Data Protection

Data Protection
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Modern Operations Must Ensure The Privacy, Integrity, And Security Of Sensitive Data, Made Possible Through Data Protection. It Includes A Collection Of Guidelines, Regulations, And Procedures Businesses Use To Protect Their Data Against Misuse, Loss, And Unauthorized Access. Companies And People Can Increase Trust, Abide By Legal And Regulatory Requirements, And Reduce Potential Risks By Implementing Effective Data Protection Procedures.

Confidentiality, Or Guarding Data Against Unauthorized Disclosure, Is One Of The Guiding Principles Of Data Protection. To Ensure That Only Those With The Proper Authorization May Access Sensitive Data, Organizations Use Various Techniques, Including Encryption, Access Restrictions, And Safe Storage. This Rule Guarantees That Private Or Sensitive Information Stays That Way And Is Unavailable To Unauthorized Individuals.

Data Protection Includes Adherence To Legal And Regulatory Standards. How Businesses Handle And Safeguard Personal Data Is Governed By Laws And Regulations Like The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Of The European Union And The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Understanding And Upholding These Obligations, Putting In Place The Proper Organisational And Technical Safeguards, And Giving People Access To And Control Over Their Data Are All Necessary For Compliance.

What you'll learn

After Completing This ‘Data Protection Course’ You Will Be Able To Know About The:


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Who Should Take This Course?

Those Who Handle Personal Data Or Are Involved In Managing Data Within Their Organizations Can Take This Course Also

Key Features

The Key Features Of Data Protection Are:

Why Study This Course?

As An Individual Or An Organization Handling Personal Data, You Need To Be Aware Of The Legal Obligations And Requirements Related To Data Protection. Understanding The Relevant Laws And Regulations Helps You Avoid Potential Legal Liabilities And Penalties For Non-Compliance.

Whether You Are An Individual Or A Professional Working With Data, Understanding Data Protection Is A Valuable Investment For A Secure And Responsible Data-Driven World.

Course Curriculum

Data Protection
Module 01: GDPR Basics 00:22:00
Module 02: GDPR Explained 00:17:00
Module 03: Lawful Basis for Preparation 00:29:00
Module 04: Rights and Breaches 00:25:00
Module 05: Responsibilities and Obligations 00:29:00
Module 06: Ethical and Social Issues and Data Protection 00:27:00
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