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Advanced Instagram Marketing Is The Best Way For You To Gain Deep Insight And Knowledge Of This Topic. You Will Learn From Industry Experts And Obtain A Certificate After Completing The Course. Enrol Now For A Limited-Time Discounted Price.

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Descriptions of Instagram Marketing Course

Like All The Courses Of One Education, This Advanced Instagram Marketing Course Is Designed With The Utmost Attention And Thorough Research. All The Topics Are Broken Down Into Easy To Understand Bite-Sized Modules That Help Our Learners To Understand Each Lesson Very Easily.

We Don’t Just Provide Courses At One Education; We Provide A Rich Learning Experience. After Purchasing A Course From One Education, You Get Complete 1-Year Access With Tutor Support.

Our Expert Instructors Are Always Available To Answer All Your Questions And Make Your Learning Experience Exquisite.

After Completing The Instagram Marketing Course , You Will Instantly Get An E-Certificate That Will Help You Get Jobs In The Relevant Field And Will Enrich Your CV.

What you'll learn

Method Of Assessment​

To Assess Your Learning, You Have To Complete The Assignment Questions Provided At The End Of The Course. You Have To Score At Least 60% To Pass The Exam And To Qualify For Quality Licence Scheme Endorsed, And CPD Accredited Certificates.

After Submitting The Assignment, Our Expert Tutor Will Assess Your Assignment And Will Give You Feedback On Your Performance.

After Passing The Assignment Exam, You Will Be Able To Apply For A Certificate.


After completing this course's assessment, you will be eligible for:

OE Certificate@2x-100 (1) (1) (1)

The CPD QS accredited certificate is available in PDF format, at the cost of £9, or a hard copy can be sent to you via post, at the cost of £15.

You can Order Your CPD QS Accredited Certificate from here.

After successfully completing the course, you will be able to order an endorsed certificate as proof of your new achievement. Endorsed certificates can be ordered and get delivered to your home by post for only £129. There is an additional £10 postage charge for international students.

You can Order Your QLS Endorsed Certificate from here.

Key Features of Advanced Instagram Marketing Course


This Course Has Been Endorsed By The Quality Licence Scheme For Its High-Quality, Non-Regulated Provision And Training Programmes. This Course Is Not Regulated By Ofqual And Is Not An Accredited Qualification. Your Training Provider Will Be Able To Advise You On Any Further Recognition, For Example, Progression Routes Into Further And/Or Higher Education. For Further Information, Please Visit The Learner FAQs On The Quality Licence Scheme Website.

Why Study This Instagram Marketing Course?

Whether You’re An Existing Practitioner Or Aspiring Professional, This Course Will Enhance Your Expertise And Boost Your CV With Key Skills Attesting To Your Knowledge.

The Advanced Instagram Marketing Is Open To All, With No Formal Entry Requirements. All You Need Is A Passion For Learning, A Good Understanding Of The English Language, Numeracy And IT, And To Be Over The Age Of 16.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Is An ‘Endorsed’ Course?

An Endorsed Course Signifies Quality Content And Premium Material In A Course For The Non-Regulated Market Which Has Been Reviewed And Approved By An Independent Quality Inspector.

Does This Course Have Any Endorsements? Do I Get Any Endorsed Certificate After Completion Of The Course?

This Course Has Been Endorsed By The Quality Licence Scheme For Its High-Quality, Non-Regulated Provision And Training Programmes. After Successfully Completing The Course & With A 60% Passing Score In Assessment Test, You Will Be Able To Order An Endorsed Certificate As Proof Of Your New Achievement.

Do I Get Any Accredited Qualifications After Completing This Course?

This Course Is Not Regulated By Ofqual And Is Not An Accredited Qualification. One Education Will Be Able To Advise You On Any Further Recognition, For Example, Progression Routes Into Further And/Or Higher Education.

Do Your Certificates Expire?

No, Our Certificates Do Not Come With Any Expiration Date.

Do I Need To Pay For The Certification?

Yes, Certification Is Available In PDF Format, At The Cost Of £9, Or A Hard Copy Can Be Sent To You Via Post, At The Cost Of £15.

Do I Need To Pay For The Exams?

No, There Are No Extra Fees And Hidden Costs For The Exam.

How To Order A QLS Certificate?

Endorsed Certificates Can Be Ordered And Get Delivered To Your Home By Post For Only £129. There Is An Additional £10 Postage Charge For International Students

What Is The Method Of Teaching?

The Course Is Fully Online. You Can Study This Course At Your Own Pace. You Will Be Taught Through A Combination Of

Video Lessons
Online Study Materials
How Can I Further Assess My Learning And Get Full Tutor Support?

Full Tutor Support Is Available Only On Weekdays ( Monday – Friday). You Are Advised To Complete The Assignment Questions Provided At The End Of The Course, Our Expert Tutor Will Assess Your Assignment And Will Give You Feedback On Your Performance.

