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Find the most detailed approach to core stability and strengthen your core. This highly engaging  Core Stability course is exclusively designed to help boost your fitness level by teaching you numerous practical exercises for core stability.

The Core Stability course will offer you excellent core training to help you maintain good posture. It will take you through the essential core anatomy, elbow plank, plank and hip extension, bear crawl fire hydrant that you need to improve your health and avoid injury. In time, you will come to grips with the specific skills to train others on their fitness journey. 

Enrol right now, take your core stability to an elite standard and find an opportunity to turn your passion into a lucrative career.

Course design

The course is delivered through our online learning platform, accessible through any internet-connected device. There are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules, meaning you are free to study the course at your own pace.

You are taught through a combination of

  • Video lessons
  • Online study materials

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Upon successful completion, you will qualify for the UK and internationally-recognised CPD accredited certification. You can choose to make your achievement formal by obtaining your PDF Certificate at the cost of £9 and Hard Copy Certificate for £15.

Why study this course

It doesn’t matter if you are an aspiring professional or absolute beginner; this course will enhance your expertise and boost your CV with critical skills and an accredited certification attesting to your knowledge.

The Core Stability is fully available to anyone, and no previous qualifications are needed to enrol. All One Education needs to know is that you are eager to learn and are over 16.

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Course Speaking
Introduction 00:02:00
Core Stability 00:04:00
Core Training For Good Posture 00:06:00
Injury Prevention 00:07:00
Basic Core Anatomy 00:07:00
Extension and Anti-Rotation 00:05:00
Scapula and Hips 00:04:00
Getting Started 00:04:00
Module 02: Anti-Extension Easy
Bear Crawl Position 00:01:00
Elbow Plank 00:01:00
Mountain Climber 00:01:00
Plank and Hip Abduction 00:01:00
Plank and Hip Extension 00:01:00
Straight Arm Plank 00:01:00
Module 03: Anti-Extension Hard
Double Unstable Hip Abduct and Extension 00:01:00
Elbow Unstable Upper and Lower 00:01:00
Single Leg Knee Tuck Unstable Lower 00:01:00
Straight Arm Plank Walk Out Unstable Lower 00:01:00
Straight Arm Unstable Upper Lower 00:01:00
Unstable Lower Elbow Walk 00:01:00
Module 04: Anti-Extension Medium
Bear Crawl Fire Hydrant 00:01:00
Double Knee Tuck Unstable lower 00:01:00
Double Leg Pike Unstable Lower 00:01:00
Elbow and Unstable Upper 00:01:00
Elbow Plank Elevated Lower 00:01:00
Elbow Plank Walk 00:01:00
Elevated Surface and Unstable upper 00:01:00
Plank and Hip Abduction Unstable 00:01:00
Straight Arm and Unstable Upper 00:01:00
Straight Arm Plank Feet Elevated 00:01:00
Straight Arm Walk Out 00:01:00
Straight Arm, Unstable Upper, Elevated Low 00:01:00
Unstable Mountain Climber 00:01:00
Unstable Plank With Hip Extension 00:01:00
Module 05: Anti-Rotation Easy
Side Plank 00:01:00
Straight Arm Side Plank 00:01:00
Module 06: Anti-Rotation Hard
Opposite Hand Opposite Foot Plank 00:01:00
Side Plank Unstable Upper 00:01:00
Module 07: Anti-Rotation Medium
Lateral Walks Straight Arm and Bear Crawl 00:01:00
Side Plank Hip Abduction 00:01:00
Side Plank Flexion 00:01:00
Side Arm Plank Shoulder Flexion 00:01:00
Module 08: Bear Crawl Exercises
Bear Crawl Kick Backs 00:01:00
Bear Crawl Shoulder Taps 00:01:00
Should Flexion Bear Crawl 00:01:00
Module 09: Hip Easy
Banded Glute Bridge 00:01:00
Bridge with Ball In Between Knee 00:01:00
Glute Bridge 00:01:00
Prisoner Squat 00:01:00
Single leg Balance and Reach 00:01:00
Module 10: Hip Hard
Knee Drive Unstable Upper 00:01:00
Single Leg Bridge Unstable Upper 00:01:00
Single Leg Bridge Stability Ball 00:01:00
Module 11: Hip Medium
Glute Bridge on Stability Ball 00:01:00
Knee Drive Switch 00:01:00
Overhead Squat 00:01:00
RDL Complex 00:01:00
Single Leg Bridge 00:01:00
Single Leg RDL 00:01:00
Module 12: Scapula Easy
Shoulder-Scapula “A” 00:01:00
Band Pull Apart 00:01:00
Banded Upper Rows 00:01:00
Shoulder-Scapula “T “ 00:01:00
Shoulder-Scapula “Y” 00:01:00
Module 13: Scapula Medium
Unstable YTA 00:01:00
Weighted TYA 00:01:00
Weighted YTA and Cuffs on Unstable 00:01:00
Module 14: Testing
Anti-Rotation Testing 00:01:00
Hip Testing 00:01:00
Scapula Testing 00:01:00
Testing Anti-Extension 00:01:00
Assignment – Core Stability 00:00:00
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  • 1 year
  • Number of Units72
  • Number of Quizzes0
  • 1 hour, 42 minutes


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