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Idioms aid in the creative description of events and improve English proficiency. It feels lovely to have a conversation with someone who uses idioms and phrases. Immerse yourself in the world of idioms and improve your English skills with our highly engaging course. 

Idioms help you become more confident and fluent when speaking in English. Using idioms in words makes you an engaging speaker. This lesson discusses what idioms are and why it’s vital to use them. It contains many fascinating idioms that you can use in your daily life to improve your English proficiency. Your English fluency will be noticed over time, and you will develop into a fascinating speaker. 

Enrol straight away and add spice to dull conversations.

Course design

The course is delivered through our online learning platform, accessible through any internet-connected device. There are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules, meaning you are free to study the course at your own pace.

You are taught through a combination of

  • Video lessons
  • Online study materials

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Upon successful completion, you will qualify for the UK and internationally-recognised CPD accredited certification. You can choose to make your achievement formal by obtaining your PDF Certificate at the cost of £9 and Hard Copy Certificate for £15.

Why study this course

It doesn’t matter if you are an aspiring professional or absolute beginner; this course will enhance your expertise and boost your CV with critical skills and an accredited certification attesting to your knowledge.

The 200 Common English Idioms and Phrases is fully available to anyone, and no previous qualifications are needed to enrol. All One Education needs to know is that you are eager to learn and are over 16.

