Forensic Science Level 3 Course

Forensic Science Level 3 Course



Are you fascinated by the criminal mind and the psychology behind crimes? Are you a naturally analytical thinker with excellent research skills? If this sounds like you, then you might want to consider the Forensic Science Level 3 Course. This comprehensive training course explores the criminal mind, the characteristics of offenders, the research that goes into forensic investigations, plus much more. 

This course covers the criminal justice system in detail and how forensic science plays a crucial role in law enforcement. You will study the different theories of offending, the principles of offender profiling, and research methods, as we take you from police investigations to the courtroom. On successful completion, you will have the skills and knowledge to understand how science is applied to criminal laws, and the fundamental role and responsibilities of a forensic scientist.

Highlights of The Forensic Science Course

  • Gain an insight into the history of forensic psychology, through case studies and practical exercises
  • Understand how forensic psychology is applied in police investigations, the courtroom, and in practice
  • Explore a wide range of popular research methods used by forensic scientists
  • Develop a solid understanding of the criminal justice system in the UK
  • Familiarise with different theories of offending and the common characteristics of offenders
  • Learn about offender profiling, crisis negotiation and the psychology behind re-offending
  • Develop critical research, analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Understand how forensic science helps law enforcement through crime scene investigations

Forensic Science Course  Design

The course is delivered through our online learning platform, accessible through any internet-connected device. There are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules, meaning you are free to study the course at your own pace.

You are taught through a combination of

  • Video lessons
  • Online study materials
  • Mock exams
  • Multiple-choice assessment

Who is This Course for?

This course is for those who are aspiring to become forensic scientists and want an introduction to the practices and theories of crime scene investigating, forensic psychology and the UK justice system. This course aims to equip those who are new to the industry with the required skills to kickstart their career.

How is the course assessed?

To successfully complete the course you must pass an automated, multiple-choice assessment. The assessment is delivered through our online learning platform. You will receive the results of your assessment immediately upon completion.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Upon successful completion, you will qualify for the UK and internationally-recognized professional qualification and you can choose to make your achievement formal by obtaining your PDF Certificate at a cost of £9 and Hardcopy Certificate for £15.

Why study this Forensic Science course?

Whether you’re an existing practitioner or aspiring professional, this course will enhance your expertise and boost your CV with key skills and an accredited qualification attesting to your knowledge. The Forensic Science Level 3 Course is open to all, with no formal entry requirements. All you need is a passion for learning, a good understanding of the English language, numeracy and IT, and to be over the age of 16.

Career Path

On successful completion of this comprehensive training course, learners will have the practical skills and knowledge to explore their career opportunities in forensic science. Related roles include:

  • Forensic Scientist
  • DNA Analyst
  • Forensic Toxicology Lab Assistant
  • Forensic Technologist
  • Crime Scene Investigator

Course Curriculum

Interventions to reduce risk of re-offending 00:07:00
History of development of Forensic Psychology 00:06:00
Research Methods in Forensic Psychology
Research Design and Methodology 00:12:00
Critical evaluation of psychological research 00:09:00
Theories of Offending
Introduction to theories of offending 00:06:00
Theories of sexual offending 00:08:00
Theories of violent offending 00:08:00
Theories of fire-setting behaviour 00:08:00
Personal Attributes of Offenders
Personal characteristics of offenders 00:06:00
Personality disordered offenders 00:06:00
Psychopathic offenders 00:07:00
Mental Illness and offending 00:07:00
Forensic Psychology in Police Investigations
An Introduction to Offender Profiling 00:05:00
Approaches to Offender Profiling 00:05:00
The Effectiveness of Offender Profiling 00:06:00
Forensic Psychology in the Courtroom
Eye-witness testimony 00:09:00
Expert witness testimony 00:04:00
Attitudes towards victims 00:06:00
Forensic Psychology in Practice
’What works’ literature in reducing re-offending 00:06:00
Incident management (Crisis Negotiation) 00:08:00
Introduction: About the Course and the Tutor 00:03:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Forensic Science Level 3 Course 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Forensic Science Level 3 Course 00:20:00

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