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Different Types of False Eyelashes – Which is Right for You?

Sophia Loren once said – “The beauty is how you feel on the inside and it reflects in your eyes”. Your eyes are the mirror of your mind, your lashes add the beauty on your eyes. Make it glamorous and beautiful. Not all the lashes will suit your eyes, because eyes have different shapes so lashes also match based on the eyes shapes. There are also differences in the types of lashes too. After thinking about all these options you can choose a perfect lash for your own. Read this article to know which types of false eyelashes will suit your eye. 

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8 Different Types of Eyes

The perfect false eyelashes completely depend on the shape of your eyes. Before deciding on false eyelashes it is important to know the shape of your eyes. Based on the eye shapes you can choose your best suit with false eyelashes for you. Here is the different shapes of eye 

1. Deep Set Eyes

If your eyes set deeper into the skull, if they are large and create prominent brow bones then you have deep set eyes. Most of the people who have deep set eyes are more likely to make it bigger and prefer to apply less shadow on it.

2. Round Eyes

In this type of eye shape, the eyes have a more visible crease in the eyelid. The iris of the eye is often surrounded by white and this white disconnects it from the eyelid both the top and the bottom.

3. Monolid

Monolid eyes don’t have any crease. This kind of eye type is more common in East Asia. Without creases, the eyes look different and look special with a great touch of beauty. In this eye shape, the brow bone is not well defined. At the time of makeup, when a shiny colour is applied on the brow bone it makes the eyes beautiful and gorgeous.

4. Close Set Eyes

As you can guess from the name, the eye’s distance is shorter in this type of eye. They are close to each other, this is why they are called the close set eye. Focusing on the outer corner of the eye while makeup makes the eyes look beautiful and gorgeous.

5. Hooded Eyes

This kind of eye has an extra layer of skin that folding down to the brow bone to the lashes. The hooded eye can be genetic or can be the result of the ageing. In both the cases you can have hooded eyes. The hooded eyes look smaller due to the extra layer of the skin. Sometimes it becomes tough to achieve the makeup you desire due to the hooded eye. However, with proper makeup, hooded eyes look beautiful.

6. Upturned Eyes

In this type of eye, the shape has a natural lift at the corner. In this eye shape, the lower lid gets more emphasis and looks longer than the upper lid. It is a versatile eyelid that creates a beautiful combination of the eye and beauty. 

7. Almond Eyes

Like the round eyes, almond eyes also have the visible crease but in this type of eyes, iris touches both the top and the bottom. However, in the almond eyes type, the iris is hidden by the upper and the lower lids.

8. Downturned Eyes

In this type of eye, the outer corner of the eyes turns downwards. In this type of eye shape, you can not draw a straight line across your eye. The outer corners of the eye turn down beneath the line and give a different look. Downturned eyes are more likely the classic eye shapes that were more common in the 90’s movie.

8 Types of False Eyelashes For Each Eye Shape

Here is the types of false eyelashes matched to your eyes.  Lets check them out. 

False Eyelashes for Deep Set Eyes

For the deep set eye choose long and wispy lashes. This kind of lashes will bring out your beautiful eyes. Long and wispy lashes create an illusion too, where your eyes seem more shallow and beautiful. If you want to make your look larger use long lashes in the middle. In this way, your eyes will look larger than the natural one.

False Eyelashes for Round Eyes

Most of the false eyelashes suit with round eyes. If you have round eyes, you are surely the luckiest one. However, criss-cross lashes are the best kind of lashes for your round eyes. This type of lashes makes the round eyes look perfect and gorgeous. 

False Eyelashes for Mono-Lidded Eyes

If you have monolid eyes you need multi-layer lashes with heavy styles. Mixed lengths lashes can be a good option too. The mixture of long and short hair in the false lashes help your eyes to open. However, if you want to give a deep looking eyes then use wispy lashes. These false lashes usually have longer hair in the middle of the strip. Using this lashes will give depth to your beautiful eyes. 

