DNA and Genealogy Course

DNA and Genealogy Course



Learn how to perform fascinating research and open up possibilities for a new career when you take this innovative DNA and Genealogy Course. In recent years, due to UK reality TV shows and online promotions, the subject and profession of Genealogy is enjoying renewed heights of interest. People have become entranced by their ancestral history and the journey of their familial DNA throughout the ages. By using proven research techniques, approved by industry-standard professionals, the contents of this online tutorial will train you how to instigate and perfect DNA and ancestry research and find amazing facts about the past lives of those that were here before us.           

This DNA and Genealogy Course is a complete package for performing genealogical studies and can help you attain a role in this area on a professional basis. You will be taught how to make genealogy a career option and its place in modern society. You can also expect a masterclass in DNA uses and its uses for research and family history. The ethics and confidentiality aspects of DNA research will be explored, as will the many types of a DNA analysis that will be available to you for investigation. Further training will also be given on the ten “rules” for genealogical research and how registers and census details can help immensely. The online modules can be taken anywhere and at any time and will adapt to anyone’s pacing preferences. Help people find out who they really are and enrol now.  

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn how genealogical research can provide career opportunities
  • Understand what a gene represents and is made up of
  • Realise why DNA is so essential to genealogy 
  • Appreciate the sensitivity and ethical responsibilities involved in DNA research
  • Become aware of the many types of DNA analysis
  • Be aware of the ten “rules” of genealogical research
  • Gain the ability to access and research civil registration records
  • Acquire census details for essential research activities

Who is This Course for?

This course is designed for those who want the ability to be able to study family and ancestral history for either scientific, consultancy, or personal reasons. 

Career Path

This course is designed to train individuals in the abilities needed to perform accurate genealogical research using DNA and public records. As such, it covers the following careers and roles:

  • Genealogist 
  • Historian
  • Family History Consultant
  • Historical Researcher
  • Ancestry Research Worker

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Introduction to Genealogy
Introduction to Genealogy 00:24:00
Module 02: Introduction to DNA
Introduction to DNA 00:15:00
Module 03: The Use of DNA Testing in Genealogy
The Use of DNA Testing in Genealogy 00:28:00
Module 04: DNA Testing Ethical Issues
DNA Testing Ethical Issues 00:28:00
Module 05: Types of DNA Testing for Genealogy
Types of DNA Testing for Genealogy 00:23:00
Module 06: Rules for Effective Genealogical Research
Rules for Effective Genealogical Research 00:26:00
Module 07: English Genealogy: Finding the Records- Part: 1
English Genealogy: Finding the Records- Part: 1 00:34:00
Module 08: English Genealogy: Finding the Records- Part: 2
English Genealogy: Finding the Records- Part: 2 00:24:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – DNA and Genealogy Course 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – DNA and Genealogy Course 00:20:00



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