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Crypto Masterclass_ Bitcoin, Altcoins, NFTs, DeFi, Metaverse


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Boost your proficiency and propel your career forward with our meticulously crafted course, designed to be your ultimate guide to professional development. Our super-accessible modules break down complex topics into bite-sized, easy-to-understand lessons, filling your knowledge gaps and equipping you with real-world, practical skills.

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Course design

The course is delivered through our online learning platform, accessible through any internet-connected device. There are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules, meaning you are free to study the course at your own pace.

You are taught through a combination of

Exam & Retakes

It is to inform our learners that the initial exam for this online course is provided at no additional cost. In the event of needing a retake, a nominal fee of £9.99 will be applicable.


Upon successful completion of the assessment procedure, learners can obtain their certification by placing an order and remitting a fee of £9 for PDF Certificate and £15 for the Hardcopy Certificate within the UK ( An additional £10 postal charge will be applicable for international delivery).

Course Curriculum

Section 01: The History of Money
Introduction 00:01:00
Brief History of Money 00:01:00
The barter system 00:01:00
Cowry shells: A form of currency 00:01:00
The Gold Standard 00:03:00
The importance of trust 00:01:00
Characteristics of money 00:01:00
Purchasing Power of the U.S. Dollar Over Time 00:03:00
Section 02: The Mysterious Birth of Bitcoin
The 2008 global meltdown 00:02:00
The birth of Bitcoin 00:01:00
Bitcoin’s white paper 00:01:00
Genesis block & Block one 00:02:00
Section 03: Understanding Bitcoin
Definition of Bitcoin 00:04:00
Characteristics of Bitcoin 00:05:00
How does Bitcoin work? 00:01:00
Demystifying a bitcoin transaction 00:06:00
Steps of Bitcoin Transaction 00:01:00
Bitcoin and the double spending problem 00:04:00
Section 04: Mining Bitcoin
Introduction 00:02:00
Bitcoin halving 00:02:00
Halving cycles 00:02:00
Mining terminology 00:01:00
Bitcoin Mining Machines 00:02:00
Hash power 00:01:00
Hash rate 00:01:00
Hash function 00:01:00
Hash Values 00:01:00
The Mining Process 00:02:00
How to mine bitcoin? 00:01:00
Section 05: Bitcoin & The Economy
Introduction 00:02:00
Bitcoin as an alternative to the traditional financial systems 00:01:00
Forces of Demand and Supply 00:02:00
Bitcoin markets (exchanges) 00:03:00
Section 06: The Blockchain Technology
Introduction 00:01:00
Bitcoin vs. Blockchain 00:01:00
Definition of Blockchain 00:01:00
Cryptographic hash, timestamp & transaction data 00:01:00
Bitcoin Addresses 00:01:00
Block Height 00:01:00
Block Rewards 00:01:00
Encryption & Decryption 00:01:00
Private and Public Keys 00:01:00
Section 07: Bitcoin Wallets
Introduction 00:01:00
Hot wallet vs. Cold wallet 00:01:00
Software wallets 00:01:00
Hardware wallets 00:01:00
Paper wallets 00:01:00
Section 08: Adoption of Bitcoin
Introduction 00:01:00
El Salvador’s adoption of bitcoin 00:01:00
Conclusion 00:02:00

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