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How to get a Job in the Motorcycle Industry?

Want to be a part of the fast-growing industry? Why not participate in the motorcycle industry. According to the research, the auto industry in the UK is one of the fastest-growing industries and needs more than 60,000 people in the industry. So, don’t you think it is the right time to get prepared for the job and start your career in the fastest growing industry of the UK. Read this article to know how you can get motorcycle industry jobs?

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Career Options In the Motorcycle Industry

Jobs in the motorcycle industry come with a wide range of job opportunities. Depending on your expertise, skills, education and passion it can vary. The good part is, the job provides a large option to choose from. Choose one that perfectly matches with your overall instinct.  

This is why you should narrow down the job for yourself. When you have chosen motorcycle industry jobs sector you can get ready for the job perfectly. 

Instead of getting confused with so many options you can choose one that sounds perfect for yourself and match with your self-interest. 

Besides, when you know what you can do, things become more easy and attainable. So, let’s check out what career options you have in the motorcycle industry.


Motorcycle sales

People skills, knowledge and passion are the key elements for this job. In sales, you have to communicate with people every day. To be a good salesperson, you required a good emotional intelligence, empathy skills in addition to the product knowledge. The more you can understand your customer the more you can sell. 

Not every customer is the same, not even their requirement. So, knowing them better, speaking their mind is the best tactic in the Motorcycle sales job. Along with these skills you required a very good passion for the motorcycle, a good grasp on the industry so that you can update your customer with recent information. 

You can earn up to £28,000 a year working as a motorcycle salesman. Along with your monthly salary, you can enjoy a lucrative sales commission too. Your income as a motorcycle salesman increases as long as you become experienced and skilled. The formula is pretty simple, the more you can sell the more you can get. 

Motorcycle Mechanic Jobs

If you love to give life to the old motorcycle, if repairing motorcycles sounds like a great and energetic job for you then this job is perfectly suited for you. In this job, you will be dealing with the motorcycles, its parts and its mechanism. 

You will repair the old motorcycle and give it a new life on the road. Yes, I am talking about the motorcycle mechanic job. 

The industry is growing and the job sectors for the motorcycle mechanic too. With experience and right skills, you can earn up to £21,618 per year. If you can gain 8 – 10 years of experience, you can earn up to  £23,000++ per year.

Bike Porter

If you are good at Motorcycle maintenance then this kind of job is perfect for you. Bike porters collect bikes from one place to another. They store it in their storehouse, maintain their outlook and deliver it when it is required. 

As a bike porter, you have to work with the dealers and the collectors. In this career option, you can earn up to £10 per hour and up to £300++ per month

The income range may be increased or decreased based on the quality of your service. In short, the more you work with the dealers the more you can earn. 

Dealership Owner

If you have good cash, want to open your own shop then becoming a motorcycle dealer is a very good idea. This career opportunity is a bit risky too. 

You have to invest a high amount of money to start with this business. So, if the business fails you will be in trouble. The positive part of this career is, you can earn as much as you can. 

The more you can sell, the more you can earn. There is no limit. But you have to put a lot of labour into it. Only then can you earn more and sell more.

How to Get a Job in the Motorcycle Industry

So, you already get the idea of a career option in the motorcycle industry. Now it is time to get ready for the job. Of course to get a job you need specific preparation and dedication. 

With the step by step process, you can make yourself better and land your dream job in the motorcycle industry very soon. 

All it depends on getting yourself ready for the industry so that you can stand out in the competitive job market. Here is how you can get ready for the motorcycle industry jobs.

1. Get Special Training

You need special training to start your career in the motorcycle industry. This will make you confident, skilled for the job you will be applying for. Moreover, the training will help you stand out in the market and gain employers recognition. In some career options in the industry, the professional course is not the highest requirement. But in some career options, professional training is a must. If you are planning for the motorcycle mechanic job then you should consider a special training program on the motorcycle mechanic and repair. This type of training program will make you skilled and resourceful for the job. However, for a sales job, training is not mandatory, but if you have one, you can easily get the position you are dreaming for. Besides, special training will give you industry knowledge, specific product knowledge that is tough to get without training. So this is the first step to get a job in the motorcycle industry.