Course Curriculum

Section 01: Introduction
Introduction 00:03:00
What are Idioms and Why We Must Learn Them? 00:01:00
More about this Course 00:02:00
Section 02: Idioms and Phrases Unit 1
Shoot Yourself in the Foot 00:02:00
My Lips are Sealed 00:02:00
Hit the Nail on the Head 00:02:00
Tighten Someone’s Belt 00:02:00
Frog in Throat 00:02:00
Slip Someone’s Mind 00:02:00
Lose Someone’s Face 00:02:00
Come Rain or Shine 00:02:00
Turn Yourself in 00:02:00
Cost an Arm and Leg 00:02:00
Homie 00:02:00
Give Someone a Cold Shoulder 00:02:00
Have an Egg on Someone’s Face 00:02:00
Get Butterfly in Someone’s Stomach 00:02:00
Throw Someone’s Money around 00:02:00
Play Innocent 00:02:00
Turn Someone’s Stomach 00:02:00
Not Cut out for Something 00:02:00
Kick Someone out 00:02:00
To Put the Blame on Someone 00:02:00
Section 03: Idioms and Phrases Unit 2
Hands Off 00:02:00
Pass Away 00:02:00
Cut the Deal 00:02:00
For My Money 00:02:00
Burn Your Bridges 00:02:00
Come in Handy 00:02:00
Come at Price 00:02:00
In a Broad Daylight 00:02:00
In the Mood to do Something 00:02:00
In a Jiffy 00:02:00
In so Many Words 00:02:00
Put Your Mind to It 00:02:00
Joking Apart , Joking Aside 00:02:00
In Your Dreams 00:02:00
Green with Envy 00:02:00
Overstep the Line 00:02:00
Have a Craving for Something 00:02:00
Red Herring 00:02:00
Brush Up on Something 00:02:00
Clown Around 00:02:00
Section 04: Idioms and Phrases Unit 3
Top Banana 00:02:00
Work Like a Dog 00:02:00
Mouse Potato 00:02:00
Teeny-Weeny 00:02:00
Take Time Off 00:02:00
On the Eleventh Hour 00:02:00
How Dare You 00:02:00
Hush-Hush 00:02:00
Over Someone’s Head 00:02:00
Not Lift a Finger 00:02:00
Fall Behind 00:02:00
Make a Fuss 00:02:00
That’s no Excuse 00:02:00
Fender-Bender 00:02:00
Scare Someone to Death 00:02:00
Come Down to Earth 00:02:00
Nothing between the Ears 00:02:00
Lay an Egg 00:02:00
Feel Like a Million Dollars 00:02:00
I wasn’t Born Yesterday 00:02:00
Section 05: Idioms and Phrases Unit 4
Peanut Money 00:02:00
Run Into 00:02:00
I’ll Eat My Hat 00:02:00
Sing Like a Bird 00:02:00
Black Out 00:02:00
On Tip of Someone’s Tongue 00:02:00
Time Flies 00:02:00
Tie the Knot 00:02:00
Something Sucks 00:02:00
Step on It 00:02:00
Creep by 00:02:00
Pull Someone’s Leg 00:02:00
A Pain in the Neck 00:02:00
Out of the Blue 00:02:00
Off-Color Jokes 00:02:00
Heart in the Right Place 00:02:00
Hush Money 00:02:00
Chicken Out 00:02:00
Fill Someone’s Shoes 00:02:00
Cut it Out 00:02:00
Section 06: Idioms and Phrases Unit 5
To be Off ( food ) 00:02:00
Make Up ( story ) 00:02:00
Soak Up 00:02:00
Make up for someone or something 00:02:00
Own Up 00:02:00
To be Taken Aback 00:02:00
Break Down 00:02:00
Hit Below the Belt 00:02:00
Get Carried Away 00:02:00
Make Ends Meet 00:02:00
look Down on Someone 00:02:00
Drop Off 00:02:00
All-Nighter 00:02:00
At the End of Your Rope 00:02:00
Basket Case 00:02:00
Cold Feet 00:03:00
Sell Someone Short 00:02:00
Go Bananas 00:02:00
Copycat 00:02:00
Section 07: Idioms and Phrases Unit 6
Jump Ship 00:02:00
Know-it-All 00:02:00
No-Brainer 00:02:00
To Mess Up with Someone 00:02:00
Knock on the Wood 00:02:00
If I Get my Hands on You 00:02:00
Come Clean 00:02:00
Have a Lot in Plate 00:02:00
It’s Between to Our Ears 00:02:00
What a Mess 00:02:00
I’m All Eyes 00:02:00
To Have a Lot in Common 00:02:00
Go Dutch 00:02:00
Eye- Catching 00:02:00
Take Your Time 00:02:00
Tough Guy 00:02:00
Kick up Someone’s Heels 00:02:00
Make a Boo-Boo! 00:02:00
Voracious 00:02:00
Section 08: Idioms and Phrases Unit 7
To Make a Fortune 00:02:00
To be on the Go 00:02:00
Cool Someone’s Heels 00:02:00
Top Dog 00:02:00
Road Hog 00:02:00
To Put Someone on a Pedestal 00:02:00
Bury the Hatchet 00:02:00
Zip Someone’s Mouth 00:02:00
To Ditch Someone 00:02:00
Henpecked Husband 00:02:00
Bury the Head in the Sand 00:02:00
Eager Beaver 00:02:00
Until the Cows Come Home 00:02:00
Worn Out 00:02:00
Drag Someone’s Feet 00:02:00
Keep Someone’s Words 00:02:00
Bookworm 00:02:00
To be an Old Hand 00:02:00
Runny Nose 00:02:00
That’s News to Me 00:02:00
Section 09: Idioms and Phrases Unit 8
To Have a Heart of Gold 00:02:00
Get to the Point 00:02:00
To Get out of Bed on the Wrong Side 00:02:00
Barking Up the Wrong Tree 00:02:00
To Have Other Fish to Fry 00:02:00
No Offense 00:02:00
Two-Fisted 00:02:00
To Thumb Your Nose at Somebody 00:02:00
I Got Your 6 00:02:00
Act Your Age 00:02:00
Pig Out 00:02:00
To Make Up for Something 00:02:00
To Hell with Something or Somebody 00:02:00
Hop in 00:02:00
Cut the Comedy 00:02:00
Why the Long Face 00:02:00
Ta-ta for Now 00:02:00
The Damage is Done 00:02:00
Turn on the Waterworks 00:02:00
Home Sweet Home 00:02:00
Section 10: Idioms and Phrases Unit 9
A Dead Ringer for Someone 00:02:00
Your Wish is My Command 00:02:00
Just My Luck 00:02:00
What’s It to You? 00:02:00
To Answer the Call of Nature 00:02:00
To be Stuffed 00:02:00
Not to be on Speaking Term 00:02:00
Wearing Odd Shoes / Gloves / Socks 00:02:00
Rise and Shine 00:02:00
Stand Someone Up 00:02:00
Pangs of Conscience 00:02:00
Leave It to Someone 00:02:00
Walking Papers 00:02:00
Jump Down Someone’s Throat 00:02:00
To Soak Someone 00:02:00
To have a screw loose 00:02:00
To Blow the Fuse 00:02:00
Hit and Miss 00:02:00
Eat Like a Horse 00:02:00
Not in the Same Wave Length 00:02:00
Section 11: Idioms and Phrases Unit 10
Eat Your Words 00:02:00
From A to z 00:02:00
As White as a Sheet 00:02:00
Find Someone’s Feet 00:02:00
Shake a Leg 00:02:00
Wind Your Neck in 00:02:00
Save Someone’s Neck 00:02:00
It’s Beyond Your Dignity 00:02:00
You are Over the Hump 00:02:00
Rainy Day 00:02:00
To have a Big Mouth 00:02:00
Not in a Good Mood 00:02:00
Dog Days 00:02:00
To Stab Somebody in the Back 00:02:00
To Get a Kick Out of Something 00:02:00
Feel Under the Weather 00:02:00
Pipe Down 00:02:00
Never Say Die 00:02:00
Get in Someone’s Hair 00:02:00
Cat Got Your Tongue 00:02:00
Assignment -200 Common English Idioms and Phrases 00:00:00

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