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9 Reasons why you should become an Essay Writer

Having the skill to write effective essays is very important if you are a student. Your professor will probably assign you several essay writing tasks throughout the academic term to assess your analytical and research skills along with the effectiveness of your written expression. Apart from this, here are a few more reasons you should become an essay writer. 

1. Being an Essay Writer Hones Your Persuasive Skills

Being a good essay writer is vital in your student life and has an equally important position when you enter your professional life. As a professional, you may be required to use your persuasive skills to convince your superiors to take a certain course of action that you think might benefit your organization. However, if you don’t have effective persuasive skills, chances are you will not succeed. In order to prepare you for a successful career, your professor may ask you to write several persuasive essays, so you learn the skills necessary for persuasion. As a student, you may find persuasive essay for sale online. However, if you master this skill yourself, you are sure to gain tremendously. You will learn to persuade your reader/listener through useful facts and thorough research. Any idea backed by research and factual evidence is sure to make your reader/listener ponder over it. 

2. Writing Essays Improves Your Communication Skills

If you wish to write a good essay, you need to make sure that there is clarity of thought in writing. Furthermore, a good essay writer makes sure that the message is conveyed effectively to the audience. In all good essay examples, writers successfully communicate with their readers. They can even share complex ideas, which can only be done if the writer has learned the craft of using structures and vocabulary in a manner that even the complex matters seem simplified. This mastery over words helps an essay writer possess excellent communication skills, which is the most important skill if you wish to be a  successful writer, be it any field of interest. The creative process of giving words to the thoughts in your mind helps an essay writer be more creative and even witty. A good essay writer is often found to be adored by people around as their crafty words attract people, and most of the time, they happen to be the center of attraction in social gatherings.   

2. Best Way to Reduce Your Stress

The fast-paced life nowadays demands a lot from each individual, and whether you are a businessman, skilled worker, or even a student, you need to keep pace with the developments around you. You would easily find people around you complaining about stress, even the youngsters too. A lot of research is being done to counter this problem. People are often found interested in exploring new methods of stress reduction. One innovative and fruitful way of reducing stress is writing essays. The methods of stress reduction commonly involve addressing your issues and not running away from them. It is often the case that people shy away from addressing their issues and don’t like to express them. Essay writing can help a person under stress express the matter troubling them. The essay writing process can help get the troubling thoughts out of your mind onto paper. This act will reduce stress and bring relief to the victim of stress. An argumentative essay writer can go through the whole process of rationalization, analyzing the situation writer is going through; this can be an effective way of stress reduction.  

3. Become an Essay Writer and Increase Your Knowledge in Various Fields

If you are a keen observer and wish to learn and increase your knowledge in different spheres of life, then indeed, essay writing is the way to go. As an essay writer, you will be asked to write essays on various topics related to different fields. In order to write good essays on those topics, you will need to read a lot of stuff related to that topic, which means `you will end up exploring many fields, study researches related and develop a point of view about them. In this process, you will gain a rich knowledge about various spheres of life. Even as a college essay writer, your teachers will assign you numerous assignments to write essays on topics related to different subjects. While writing these essays, you will better understand these topics and gain valuable knowledge related to various fields. By involving yourself in essay writing, you will always be well informed with a wealth of knowledge. 

4. Essay Writers are More Organized

A good essay is a piece of writing that is well organized. In order to become a better essay writer, one needs to structure the essay, which involves the process of organizing different paragraphs in a logical sequence. The paragraphs of the essay are also written in an organized manner. Hence the whole process of essay writing requires the writer to be an excellent organizer. By involving yourself in essay writing, you can discipline yourself as the habit of organizing your essay will impact how you go about your life also, making you more organized than you ever were.

5. It Makes You an Expert Researcher

A good essay writer ensures that the essay he produces is rooted in thorough research and analysis. Why is this so important? Of course, a well-researched essay has a strong persuasive quality which may otherwise be not possible. With the ever-growing technology, information is now just a click away. Just enter some relevant keywords on the search engine, and you will get a hoard of information ready for perusal. However, not everything found online is reliable. As a seasoned essay writer, you will know what information to include and what not. So, as a writer, you will learn;

  • Which research sites/ information to consult;
  • How to search to find accurate and reliable information;
  • How to use the information collected to persuade your audience.

6. It Creates a Memorable Account of Your Written Work

If you are starting to be a writer, the best way to start is to read up on various essay examples available online. Interestingly, writing essays not only polishes your writing skills but also creates memorable written moments along the way. If, as a writer, you develop the habit of writing an essay every day, even if it is a short essay, you will realize that you have made a record of how your thoughts have matured over time. It will become an interesting collection for a later free time read and an example for future generations as well. 

7. Be an Essay Writer and Learn to Deliver Ideas Effectively

Writing an essay is the best way to express yourself. One of the prime reasons to become an essay writer is that it hones your skills to convince your reader. As a persuasive essay writer, the most important skill you master is effectively communicating ideas. You learn how to express your opinions productively. Your words in the essay demonstrate not only your research skills but also your intelligence and sophistication. Your reader can easily differentiate an educated person from the way the words are arranged in the essay. As opposed to the spoken word, essays are a great medium to express your opinions and ideas as long as it is backed by strong research analysis. Therefore, as you continue to practice your writing skills, you will learn to intrigue your audience with the correct choice of words, sentence construction, and a smooth flow of ideas that are also concise and compact. 

8. Essay Writing Makes You More Aware About Yourself

The process of essay writing can lead you towards knowing yourself better. Self-realization is another great perk that you benefit from when you write essays. When you engage yourself in the thought process of structuring your essay, you start to know what you are capable of. While writing, you will explore your feelings towards a certain topic. You will also have an insight into your mood whenever you sit to write. It will be a journey that will allow you to be your critic. There will be times when you will amaze yourself by coming up with brilliant ideas and words. As a writer, you will face moments when you get stuck and find yourself lost for words. Through thick and thin, joy and frustration, you will understand yourself better. This self-realization will go a long way in utilizing your abilities to your advantage and ultimately lead you towards becoming a mentally strong individual, well equipped to face the challenges of life, and ready to embrace success.

9. It Improves Your Productivity

According to research, writing activates your brain cells and prepares you for more challenging tasks during the day. You become ready to face what comes your way. Therefore, it is good to start your day with writing, even if it is a short piece. If you start your day by writing down a to-do list with clear directions, your day will become more organized and your mind clearer about what you wish to achieve during the day. Besides, when you set your goals in writing, there are better chances that you will eventually achieve them in comparison to goals being set in your mind. To become an essay writer and be more productive in life.  


To cut it short, these are the top ten reasons for you to become an essay writer. Remember, a writer is taken more seriously than a speaker. Being a good essay writer gives you an edge over others not only in your academic life but also much later in your professional life. So, practice writing essays regularly and become a seasoned and sophisticated writer in no time. 

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