences, simple ones, complex ones, and so on. Just mix it up a little and see how this strategy works its charm on your skills for writing.

Find a Writing Partner

We usually get bored while writing or find it too challenging because we are doing it alone. There is no real motivation other than getting rid of the submission deadline. Do you know what helps one improve and enjoy writing papers? Having a partner. 

Yes, a partner in crime isn’t enough in life. You need someone to help you through writing tasks and learn something from you as well. You can quickly work up a schedule that you and your partner follow and set milestones to achieve as writers. If you both are on the same pace, you will feel motivated to finish the tasks too. They can help you understand how to write better if they have more writing experience than you and push you towards completing your assignments on time. If that doesn’t make working on papers better for you, then nothing else will!

Be Succinct

Tips to improve writing remain incomplete without telling you that you must be clear and express yourself using minimum words. Why? The lengthier a sentence is, the more ambiguity prevails. It will turn your paper complex, and reading it will just become a significant hassle.

Try to work on putting your point across briefly. If you work on story after story, your teacher will feel like cramming words into a passage without understanding what you are trying to say to the audience yourself. Make sure you maintain the quality of the paper.

If you follow this, you will never have to wonder how to get better at writing. And if you’re worried you’re not used to it, then know that all these things take a bit of time, and then you get the hang of it perfectly fine.

Write Like It’s Your Job

We see many students running around, panicking and asking how to improve essay writing; well, it’s pretty easy: treat it like a job. You do your job with diligence, invest much effort, and give it time. But, of course, the motivator there is different. You get money for a job, and you get marks for an assignment. These marks are just as important because it is going to form your entire grade. 

Therefore, it is time to start writing like it is your job. Consider yourself as a professional writer and try to write in ways that you feel will make your paper stand out of the crowd, offer more value, and attract more readers. There might be many tips to improve essay writing, but this one will only be effective if you put your mind to it and change your perception slightly. Once you do that, it becomes one of the most effective tips and transforms you from a mediocre writer to an expert in no time!

Write Something People Want or Need to Read

Stop and ask yourself how to be a better writer instead of merely finding ways to improve the skill. The skill only develops when you want to achieve a goal. Set the goal of becoming a great writer and see how the table turns for you. An expert always writes something that the people want to read, not what they want to write according to their wish. Try to work on the content that the readers need and make sure it is packed with information. 

A bit of research on your target audience can be pretty beneficial before you start working on the paper. So take some time out before you sit and work on the write-up and research as much as you want. It will help you develop great ideas about stuff the readers might fall in love with within your paper.

Edit Your Work Ruthlessly

Most students are so caught up with the written part of the paper that they neglect editing it. Well, that is your biggest mistake. You need to work on every single word of the paper if you have to score well. When we write in a hurry, we make many silly mistakes in grammar, spelling, structuring, and sometimes we even include irrelevant details. The only solution to avoiding it is to proofread the assignment thoroughly and make edits ruthlessly! Take out all extraneous information and throw them out, fix all grammatical errors, and ensure the content of the essay comes together seamlessly. It will genuinely teach you how to improve writing skills in the long run by a more significant margin.

Use the active voice.

Do you want to learn how to make your essay better? Make sure you stick to the use of the active voice when you work on your sentences. Why? They are far more precise than passive voice sentences. It can confuse the reader and lead to more extended sentence structures that take up too many words. Remember, you want to add value to your paper. 

With an active voice, you have the power to write concise sentences that deliver precisely what you want to say. As a result, it is easier for readers to understand these sentences and process the information you convey.

Sometimes a passive voice sentence is indeed the need of the hour, but try to avoid it as much as you can and only stick to it when you have no other alternative. It might be a bit tough initially, but slowly you’ll notice it becoming a writing habit for you.

Never Be Boring

If you’re boring, then get ready for your ship to sink. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes and see how you feel if you have to go over a lengthy, tedious essay without anything interesting. It will surely repel you and make reading more difficult. Most likely, you will leave the paper you were reading and try to find something new. Well, that’s what everyone does. So, make sure you offer value to your readers in the form of your essay. You will learn how to write better only if you keep the audience in mind. Make it all so enjoyable that people can’t forget about your essay! Even when you feel like the topic given by your teacher is too vague, try to add some bling to it while writing. Try to make it interesting for yourself too when you write; otherwise, you’ll lose interest and won’t be able to put your best foot forward. 


If you want to improve significantly, you need to use these tips and tricks in your daily life. It will take you some time to get used to it, but you will love how it changes your life! So without further ado, sit and start writing. Hurry up! Your submissions are waiting!

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