How Can I Gift This Course To My Beloved One?

In Just 3 Steps You Can Gift Any Course To Your Beloved Ones. The Steps Are :

Select Gift These Course Button
Enter Your Email, Your Recipient Email And Your Desired Message
Select Send As Gift Button
Proceed To Checkout And Pay For The Course
And Done! The Course Will Be Sent To Your Desired Recipient.

Can I Purchase This Course In Bulk?

Yes, You Can. To Purchase Courses In Bulk, Add The Desired Number Of Courses In The Cart And Then Proceed To The Payment Option. We Also Have Special Discounts For Business Customers.

How Long Can I Access This Course ?

All Of Our Courses Can Be Accessed For 1 Year. After One Year You Have To Buy This Course Again If You Wish To Continue.

What Happens If I Fail The Exam?

If You Fail, You Can Always Retake The Exam For £3.99 — As Many Times As You Want.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Welcome to the Course
Unit 1: Welcome to the Course 00:06:00
Unit 2: Course Overview 00:07:00
Section 2: Instagram Basics
Unit 1: Why You Need an Instagram Content Plan 00:05:00
Unit 2: Instagram Facts You Must Know 00:04:00
Unit 3: Best Practices for Instagram 00:03:00
Unit 4: Is Instagram Worth Your Time & Efforts 00:04:00
Section 3: Setting Up & Optimising Your Instagram Account
Unit 1: Types of Instagram Accounts 00:11:00
Unit 2: Create an Instagram Account 00:04:00
Unit 3: Converting Personal Account to Business Account 00:04:00
Unit 4: Tips for Choosing the Right Handle or Username 00:06:00
Unit 5: 6 Tips for a Perfect Profile Picture 00:13:00
Unit 6: Uploading the Profile Picture 00:02:00
Unit 7: Optimising Bio with Right Keywords 00:07:00
Unit 8: Optimising Your Instagram Account 00:05:00
Unit 9: How to Add Multiple Links in Your Instagram Bio 00:07:00
Unit 10: How to Stay Safe on Instagram? 00:01:00
Unit 11: Task 1: Set Up & Optimise Your Account 00:01:00
Section 4: Important First Steps
Unit 1: 3 Questions Before We Begin 00:06:00
Unit 2: Getting into Instagram Mindset 00:04:00
Unit 3: Following Your Competitors 00:06:00
Unit 4: Finding Accounts to Follow 00:06:00
Unit 5: Download Your Instagram Worksheet 00:01:00
Unit 6: How to Stay Updated with Latest Instagram Trends & Happenings 00:04:00
Unit 7: Task 2: Finding & Following Accounts in Your Niche 00:01:00
Section 5: What to Post on Instagram: Choose Your Content Style
Unit 1: Types of Instagram Content 00:05:00
Unit 2: What to Post on Personal Account 00:06:00
Unit 3: 8 Things You Should Post on Business Account 00:10:00
Unit 4: Re-posting Other People’s Content 00:04:00
Unit 5: Instagram Live 00:02:00
Unit 6: Using Instagram Stories 00:02:00
Unit 7: IGTV 00:04:00
Unit 8: Following Community Guidelines on Instagram 00:01:00
Unit 9: Task 3: Choose the Type of Content 00:01:00
Section 6: Learn to Create Engaging Posts
Unit 1: Image Size & Best Practices for Instagram Success 00:05:00
Unit 2: Clicking Pictures 00:03:00
Unit 3: Tools to Find Free Images for Posts 00:13:00
Unit 4: Buying Images 00:09:00
Unit 5: Create Your Post in 5 minutes With a Free Tool 00:16:00
Unit 6: The Best Free App for Creating & Editing Posts 00:22:00
Unit 7: Design a Post with Me- in Less Than 5 Minutes 00:11:00
Unit 8: Task 4: Create Post for Your Instagram Account 00:02:00
Section 7: Video Posts
Unit 1: Best Practices for Video Post 00:05:00
Unit 2: Types of Videos on Instagram 00:07:00
Unit 3: Finding & Using Videos for Free 00:08:00
Unit 4: 9 Free Video Editing Apps 00:11:00
Section 8: Posting
Unit 1: Ingredients of a Perfect Caption 00:04:00
Unit 2: How to Include Call to Action for More Engagement 00:07:00
Unit 3: Simple Tips to Write Attractive Captions 00:07:00
Unit 4: What Are Hashtags + How to Choose Them 00:15:00
Unit 5: Hashtag Strategy 00:08:00
Unit 6: Publishing Post on Instagram 00:03:00
Unit 7: Finding the Best Time to Post: Manually (Free Method) 00:18:00
Unit 8: Free & Paid Apps to Find the Best Time to Post on Instagram 00:07:00
Unit 9: Task 5: Publish Your Post 00:02:00
Section 9: Making Instagram Marketing Easy
