C# Programming - Beginner to Advanced

C# Programming - Beginner to Advanced

Learning Outcome


C# Programming – Beginner to Advanced, the best course for you to gain in-depth knowledge of this topic. Experts and real-time professionals teach this course. You will get professional certification after completing this course. So Enrol today to become a pro. 

All the courses of One Education are designed with care and thorough research. All the topics are broken into bite-sized modules. It helps our learners to get each lesson quickly.

One Education is known for a rich learning experience. You will get a 1-year access facility with tutor support from the purchasing period. 

Instructor’s forum is always available to answer all your questions and make your learning experience exquisite.

After completing the C# Programming – Beginner to Advanced, you will instantly receive an e-certificate. It will hopefully get you jobs in the relevant field promptly and also enrich your CV.

If you want to learn about Programming and want to get professional qualifications, you should consider the C# Programming – Beginner to Advanced From One Education.

We give our heart and soul to design every course here in One Education. We make sure that all courses are designed and developed by professionals and experts. We not only aim to provide value but also quality courses to our customers.

Our learners are our topmost priority, and you will gain tremendous knowledge and skill from the C# Programming – Beginner to Advanced Course.

The certificates upon completing this C# Programming – Beginner to Advanced will help you stand out in the competitive job market.

C# Programming – Beginner to Advanced Course will help you get employed in the relevant field. This is your career-boosting course. I hope you enjoy this expertly made course from One Education. Enrol now!

Don’t worry. No hidden fees or exam charges for you. We keep it very upfront and clear about all the costs of the course. 


    • CPD-accredited certification on completing this course. 
    • Twelve months of access to the course 24×7
    • Study at your own pace
    • No hidden fees or exam charges
    • Full Tutor support on weekdays (Monday – Friday)
    • Efficient assessment and instant results

Who is this course for?

This c# programming – beginner to advanced is ideal for

    • Students
    • Recent graduates
    • Job seekers
    • Anyone interested in this topic
    • People already are working in this field and want to polish their knowledge and skill.

Assessment method

You have to sit for an automated multiple-choice exam to assess your learning. Your passing score is 60% to qualify for a cpd accredited certificate. Only if you pass the exam, you can be able to apply for the certificate.

There is a chance to enhance your knowledge of this course and assess your learning. You can complete the assignment questions at the end of the course anytime you wish. 

After submitting this assignment, our expert tutor will assess your assignment and will give you feedback on your performance.


You will qualify for the cpd certificate from one education after completing the mcq assessment. It is a paper of your continued professional development. Certification is available in pdf format, for £9, or you can get a hard copy via post for just £15.


There are no particular prerequisites to enrol in this c# programming – beginner to advanced. Anyone and everyone can take this course.

Any internet-enabled smart device is enough to access the c# programming – beginner to advanced course. So, you can study very comfortably at your home!

Learning passion, literacy, and being over the age of 16 are all you need.

Career path

This c# programming – beginner to advanced will help you attain a job in this field and will allow you to excel in your career. Your job responsibility range will explode after completing this course. 

C# programming – beginner to advanced also increases your competency for promotions at work.

Enrol now to this course from one education and take your career to the next step.

Course Curriculum

Introduction 00:04:00
Basics to get started
Intro 00:02:00
Visual Studio 00:07:00
Comments 00:02:00
Variables 00:07:00
Print and read console 00:04:00
Math 00:08:00
Intro 00:02:00
Boolean 00:07:00
IF 00:08:00
IF ELSE, ELSE 00:08:00
Switch 00:05:00
WHILE loop 00:07:00
FOR loop 00:03:00
Methods (basic)
Basics of a method 00:07:00
Parameters 00:05:00
Returns 00:08:00
Classes (basics)
Basics of a class 00:07:00
Access 00:06:00
Static 00:08:00
Variavles (basic)
Read line 00:03:00
Arrays 00:06:00
FOR EACH loop 00:05:00
Convert 00:04:00
Cast 00:04:00
Error handling
Try and Catch 00:07:00
Usefull methods
Date 00:12:00
Text (advanced)
Split, remove, substring 00:14:00
Classess (advanced)
More on construction 00:11:00
More on access 00:04:00
Inheritance 00:09:00
EXAMPLE – time converter 00:17:00
Binary (advanced)
Read a text file 00:13:00
Write a text file 00:10:00
Serialize object to byte array 00:15:00
Asynchronous (advanced)
Task 00:07:00
Async and await 00:15:00
Multitasking 00:07:00
Search in objects (linq)
Where 00:11:00
Find 00:05:00
Order, group and merge 00:10:00
Bonus lecture 00:01:00
Order Your Certificate
Order Your Certificate Now 00:00:00

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