Complete Scrum Agile Training

Complete Scrum Agile Training



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    Course design

    The course is delivered through our online learning platform, accessible through any internet-connected device. There are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules, meaning you are free to study the course at your own pace.

    You are taught through a combination of

    • Video lessons
    • Online study materials

    How is the course assessed?

    To successfully complete the course you must pass an automated, multiple-choice assessment. The assessment is delivered through our online learning platform. You will receive the results of your assessment immediately upon completion.

    Will I receive a certificate of completion?

    Upon successful completion, you will qualify for the UK and internationally-recognised professional qualification and you can choose to make your achievement formal by obtaining your PDF Certificate at a cost of £9 and Hardcopy Certificate for £15.

    Why study this course

    Whether you’re an existing practitioner or aspiring professional, this course will enhance your expertise and boost your CV with key skills and an accredited qualification attesting to your knowledge.

    The Complete Scrum Agile Training is open to all, with no formal entry requirements. All you need is a passion for learning, a good understanding of the English language, numeracy and IT, and to be over the age of 16.

    Course Curriculum

    Notes (Downloadable PDF) Basic Concepts 00:01:00
    Scrum in 3 minutes 00:04:00
    Don’t fool yourself: what Scrum is NOT! 00:02:00
    What Scrum REALLY is! 00:04:00
    Scrum subway 00:02:00
    Agile Mindset 101 00:03:00
    The Scrum Guide – (Downloadable PDF) 00:01:00
    [VERY IMPORTANT] How to follow this course 00:01:00
    Scrum Glossary (Downloadable PDF) 00:01:00
    [EXTRA] Tips for you to learn more effectively (Downloadable) 00:01:00
    Key Takeways – Introduction 00:01:00
    Basic concepts
    First things first. What is a project? 00:03:00
    Learn to differ a project from business as usual 00:02:00
    Projects as a means to reach your objectives 00:03:00
    You were, are, and will always be a project manager 00:03:00
    How do projects organize the effort to deliver products? 00:01:00
    Key Takeaways – Basic concepts 00:01:00
    Setting your goals 00:01:00
    Traditional Project Management
    What is “Traditional” Project Management? 00:04:00
    The “Traditional” way of dealing with scope, time, and cost 00:01:00
    The golden project management paradox: Knowledge x Ease of Change 00:03:00
    When is it better to go with the “Traditional” paradigm? 00:05:00
    Why do projects fail? 00:03:00
    Key Takeaways – Tradicional Project Management 00:01:00
    Agile Project Management
    Agile for the Rescue! 00:01:00
    The agility mindset 00:03:00
    The values that guide agility 00:07:00
    The principles that sustain agility 00:01:00
    Agile Project Principles 00:05:00
    Agile Product Principles 00:02:00
    Agile People Principles 00:06:00
    Agile Process Principles 00:01:00
    [EXTRA] Beyond the Agile Manifesto 00:01:00
    Key Takeaway – Agile Project Management 00:01:00
    Which way to go: Traditional or Agile?
    Should you go with the Traditional or Agile paradigm? 00:01:00
    Risks and Project Planning: the Cone of Uncertainty 00:02:00
    The Agile way of dealing with scope, time, and cost 00:01:00
    Final words about the battle: “Traditional or Agile?” 00:01:00
    Key Takeaways – Which way to go? Traditional or Agile? 00:01:00
    The Skeleton and Heart of Scrum
    Scrum in 1 minute 00:01:00
    Dissecting Scrum: Scrum as a Value-driven effort 00:03:00
    Dissecting Scrum: Sprints, the heart Scrum! 00:03:00
    Dissecting Scrum: how does the Sprint Backlog fit in? 00:01:00
    Dissecting Scrum: the importance of the Increment 00:02:00
    Dissecting Scrum: the Team’s continuous improvement and balance 00:04:00
    The Product Owner as the Business Catalyst 00:05:00
    [SCRUM WAR STORY] The Weak Proxy Product Owner 00:04:00
    The Development Team- delivering work collaboratively 00:04:00
    What does a Scrum Master do? 00:02:00
    Key Takeaways – The Skeleton and Heart of Scrum 00:01:00
    Let's Simulate a Project!
    The Scrum Lifecycle 00:02:00
    Let’s kickoff our project! \o/ 00:01:00
    A quick look at our case study (project simulation) 00:03:00
    A quick look at our project management tool 00:01:00
    Key Takeaways – Let´s simulate a project 00:01:00
    [Initiation] Guaranteeing Project Success Since its Kickoff
    Quick introduction to Initiation work 00:01:00
    Defining where to go: the Product Vision! 00:10:00
    Let’s update the system with our product vision! 00:01:00
    [Extra] Using personas to build better customer-centric products (Downloadable PDF) 00:01:00
    [EXTRA] Order your User Stories with the Story Mapping 00:01:00
    Describing the product tactics: the Product Backlog 00:05:00
    Customer-driven requirements: the User Story 00:06:00
