Buttercream Cake Decorating

Buttercream Cake Decorating



Buttercream is one the most common covering for cakes these days, and making your buttercream cakes appealing is as important as making it delicious. In this buttercream cake decorating course, you will learn how to decorate cakes with buttercream using contemporary techniques and create many different designs of cakes for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, graduations, anniversaries, or celebrating any special moments.

Learn how to prepare Swiss Meringue buttercream, create custom cake boards, and master spatula design techniques. Explore how to create patterns with piped decorations, and work with gel colours to create a watercolour and ombre effect on your cakes.

This beginner-level course is led by an experienced instructor, who will walk you through every detail you need to know about buttercream cake decoration and become a expert Cake Decorator in no time.

Highlights of the Buttercream Cake Decorating :

  • Learn about making perfect Swiss Meringue buttercream which has silky, light and creamy texture
  • Explore plenty of techniques for painting on buttercream
  • Get tips for levelling, filling, crumb coating, and giving a perfect, smooth finish to your buttercream cakes
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of creating cake designs with a metal cake spatula
  • Learn how to work with gel colours and colour dust, as well as apply watercolour and ombre colour techniques
  • Broaden your understanding of preparing piping bags, creating pipe rosettes and ruffles
  • Discover how to build a stable two-tiered cake great for any simple to grand occasions
  • Essential tips and tricks to improve your cake decorating skills

Course Design

The course is delivered through our online learning platform, accessible through any internet-connected device. There are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules, meaning you are free to study the course at your own pace.

You are taught through a combination of

  • Video lessons
  • Online study materials

Certificate of Achievement

Endorsed Certificate of Achievement from the Quality Licence Scheme

After successfully completing the course, learners will be able to order an endorsed certificate as proof of their new achievement. Endorsed certificates can be ordered and get delivered to your home by post for only £89. There is an additional £10 postage charge for international students.

CPD Certification from One Education

After successfully completing the MCQ assessment of this course, you will qualify for the CPD Certificate from One Education, as proof of your continued professional development. Certification is available in PDF format, at the cost of £9, or a hard copy can be sent to you via post, at the cost of £15.


This course has been endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme for its high-quality, non-regulated provision and training programmes. This course is not regulated by Ofqual and is not an accredited qualification. Your training provider will be able to advise you on any further recognition, for example progression routes into further and/or higher education. For further information please visit the Learner FAQs on the Quality Licence Scheme website.

Method of Assessment

To assess your learning, you have to complete the assignment questions provided at the end of the course. You have to score at least 60% to pass the exam and to qualify for Quality Licence Scheme endorsed and CPD accredited certificates. 

After submitting the assignment, our expert tutor will assess your assignment and will give you feedback on your performance.

After passing the assignment exam, you will be able to apply for a certificate.

Why Study This Course

This buttercream cake decorating course is an introductory course, ideal for those who would like to start cake decorating as a hobby or turn it into a promising career. This course is also perfect for cake decorating career seekers who need to build up their buttercream skills in the quickest possible time. There are no learning requirements or formal degrees necessary to begin this course, and it can be studied on a full-time or part-time basis.

Career Path

Upon successful completion, learners will be equipped with all the essential knowledge and skills to build a solid foundation of buttercream cake decoration and create confectionary masterpieces that have great tastes and eye-catching designs.

Course Curriculum

Introduction- Get Started!
Welcome! 00:02:00
Swiss Meringue Buttercream Method 00:08:00
Custom Cake Boards 00:18:00
Frosting a Cake Smooth
Trimming Cakes 00:08:00
Layering Cakes 00:04:00
Crumb Coat 00:05:00
Applying the Second Coat 00:08:00
Frosting the Cake Smooth 00:10:00
Spatula Techniques
Technique 1-Zigzags 00:06:00
Technique 2- Straight Lines 00:06:00
Technique 3- Pinwheel 00:04:00
Technique 4- Circles 00:04:00
Getting Started with Color 00:06:00
Watercolor Technique-Preparation 00:06:00
Watercolor Technique- Method 00:08:00
Transfer the Watercolor Cake 00:04:00
Ombre Technique-Preparation 00:03:00
Ombre Technique-Method 00:09:00
Transfer the Ombre Cake 00:04:00
Piping Bags 00:04:00
Filling a Piping Bag 00:03:00
Rosettes-Practice 00:05:00
Rosettes-Piping on a Cake 00:05:00
Ruffles-Practice 00:06:00
Ruffles-Transfer a Design 00:07:00
Ruffles- Transfer the Cake 00:01:00
Ruffles- Piping on a Cake 00:06:00
Floral Ruffles- Practice 00:03:00
Floral Ruffles- Planning 00:04:00
Floral Ruffles- Piping the Sides 00:04:00
Floral Ruffles- Piping the Top 00:05:00
Prepare your Paints 00:05:00
Painting a Cake 00:06:00
Painting with Luster 00:03:00
Fundamentals and Equipment 00:03:00
Green Ruffle Cake Stacking 00:02:00
Green Ruffles-Finishing Touches 00:03:00
Orange Floral Ruffle Cake Stacking 00:07:00
Floral Ruffles-Finishing Touches 00:02:00
Thank You! 00:01:00
Resources 00:05:00
Assignment – Buttercream Cake Decorating 1 week, 6 days
Order Your Certificate
Order Your Certificate QLS 00:00:00



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