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Christmas Decoration Ideas

Decoration courses are great, not just for gaining confidence in how to put colours and patterns together correctly but also for creating fantastic displays in your home that finally match your vision. 

Plus you can take a decoration course to enhance your career too. But that’s not what we are here for today; we are taking some of the advice from the decoration course to bring to you 10 Christmas decoration ideas that are easy for anybody to do.

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10 Christmas Decoration Ideas

1. Ladders Are In

Place a ladder in a room and decorate it with your festive decor to create a fabulous Christmas display.

You can add cards, decorations, and even create an advent calendar. Use muslin and ribbons to create craft bags and also add your children’s homemade decorations to make it personalised for your family. 

2. Co-ordinated Wrap

If you wrap your gifts and place them under your tree, why not consider wrapping them in paper to coordinate with the room your tree sits in? 

They will look extra special because they coordinate. It’s a simple idea, but it has a huge impact.

3. Blankets For Tablecloths

Who would have thought to switch out your traditional table cloth with a plaid blanket for an instant Christmassy effect? 

It’s easy to pick up plaid blankets for a reasonable price these days, and once you’ve finished using them as a table cloth, simply wash them and use them to warm your toes. 

Just make sure that they don’t slide around too much by placing some rubber matting underneath or something similar.

4. Get Creative With Your Advent Calendars

Advent calendars don’t have to be small pieces of cardboard stuck to the wall. You can get creative and make your own. 

Aside from the ladder-style advent calendar already mentioned you could consider turning a garland into one. All you need to do is attach some ribbon, and then hang containers from the ribbon (such as little tin buckets) labelled with the day of the month. Then fill them up with goodies.  

5. Decorate Other Rooms

Christmas decorations should not be reserved only for the places your guests will go, or for the main room of the house. 

Use mini wreaths and garlands in the kitchen or guest bathroom and really go to town in the bedroom. Use plaid blankets on the bed, festive lights, garlands over your headboard and even a Christmas tree in the bedroom.  Trust us – you’ll love it. 

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6. Decorate Unusual Spots Around The Home

While researching and writing our decoration course, we saw a beautiful festive image. A homeowner had toned down most of her decorations, instead she just had a tree and then beautiful garlands around the windows in the main room of the house and kitchen. 

The finishing touch was some simple coordinating table centrepieces. 

It was toned down, but the effect was powerful.

7. Festive Greens

Holly, pine, spruce, juniper, pinecones, and twigs make rustic and festive decorations with zero damage to the environment. 

You can spray some with some gold or silver spray but otherwise, add them to vases and table decorations such as napkin rings, just as they are.  You can even create wreaths with them. 

They’ll smell beautiful too.  

8. Fireplace Hack

If you don’t have a fireplace, but you want to get cosy, fake it. 

Place a garland along a stretch of wall to represent the mantlepiece and then fill lanterns with string lights and place them on the floor below.  

9. Festive Candles

Find some skinny necked vases, fill with water and place cuts of pine inside. Then add tapered candles for a simple but stunning arrangement. 

You can change the contents of the vase to suit the seasons too.  

10. Spruce Up Planters For Festivity

Find some garden planters, such as terracotta or galvanised buckets, fill them to the brim with fresh pine, paint a square on the outside with chalk paint, write a festive message on the chalkboard and garnish with fairy lights. 

Then dot them around your home for a simple Christmas decoration.  As you can see, these ideas are creative and straightforward too. Many of them are also great for the environment. But you’ll learn many more ideas, including how to generate your own christmas decoration ideas by taking the Decoration Course

Home Decoration and Refurbishment Course
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Home Decoration and Refurbishment Course
Our Home Decoration and Refurbishment Course will equip with everything you need to know to ensure a successful renovation project.
October 6, 2021

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