    How to define the Product tactic? Ordering the Product Backlog 00:07:00
    Estimating effort, the agile way 00:01:00
    Story points as the agile measure for effort estimates 00:07:00
    Estimate effort collaboratively with the Planning Poker 00:04:00
    Defining the business values of the product “ideas” with the Kano Model 00:08:00
    [TEMPLATE] Apply the Kano Model for you projects 00:01:00
    How to Manage the Product Backlog in 3 minutes 00:03:00
    Forming the Scrum Team 00:02:00
    [Extra] Adding the Scrum Team to our project management tool 00:01:00
    Planning the Delivery: the Release Plan 00:07:00
    An alternative way of creating the Release Plan 00:02:00
    How to define velocity for a Release Plan? 00:03:00
    [EXTRA] Why using the range 0.6x to 1.6x for planning? 00:01:00
    A guideline on how to Plan a Release 00:03:00
    [EXTRA] Drive your Product Strategy with a Product Roadmap (Downloadable PDF) 00:01:00
    [EXTRA] A Fun Fact about Release Plan 00:01:00
    Practical advices to define the sprints length 00:03:00
    Bring balance to your project by Defining Done 00:04:00
    What is the “sprint 0”? 00:01:00
    Practical tips on how to organize your workspace to boost collaboration 00:03:00
    Key Takeaways – Agile Project Management 00:01:00
    [Planning] Plan to Deliver Value
    Getting Ready for Sprinting 00:04:00
    Refining the Product Backlog 00:02:00
    Planning the Sprint 00:04:00
    Sprint Goal Template 00:01:00
    [EXTRA] Sprint Goal Template (Downloadable PDF) 00:01:00
    Defining WHAT to do during the Sprint 00:06:00
    An overview on how to plan WHAT to do during the Sprint 00:04:00
    Defining HOW to deliver work during the Sprint 00:07:00
    Key Takeaways – Planning 00:01:00
    [Execution] Managing the Execution
    Constructing the Product 00:05:00
    Adding the Scrum Team to our project management tool 00:02:00
    The Daily Scrum in 3 minutes 00:03:00
    Making the Impediments Visible 00:02:00
    4 Tips to Boost your Daily Scrums 00:03:00
    [EXTRA] Monitoring Progress with the Sprint Burndown Chart + Template 00:01:00
    [TEMPLATE] Build your own Burndown Charts 00:01:00
    6 Indicators of BAD Daily Scrums 00:02:00
    [EXTRA] A Complete Guide for Conducting Effective Daily Scrum meetings 00:01:00
    Backlog Refinement session 00:07:00
    [SCRUM WAR STORY] Customer disturbing sprints 00:09:00
    What to do if work is not Done by the end of the Sprint? 00:02:00
    Key Takeaways – Execution 00:01:00
    [Inspection and Adaptation] Closing and Validation and Sprint
    Intro to Inspect and Adapt 00:01:00
    Scrum’s Product Feedback Cycle 00:02:00
    Getting Ready to Demonstrate Value 00:02:00
    How to NOT demonstrate value 00:01:00
    Getting informed customer feedback by demonstrating value 00:03:00
    The Sprint Review Blueprint 00:06:00
    An overview on how to execute the Sprint Review meetings 00:02:00
    [EXTRA] Getting Valuable Feedback from the Users 00:01:00
    Adapting the Product Backlog 00:02:00
    A quick note on the terms Backlog Refinement and Grooming 00:01:00
    Improving Continuously with the Sprint Retrospective meetings 00:02:00
    2 quick tips for before starting the Sprint Retrospective meeting 00:01:00
    The Sprint Retrospective Blueprint: Setting the stage 00:02:00
    The Sprint Retrospective Blueprint: Gathering Data 00:02:00
    The Sprint Retrospective Blueprint: Generating Insights 00:04:00
    The Sprint Retrospective Blueprint: Deciding What to Do 00:01:00
    The Sprint Retrospective Blueprint: Closing 00:01:00
    Key Takeaways – Inspection and adaptation 00:01:00
    [Closure] Closing a Project
    Delivering the Product 00:01:00
    Project Retrospective: avoiding recurring mistakes with Lessons Learned 00:03:00
    Key Takeaways – Closure 00:01:00
    [EXTRA] Getting certified!
    [Bonus Course 1] Crash Course on Leadership
    Introduction 00:10:00
    Boss vs Leader 00:13:00
    Tip #1: Forget your Comfort Zone and Develop Your Communication Skills 00:09:00
    Tip #2: Work on your Motivation and Optimism 00:06:00
    Tip #3: Develop your Empathy 00:06:00
    Tip #4: Don’t choose your Type! 00:08:00
    Tip #5: Find your references! 00:05:00
    [Bonus Course 2] Crash Course on Negotiation
    Introduction 00:04:00
    The Elements of Negotiation 00:07:00
    The Stages of Negotiation (Part A) 00:06:00
    The Stages of Negotiation (Part B) 00:03:00
    The Stages of Negotiation (Part C) 00:05:00
    6 Things You Must Do To Be More Successful On Your Negotiations 00:06:00
    5 Things You MUST NOT Do on Negotiations 00:04:00
    Final Remarks 00:03:00
    [Bonus Course 3] Crash Course on Productivity
    Introduction 00:06:00
    Basic concepts 00:09:00
    Step #1: Collect 00:08:00
    Step #2: Process 00:14:00
    Step #3: Organize 00:04:00
    Step #4: Plan 00:05:00
    Step #5: Execute 00:03:00
    Final Remarks 00:02:00
    Additional Resource Materials
    Resources: Complete Scrum Agile Training 00:00:00

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