2. Achieve Special Skills

Along with the special training you need special skills. Your skills will work as your asset. The more skills you can add to your basket the more chances there will be to get a job. Skills will make you competent and stand out in the market. You will be different from the other candidate and convey a special value for the employers. For example, your foreign language skills can help your employer to communicate with foreign clients, your people skills will help you to sell more to the customer and so on. When you can show something extra to your employers, they will love to offer you a job that you are looking for. So, start working on your skills today to start your career in the motorcycle industry. 

3. Gather Specific Knowledge and Education

Since you are dealing with the motorcycles then your knowledge should be based on a motorcycle. Your university education is not worth this job market. Rather your knowledge about the motor parts, motor history, motorcycle engines, specific tools, motorcycle specification, motorcycle fixing etc will be the qualification the employers will be looking for. Besides, if you are not focusing on the functional part of the job then your general education on accounting, finance, marketing or human resource management can help you get a job with the industry. But even if you get a job in those sectors a little knowledge of the motorcycle industry is required for good performance. 

4. A Passion for Motorcycle

If you love motorcycles, if you love to pass your most of the time with the motorcycle, if you love to get updated news about the motorcycle along with its history, then, of course, you are the perfect candidate for the job. As chinese philosopher Confucius once said, “Do a job that you love most then you never have to work for a single day.” The employer will try to see the passion in you. If they see you are passionate about the industry, then no matter what, it is the first reason to get hired by them. Because, will never hate your job, rather I would always love to walk an extra mile for the company. If they can get more from you, then won’t they select you? Chances are higher. So, build a passion for the motorcycle industry to get your dream job.

5. Show your Expertise

Now it is time to show your expertise towards the world. When you can show it properly, the job is in your hand. But how would you do that? Very simple, open a blog on motorcycling. Choose a niche topic on which you want to start your career. Like, motorcycle sales, motorcycle mechanics etc. If you are focusing on the motorcycle mechanic job, then write about the technical part of the motorcycle mechanic. Use your learning from motorcycle mechanic training. Write content, like, how to repair a motorcycle, how to maintain a motorcycle, how to modify old motorcycles etc. You can do a bit of keyword research to understand the market demand and then write it. Additionally, make engaging short videos about basic know-how type content. Now share it in your social media channel. Focus on professional social media channels like Linkedin. Manage a blog too. Share your blog content throughout social media. This is how you can build trust among the people you are meeting every day online and offline. You are showing your expertise and skills, and this how you are opening your chances for the job in the motorcycle industry. 

6. Build Network

The network works better than anything. While surfing on social media, try to build a connection with the industry expert, influencers and the practitioners. Build a solid relationship with them. Engage with them on social media, ask them for suggestions, share your knowledge and so on. If they see value in you, they will ask you for the service. It’s all about showing your potentiality to your future employer. But, be never so hurry, stay calm and network in a slow process, never ask for the job in the first meeting. Show your genuine interest in the industry, and your expertise. Be patient and keep going.

7. Apply for the Job

Now it is time to apply for the job. Thanks to technology, now you can see all the job postings online. Visit different job sites, list down the companies you wanted to apply to. However, if you have no specific choice, then focus on the motorcycle industry. Make a list of the companies you have applied to. Make sure you are saving the job description in an excel file, this will help you to face the interview more confidently. Keep applying for the job every day. Do not apply randomly, only apply to your chosen industry in the chosen career option. You can guess, the next step will be facing the interview.  Keep ready for that.

8. Look for the Alternative Options

Not all the jobs published online. You must check the alternative ways too. Cold calling is a very good way. List down the companies you want to apply to. Call them directly, express your interest. You can also send an email expressing your interest in the job. In email show your expertise, your experience and the relevant certificate along with your CV. You never know, you could easily get a call on the next day. Yes, this is an alternative way and effective one. 

9. Get Ready for the Interview

This is the last step, congratulations you have overcome all other challenges. In this stage be prepared for the interview. Recheck your knowledge before the interview date. Practise common questions of the interview so that you can answer them confidently. Revise your industry knowledge too, so that you can show yours have expertise. Think about the probable interview question and think about how you would answer them. Stay confident and look sharp at the interview. No matter what, believe in yourself and stay confident about your capabilities.


After finishing all these aforementioned steps, you will successfully land your dream job in the motorcycle industry. The industry has an immense opportunity, and boundless future. So, if you are planning to start your journey, don’t be late. Start it from now !!

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October 15, 2021

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