Unit 1: Saving Draft in Instagram 00:06:00
Unit 2: How to Schedule Posts: Step by Step Tutorial 00:10:00
Unit 3: Best Scheduling Apps 00:13:00
Section 10: How to Create 1 Month Content in Advance to Post on Your Account
Unit 1: Why You Need an Instagram Content Plan 00:02:00
Unit 2: Make a Content Calendar 00:07:00
Unit 3: Create 30 Days of Instagram Content 00:05:00
Section 11: Instagram Stories
Unit 1: Introduction to Instagram Stories 00:07:00
Unit 2: Types of Instagram Stories 00:04:00
Unit 3: Stories: Walk-through & Posting 00:11:00
Unit 4: Instagram Stories (Ads) 00:04:00
Unit 5: How to Re-use Old Posts Through Stories for Maximum Engagement 00:04:00
Unit 6: Muting Someone’s Stories 00:02:00
Unit 7: Creating Your Account Nametag 00:02:00
Unit 8: Keeping Instagram Stories for More Than 24 Hours (or Forever) 00:03:00
Unit 9: Checking & Analyzing Instagram Stories Analytics 00:02:00
Unit 10: Task 7: Create & Post Instagram Stories 00:01:00
Section 12: Mistakes to Avoid on Instagram
Unit 1: 5 Reasons Why Instagram Suspend or Remove User Accounts 00:07:00
Unit 2: What are Black Hat Techniques & Should You Use Them 00:09:00
Unit 3: Black Hat Strategies to Get Quick Followers, Likes & Comments 00:04:00
Unit 4: Engagement Rate: The Secret to Instagram Success 00:14:00
Unit 5: Short Term Success or Long Term Legacy or Impact 00:04:00
Section 13: Growing Account & Gaining Followers
Unit 1: Growing on Instagram 00:05:00
Unit 2: Paid Methods to Grow Your Instagram Account 00:05:00
Unit 3: Buying Shoutouts for Growth 00:16:00
Unit 4: Collaborating with Influencers: Part 1 00:16:00
Unit 5: Collaborating with Influencers: Part 2 00:05:00
Unit 6: Instagram Ads 00:09:00
Unit 7: Free Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account 00:01:00
Unit 8: Method 1: Engagement Groups 00:05:00
Unit 9: Method 2: Shout for Shout (S4S) 00:08:00
Unit 10: Method 3: Reposting 00:08:00
Unit 11: Method 4: Cross Promotion 00:04:00
Unit 12: Method 5: Consistent Posting – Instagram Routine for Maximum Success 00:13:00
Unit 13: Bonus Method: Giveaways & Contests 00:10:00
Section 14: Hacks, Tips & Tricks to Level Up Your Instagram Game
Unit 1: Adding Solid Color & Semi Transparent Background in Stories 00:05:00
Unit 2: How to Create a Peek – Through Background in Instagram Stories 00:03:00
Unit 3: Creating Attractive Story Backgrounds Within Instagram App 00:06:00
Unit 4: How to Use Unique Fonts in Bio, Captions, Comments 00:03:00
Unit 5: Adding 3D Text on Instagram Stories 00:03:00
Unit 6: Inspecting Instagram Accounts: Date of Joining, Location, Country 00:02:00
Section 15: How to Earn Money from Your Instagram Account
Unit 1: 5 Ways to Make Money on Instagram 00:02:00
Unit 2: Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing 00:08:00
Unit 3: Earning from Sponsorships 00:07:00
Unit 4: Promote & Sell Your Own Products 00:12:00
Unit 5: How to Earn Money by Promoting Other Instagram Accounts 00:16:00
Unit 6: Account Flipping 00:06:00
Unit 7: Obvious but Uncommon Way of Making Money on Instagram 00:04:00
Section 16: Influencer Marketing: Earn Money with Instagram
Unit 1: Introduction to Influencer Marketing 00:04:00
Unit 2: Myths & Misconceptions About Influencer Marketing – Busted 00:11:00
Unit 3: Types of Influencer on Instagram 00:07:00
Unit 4: Platforms/ Websites That Will Help You Collaborate with Brands 00:04:00
Unit 5: 3 Ways to Reach Out to Brands 00:06:00
Unit 6: Checklist for Writing Professional Email + 7 Key Points 00:05:00
Unit 7: Sample Email 00:02:00
Unit 8: Important Do’s & Don’ts of Influencer Marketing 00:07:00
Section 17: Bonus: Instagram Marketing on Autopilot
Unit 1: Instagram Marketing on Autopilot 00:17:00
Unit 2: Hiring Virtual Assistants or Freelancers 00:07:00
Unit 3: Conclusion 00:01:00
Resources – Advanced Instagram Marketing 00:00:00
Assignment – Advanced Instagram Marketing 1 week, 3 days
Recommended Materials
Workbook – Advanced Instagram Marketing 2 weeks, 1 day
Order Your Certificate
Order Your Certificate QLS 00:00:00

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