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10 Unique Funeral Service Ideas: Make a Loved One’s Funeral Special

Saying your precious ones last goodbye is always heart-rending. It is hard for us to see them fading away forever. But deep inside, we all know that it’s not the end; it’s the beginning of their journey towards eternity. 

So, you want to bid the deceased person a pleasant farewell, a lovely funeral to embrace their new voyage! I believe you wish to plan a funeral for the departed soul, which is unique not in a conventional manner. 

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10 Unique Funeral Service Ideas

Funeral services vary extensively with style, tone, and content just as widely as the unique personalities of the individuals being memorialised. So the options are nearly limitless, which can be somewhat daunting to plan and pull off a funeral.  

But relax. I’m here to ease your work. I’ve assembled ten unique funeral service ideas for you.

Let’s take a look at them!

1. Quote Board

If you want to portray a special touch, a quote board can play the trick!

Quote Board

Create a few quote board with famous and inspiring quotes. They may mention insights about life and death, about the afterlife or any other topic that the person loved. 

Choose some quotes that behold the family or loved one’s vision and thinking, and put them on the chalkboard, paper, or fabric. You can also add some decorations, and they will speak during the funeral, voila! 

2. Pick Out a Theme

Make the funeral as you are celebrating that person’s life. 

Pick Out a Theme

Take the idea of a themed funeral. Was he/she a sports person? Or he/she was a backpacker? Take a theme from the devised soul’s life and decorate as per the tune of it. Arrange a game or sports party after the funeral, or show the person’s favourite movie.

It is a beautiful approach to honour someone’s life a bit out of the ordinary. As there is no such rule for setting a funeral, don’t think that you have to do the monotonous rituals which people usually perform! 

3. Unique dress code

Everyone wears black in a funeral! But there is no such rule. 

Unique dress code

If your loved person was obsessed with a specific colour, ask your guests to wear that particular shade. You can also combine the attire of his/her favourite sports team or any other fancy couture! 

Some bright colour will make the service feel a little more personalised. Don’t forget to handout the guests with flower matching with their outfit. It will add more vibrant to the funeral. 

4. Open mic session

Our life is full of memories, and we live on these. An “open mic” session will allow the family and friends of the deceased to cherish the memories. The memories with which they will live till their last breaths.

Open mic session

During this session, the unknown or little known part of the departed person will come to light. These can be the nuggets of generosity or little laugh out loud moments. Moreover, it allows the guests to express their thoughts about that person, which will make you live with your loved one a bit more time. 

5. Tribute video

Try to make an epic memorial video tributing to that person’s life who has just passed away. It’s one of the most humble approaches to remember that person. 

Tribute video

Create the video with a combination of short clips, a bunch of photos, and cute little moments of that person if available. Also, make a slideshow with a few pictures and play on a loop in the background during the funeral. It will really move the family members as well as the guests.

Pro Tip: If you are up to make a video, please don’t make it longer, keep it between 3-5 minutes.

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6. Games

You can also host an “Icebreaker” game! 


In the funeral, you will mingle with unfamiliar relatives or family friends, and this can be awkward and uncomfortable for you. Through this game, you will break this ice. Icebreaker questions are a simple and impactful way to kick off memory sharing and storytelling at any funeral. 

Let’s assume you are planning a funeral for your grandma. Ask simple questions like “Which dish reminds you of grandma?” or “What’s the funniest memory of you with grandma?”. 

With this, you will provide a way for people to swap stories and share new memories leading to laughs, love and healing.

7. Charity

Charity is always a good deed. If you help others, it will always bounce back to you.


If your beloved person was involved in any volunteering organisation or was a fan of any charitable group, widen your hand and help them. If they are not, you can also help the people in need and ask them to remember the departed soul in their prayers. You can also ask your guests for charity. 

8. Floating Lanterns

Lighting a candle is a very predictable tradition in many cultures. Could you give it a twist with the sky lanterns?

Floating Lanterns

Light the floating or sky lantern and release them in the air. Let the lamps carry away the soul towards it’s final and permanent destination. It’s artistic and soothing at the same time. You can perform this after all the formal rituals.

9. Handout favours

Guests bring life to a funeral, and you must want to appreciate them warmly. A creative way to thank the guests is to give out your loved one’s favourite things or treat, for example:

The keepsake gifts will always remind people of the deceased and force them to celebrate life. 

Some several online websites or pages can personalise the mementoes and will also give you more ideas.

9. Release Birds

Releasing birds like the doves have become a popular way to end a funeral or life celebration. Some people also release butterflies or balloons at the funeral. You can choose any of these.

Release Birds

It is a symbolic yet tactile manner that helps family members in the grieving process by the simple act of “letting go”. Bird release will surely add a sense of hope and beauty to the funeral.

Note: Try to avoid balloons as they are harmful to the environment.

Some Boon Ideas!

Nope, I’m not ending up after 10! I feel like to add some spice to the blog. So here I present some bonus concepts for you to implement on your dearest person’s funeral.  

11. Memory Tree

A memory tree will add a new dimension to the funeral ceremony. It is a place to capture special memories of your loved one. 

A memory tree is a beautiful living reminder of a person who passed away. It will also awake your memory about the time you passed together, the laughter and tear you shared. Moreover, it will give the flashbacks when you were under the same umbrella and will keep him/her always in front of your eyes. 

Ask the funeral guests to write down their favourite memory with the loved one. Put the message on a beautifully decorated tree that the family can take home with them.

12. Promote greenery

A tree always represents life. In many traditions and cultures, planting a tree is a form of symbolising significant occasions, including birth, marriage and death. I want you to embrace the rite.

Promote greenery

Planting a tree in the remembrance of your beloved is an excellent idea which you can add up in the funeral. 

You can do it in two ways. Package the seeds and give the packet to the guests and ask them to plant the memorial tree or flower. Another way is to gather your attendees for joint planting in a special place. You can plant in a park where the deceased went regularly, or in the backyard of his/her house. 

13. Colouring Station

When a loved one dies, we can express our feelings. But what about the kids? We never know what is going on in their minds. Many therapists stated that drawing is an excellent way for children to express their feelings.

Colouring Station

You can also create a colouring station if you are bestowed with a number of kids. Set up a small station with crayons, watercolour, coloured pencils and papers. Let the kids draw pictures in honour of the deceased. It will help them to stay away from the mourning atmosphere and express their grief with colours. 

And you never know, some adults may join too!


Death is a horizon—the horizon between the world and the next world. Perhaps death is beautiful as it leads us towards serenity. 

Someone so precious to us can never be forgotten. I believe you wish to make your dear one’s farewell in a unique and tranquil manner. So, I have clustered together some unique funeral ideas to make the departed soul’s last day as a beautiful one.

I hope these unique funeral ideas will help you to create a creative funeral ceremony. Thank you for staying with me for this long! 


Funeral Service Business Course
This course is intended for you to develop the up-to-date skills and knowledge of funeral services.
Funeral Service Business Course
This course is intended for you to develop the up-to-date skills and knowledge of funeral services.
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October 22, 2021

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