False Eyelashes for Close Set Eyes

A long and voluminous criss cross lashes will be the best false lashes for this kind of eye shape. It will perfectly frame round your eyes. Criss cross false eyelashes will create a perfect illusion of bigger eyes and give a beautiful look.

False Eyelashes For Hooded Eyes

WIth hooded eyes, eyelids can not be clearly visible due to the prominent brow bone. If you have hooded eyes, you have to be very careful while choosing your false eyelashes. With wrong lashes your eyes may seem small. To open the eye from the centre use fluttery mix with long lashes. This will open the eye at the centre and give a beautiful look to your hooded eyes.

False Lashes For Upturned Eyes

Flared half lashes in the outer corner is the best option of the upturned eyes. However, you can also use criss cross lashes if you want to give a flattering style. A long and voluminous criss cross false eyelashes is the perfect lashes for the ruptured eyes. It will perfectly frame and give an amazing look to your beautiful eyes. 

Almond Eyes

You are lucky if you have almond eyes. All types of false eyelashes perfectly match with this type of eye shape. You can give any look you want, it can vary based on your choice. Choose lashes based on your look, if it is natural choose more natural looking lashes and for glamour look choose lashes that will give you a glamour look. 

Downturned Eyes

For the downturned eyes flared false eyelashes will give you a cat eye look. If you use an eye-liner with the eyelashes it becomes more beautiful. With the flared false eyelashes your eyes will be more balanced and lifted that give a complete go to look.

3 Types of False Eyelashes Based on Makeup

Types of False Eyelashes Based on Makeup

Other than your eyes, your makeup is also important for choosing a perfect false eyelash for your own. Depending on your makeup your eyelashes can be different too. There are mainly three types of the false eyelashes to be used based on your makeup preference and your look. Let’s look at those false eyelashes too.

1. Strip Lashes

For a customise look with no pro-skill, stril lashes are the best idea to apply. These leashes are made from mink, some are made from human hair and some use synthetic elements. You can trim these lashes and fit into your size. This is why strip lashes are perfect for the customise look. Depending on your look you can change the lashes and give a look of your choice. But it is recommended not to trim your lashes if you are just a beginner.

2. Individual Flare Lashes

If you want to give a lash fullness look then individual flare lashes are the best option. Strip lashes can be applied at a once, but you can apply individual flare lashes one by one. Though this kind of lashes are mostly used by the makeup artist, you can also use it for giving a perfect look. Individual flare lashes can be found in three different sizes. They are small, large and the medium. Apply any of them based on your preferred look. With individual flare lashes you can give flattered lashes look,  voluminous look and so on.

3. Individual Single Lashes

If you want to give a more permanent look then individual single lashes are the best option. The flare lashes and the strip lashes are not permanent, they are applied for temporary use. However, you have to take help from the salon to apply individual single lashes. They are used as eyelash extensions to give a fulfillness look to the eye lashes. Use them in the spare area or use them to make your lashes more full. 

How to Apply Eyelashes Like an Expert

Now, you know which eyelashes perfectly match with the shape of your eyes. It is time to apply eyelashes like an expert. Enrol in the eyelashes extension training online training course and get the in-depth idea of eyelashes and how you can apply this on your eyes. The course is designed with the industry expert aims to give you in-depth knowledge and skills about eyelash extension. You will learn different methods of eyelashes extension from this course. The course is fully online so you can access it from anywhere and anytime. The course comes with an accredited certification from CPD which will add an extra value to your career. This is a level 3 diploma course that will make you an expert in eyelashes extension. So, enrol in this course today and boost your knowledge and career.


False eyelashes add extra dimension to the eyes. Perfectly chosen eyelashes can make your eyes beautiful and poorly chosen one can make it worse. It is important you know which one you should apply and how you should apply them. Online courses on eyelashes extension can be a perfect option to boost up your skill. So, enrol in this course today and become an eyelash extension expert.

October 19, 2021

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