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Learning Outcome


Help those with vulnerability and dependency issues by taking this intensive Drugs and Alcohol Awareness course. Addiction to any kind of substance can ruin lives and lead to criminal acts or social isolation. By taking this course, you will understand the many potential causes for addiction and learn how it can be identified and ultimately treated.

This vital online tutorial contains facts and advice about the UK laws that govern drugs and the rehabilitation methods that are advisable for those affected. It is all too easy for people to make unfair judgements and take ill-advised actions when confronted by a friend, relative, or colleague with addiction problems. Our course has been expressly crafted to help you understand and support those individuals that need to control their use of addictive substances.

Please note that the Drugs and Alcohol Awareness course provides valuable knowledge and theoretical advice for addiction issues. However, it does not provide the necessary training or certification for those in official healthcare or welfare positions or those wanting to start a professional consultancy practice in this area. 

Key Topics to Be Covered

  • Emotional and biological reasons for addiction
  • Signs and symptoms of drug or alcohol abuse in an individual
  • Prevention and support techniques for those with addiction
  • Drug and alcohol policies in the workplace
  • Recovery and rehabilitation methods for those with addiction

Your Path to Success

By completing this course, you will have gained valuable knowledge of the facts behind addiction and substance abuse. This will allow you to lead substance awareness projects in the workplace or community or assist those that may need guidance in this area.

Skills You Will Gain

  • Awareness of UK drug acts
  • Workplace safety management
  • Identifications of addictive symptoms
  • Knowledge of rehabilitation programmes
  • Lifestyle management techniques

Is This Course Right for You?

This course is suitable for anyone wishing to learn the facts about addiction and substance abuse and share this knowledge and guidance with others affected by the issues.

Course Curriculum

Drugs and Alcohol Awarness Training - Online Certifcation
Module 1: Introduction to Drugs and Alcohol Addiction
Introduction to Drugs and Alcohol Addiction 00:18:00
Module 2: Overview of Drugs
Overview of Drugs 00:25:00
Module 3: Overview of Alcohol
Overview of Alcohol 00:22:00
Module 4: Prevention and Awareness
Prevention and Awareness 00:17:00
Module 5: Drugs and Alcohol Abuse at Workplace
Drugs and Alcohol Abuse at Workplace 00:14:00
Module 6: Drugs and Alcohol Policy at Workplace
Drugs and Alcohol Policy at Workplace 00:19:00
Module 7: Treatment of Drugs and Alcohol Addiction
Treatment of Drugs and Alcohol Addiction 00:24:00
Module 8: Recovery and Post-Treatment Care
Recovery and Post-Treatment Care 00:37:00
Module 9: Laws and Acts on Drugs
Laws and Acts on Drugs 00:31:00
Module 10: Moving Beyond Addiction
Moving Beyond Addiction 00:14:00
Assignment – Drugs and Alcohol Awarness Training – Online Certifcation 00:00:00
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  • 3 hours, 41 minutes


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