Complete Microsoft SQL Server from Scratch: Bootcamp

Complete Microsoft SQL Server from Scratch: Bootcamp

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Learning Outcome


The Complete Microsoft SQL Server from Scratch: Bootcamp is the ultimate training course for aspiring SQL Database Developers. Designed for complete beginners, it covers the fundamentals as well as advanced commands and SQL queries, providing up-to-date knowledge that will equip learners with the skills to deploy and manage SQL databases efficiently.

In this instructor-led training program, you will explore key procedures such as simplifying reports, preparing data structures, and interacting with the database. You’ll gain practical working knowledge of SQL programming principles, with step-by-step guidance on how to protect, backup and restore your SQL data.

We’ve taken this comprehensive professional diploma in SQL database management and broken it down into several manageable modules which we believe will assist you to easily grasp each concept – from the fundamentals to the most advanced aspects of the course. Get a head start in your career and learn the core concepts of SQL with this expertly designed SQL masterclass!

Who is this course for?

This microsoft sql server masterclass is for anyone looking to gain a formal qualification to take their server skills to the next level. It is also the perfect refresher training course for those who want to update their existing skills and knowledge. There are no specific entry requirements for this course, which is open to both part-time and full-time learners.

Career path

On successful completion, learners with have a range of skills required to work in the field of data science, with the opportunity to explore professions such as:

    • Sql database developer
    • Sql programmer
    • Sql server
    • Data analyst
    • Data scientist
    • System analyst 

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction
Introduction 00:04:00
Course Curriculum overview 00:04:00
Overview of Databases 00:09:00
MS SQL Environment Setup
MSSQL Installation 00:27:00
MSSQL SSMS Installation 00:08:00
Connecting to MS-SQL (Windows Authentication) 00:05:00
Connecting to MS-SQL (SQL Server Authentication) 00:06:00
SQL Statement Basics
Overview of Challenges 00:03:00
SQL statement basic 00:13:00
SELECT Statement 00:16:00
Column AS Statement 00:09:00
COUNT built-in Method usage 00:10:00
Filtering Data Rows
SELECT WHERE Clause – One 00:05:00
SELECT WHERE Clause – Two 00:12:00
SQL Operators
SQL ORDER BY Statement 00:10:00
SQL Using BETWEEN with Same Column Data 00:13:00
How to Apply IN Operator 00:08:00
Wildcard Characters with LIKE and ILIKE 00:13:00
GROUP BY Statements
Overview of GROUP BY 00:03:00
Aggregation Function – SUM() 00:12:00
Aggregation Function – MIN()-MAX() 00:08:00
GROUP BY – Part One 00:11:00
GROUP BY – Part Two 00:14:00
HAVING on SQL Statement 00:04:00
Overview of JOINS 00:07:00
Introduction to JOINS 00:07:00
AS Statement 00:04:00
INNER Join 00:12:00
Full Outer Join 00:07:00
Left Outer Join 00:06:00
Right Outer Join 00:08:00
Union 00:07:00
Advanced SQL Commands
Basic of Advanced SQL Commands 00:04:00
Timestamp 00:12:00
Extract from Timestamp 00:06:00
Mathematical Scalar Functions 00:11:00
String Functions 00:17:00
SubQuery 00:04:00
Creating Database and Tables
Basic of Database and Tables 00:10:00
Data Types 00:11:00
Select Datatype on SSMS 00:05:00
Create Table using SQL Script 00:07:00
Primary Key and Foreign Key
How to set Primary Key 00:06:00
How to set Foreign Key 00:12:00
SQL CRUD Operations
Insert Statement in MS SQL 00:06:00
Update Statement in MS SQL 00:08:00
Delete Statement in MS SQL 00:07:00
Alter / Modification Table in MS SQL 00:04:00
Drop Table in MS SQL 00:03:00
MS SQL Constraints
Check Constraint 00:14:00
NOT NULL Constraint 00:12:00
UNIQUE Constraint 00:11:00
Backup and Restore Functions
Overview of Database and Tables 00:04:00
Creating a Database backup using SSMS 00:11:00
Restoring a Database from backup using SSMS 00:08:00

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