Cloud Computing / CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-003)

Cloud Computing / CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-003)

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Empower your career journey with our in-demand course: Cloud Computing / CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-003)

Boost your proficiency and propel your career forward with our meticulously crafted course, designed to be your ultimate guide to professional development. Our super-accessible modules break down complex topics into bite-sized, easy-to-understand lessons, filling your knowledge gaps and equipping you with real-world, practical skills.

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Course design

The course is delivered through our online learning platform, accessible through any internet-connected device. There are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules, meaning you are free to study the course at your own pace.

You are taught through a combination of

Exam & Retakes

It is to inform our learners that the initial exam for this online course is provided at no additional cost. In the event of needing a retake, a nominal fee of £9.99 will be applicable.


Upon successful completion of the assessment procedure, learners can obtain their certification by placing an order and remitting a fee of £9 for PDF Certificate and £15 for the Hardcopy Certificate within the UK ( An additional £10 postal charge will be applicable for international delivery).

Course Curriculum

Section 01 - About the CompTIA Cloud+ Exam
Introduction to Cloud+ (CV0-003) 00:05:00
Cloud+ Exam Info 00:07:00
What Can Cloud+ Do for You? 00:03:00
Preparing for the Cloud+ Exam 00:06:00
Section 02: Introducing The Cloud
Setting up Your Cloud Accounts 00:07:00
Defining the Cloud 00:08:00
Deployment Models 00:05:00
Public Cloud (Demo) 00:06:00
Private Cloud (Demo) 00:06:00
Community Cloud (Demo) 00:07:00
Hybrid Cloud (Demo) 00:06:00
Additional Models 00:05:00
Cloud Architectures 00:06:00
Capacity, Elasticity, and Support Agreements 00:09:00
Resource Balancing 00:07:00
Change Management3 00:07:00
Features Tour of AWS, GCP, and Azure (Lab) 00:10:00
Section 03: System Requirements For Cloud Deployments
Deployment Exam Objectives Explained 00:07:00
Cloud Component Interactions, Part 1 00:07:00
Cloud Component Interaction, Part 2 00:08:00
Non-Cloud Component Interactions 00:09:00
Platforms and Applications 00:05:00
Baselines (Lab) 00:07:00
Target Hosts 00:05:00
Existing Systems (Lab) 00:09:00
Architecting for Elements and Targets (Demo) 00:07:00
Selecting Deployment Tools (Demo) 00:07:00
Executing a Deployment Plan (Demo) 00:09:00
Evaluating Testing Plans 00:05:00
Testing Techniques 00:05:00
Additional Testing Techniques 00:06:00
Analyze Testing Results 00:04:00
Baseline Confirmation (Lab) 00:08:00
Deployment Problem Resolution (Lab) 00:08:00
Importance of High Availability and Scaling 00:09:00
Determining Cloud Requirements (Lab) 00:06:00
Section 04: Cloud Storage
Cloud Storage Types 00:06:00
Provisioning Storage 00:06:00
Storage Protection Capabilities 00:09:00
Storage Features 00:06:00
Access Protocols 00:06:00
Storage Management (Demo) 00:06:00
Storage Security (Lab) 00:06:00
Disaster Recovery Capabilities (Demo) 00:07:00
Disaster Recovery Considerations 00:05:00
Business Continuity Plan (Lab) 00:07:00
Additional Storage Conditions 00:09:00
RAID Storage 00:04:00
Creating S3 Buckets Lab 00:05:00
Section 05: Cloud Networking
Network Components (Demo) 00:09:00
Networking Fundamentals 00:15:00
Network Protocols 00:04:00
Network Ports (Lab) 00:05:00
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) 00:08:00
IDS/IPS 00:07:00
Segmentation 00:09:00
Network SLAs and Change Management 00:04:00
Networking in Different Models 00:07:00
Additional Networking Considerations 00:11:00
Create an EC2 Instance in AWS (Lab) 00:08:00
Section 06: Cloud Compute
Compute Introduction 00:06:00
CPU Capabilities 00:08:00
Memory Requirements 00:07:00
Performance Considerations 00:07:00
Cost Considerations (Lab) 00:07:00
Energy Savings 00:05:00
Dedicated vs. Shared Compute 00:04:00
High Availability and Disaster Recovery for Compute 00:05:00
Monitoring (Lab) 00:08:00
Forecasting 00:06:00
Policies 00:03:00
vGPUs and Cloud Compute Performance 00:06:00
Containers and Orchestration 00:07:00
Additional Compute Considerations 00:07:00
Troubleshooting Network Problems (Lab) 00:04:00
Section 07: Migrating Types
Migration Types 00:08:00
Workload Management 00:05:00
Virtualizing Physical Systems 00:06:00
Migrating Security 00:07:00
Protocols and Services 00:08:00
Environmental Constraints 00:07:00
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) 00:07:00
High Availability in the Cloud 00:08:00
Section 08: Planning Patch Management
Planning Patch Management 00:07:00
Manual Patch Management 00:04:00
Automated Patch Management (Lab) 00:04:00
Update Types 00:08:00
Automated Workflows (Lab) 00:07:00
Backup Types (Lab) 00:10:00
Backup Targets and Options 00:07:00
Maintenance Automation Techniques 00:05:00
Maintenance Automation Tasks 00:07:00
Provisioning and Deprovisioning 00:07:00
Application Life Cycle 00:03:00
Monitoring and Reporting (Lab) 00:07:00
Monitoring Metrics 00:06:00
Efficient Operations 00:11:00
Section 09: Cloud Security
Security Policies 00:06:00
Standards and Compliance (Demo) 00:05:00
Data Security and Compliance Controls 00:11:00
Identity, Authentication, and Authorization 00:08:00
Multi-Factor Authentication (Lab) 00:05:00
Identity and Access Management Solutions 00:09:00
Authorization (Lab) 00:09:00
Encryption (Demo) 00:08:00
Encryption Solutions 00:07:00
Compute Security (Demo) 00:07:00
Account Management (Lab) 00:07:00
Segmentation (Lab) 00:05:00
Security Tools (Demo) 00:07:00
Security Services 00:05:00
Additional Network Security Solutions 00:09:00
Network Hardening 00:08:00
Application and OS Security 00:06:00
Security Automation and Orchestration 00:06:00
Models and Security 00:06:00
Risk and Reward 00:08:00
Incident Response 00:07:00
Creating User Accounts in AWS (Lab) 00:04:00
Section 10: Troubleshooting Cloud Solutions
Troubleshooting Methodology 00:08:00
Troubleshooting Deployment 00:07:00
Troubleshooting Capacity 00:08:00
Troubleshooting Automation and Orchestration 00:07:00
Troubleshooting Connectivity 00:10:00
Network Troubleshooting (Lab) 00:12:00
Troubleshooting Security 00:09:00
Disaster Recovery 00:07:00
Troubleshoot a Capacity Problem (Lab) 00:05:00

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