Google Ads Complete Bundle Course

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Google Ads Complete Bundle Course

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Explore the fascinating world of digital advertising with Google Ads in a bundled training focused on Google Adwords & business advertising operations. Simply enrol in our course (for a special discounted price) with a CPD-accredited certificate & take a step ahead on mastering the art of Google Ads.

Like all the courses of One Education, this Google Ads Complete Bundle Course is also designed with the utmost attention and thorough research. All the topics are broken down into easy to understand bite-sized modules that help our learners to understand each lesson very easily.

We don’t just provide courses at One Education; we provide a rich learning experience. After purchasing a course from One Education, you get complete 1-year access with tutor support. 

Our expert instructors are always available to answer all your questions and make your learning experience exquisite.

After completing the Google Ads Complete Bundle Course, you will instantly get an e-certificate that will help you get jobs in the relevant field and will enrich your CV.

If you want to learn about this topic and achieve certifications, you should consider this Google Ads Complete Bundle Course from One Education.


Here at One Education, we put our heart and soul into every single course we design. We make sure that all our courses are designed and developed by industry experts. We aim always to provide value to our learners with quality courses.

Our learners are our top priority, and you as a learner will gain tremendous knowledge and skill on this topic from this Google Ads Complete Bundle Course.

The certification that you will receive upon completing this Google Ads Complete Bundle Course will help to boost your resume and will help you stand out among your peers in the competitive job market.

Our course will help you get employed in the relevant field and advance your career. Enjoy this expertly made course from One Education. Enrol now!

Why People Love This Google Ads Complete Bundle Course From One Education

  • Instantly accessible CPD-accredited certificate on successful completion of this Google Ads Complete Bundle Course
  • 24/7 access to the course for 12 months
  • Study at your own pace
  • No hidden fees or exam charges
  • Full Tutor support on weekdays (Monday – Friday)
  • Efficient assessment and instant results


After completing the Google Ads Complete Bundle Course, you will qualify for the CPD Certificate from One Education, as proof of your continued professional development. Certification is available in PDF format for £9, or a hard copy can be sent to you via post, for just £15.

Who is This course for?

Google Ads Complete Bundle Course is ideal for —

  • People looking to develop skills and expertise in Google Ads
  • People aspiring for new jobs/promotions in the digital advertising industry 
  • Anyone looking to learn a new skill or acquire some knowledge


There are no specific prerequisites to enrol in the Google Ads Complete Bundle Course. Anyone and everyone can take this course.

Google Ads Complete Bundle Course is fully accessible from any internet-enabled smart device. So, you can study from the comfort of your home!

All you need is a passion for learning, literacy, and to be over the age of 16.

Career Path

Google Ads Complete Bundle Course will help you procure a job in the relevant field and will allow you to advance your career. Many different career opportunities relevant to google ads will be available for you to explore after completing this course. This course also increases your competency to be eligible for promotions at work.

Course Curriculum

Google Ads Complete Bundle Course
Advanced Google Ads / AdWords Training - Updated for 2020
Testing to Ad Concepts
Introduction to Ad Concepts 00:02:00
Example Ad Concepts 00:04:00
Label Setup 00:04:00
Reporting on Ad Concepts 00:08:00
Google Ads Paid % Organic Interaction Report
Understanding the usefulness of this report 00:03:00
Linking Google Ads with Search Console 00:04:00
Excel Report Setup & Pivot 00:04:00
Identifying Google Ads & SEO Search Term Opportunities 00:02:00
CTR Interaction between SEO & SEM 00:06:00
Geolocal Campaigns - Double Campaign Structure
The theory behind the double campaign 00:04:00
A practical example inside Google Ads 00:03:00
Google Ads Campaign - Experiments (Drafts & Experiments)
Introduction to Drafts & Experiments 00:05:00
Example experiment Ideas for use 00:06:00
Draft & Experiment Setup 00:10:00
Report Analysis & explanation of symbols 00:05:00
Automate Budgeting for Multiple Ad Accounts
Introduction to the Google Spreedsheet template 00:02:00
Data Inputs 00:04:00
Reading the sheet output 00:06:00
AdWords Audit
Audit Overview 00:02:00
Auditing the Account Structure 00:08:00
Campaign Settings 00:04:00
Auditing on the AdGroup Level 00:10:00
Other Things to look for in an Audit 00:08:00
Remarketing Strategy & Implementation
Why Remarketing Works 00:03:00
GDN Remarketing 00:06:00
Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) & IF Statements 00:04:00
Customer Match (Email Retargeting) 00:01:00
Dynamic Remarketing 00:04:00
Lookalike Audiences 00:02:00
GDN Banner Sizes & Other Things to Consider 00:03:00
Audience List Sharing 00:14:00
Remarketing with Events 00:06:00
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
What is AI & ML 00:06:00
Auto Rotate for Budgets & Ads 00:03:00
Dynamic Search Ads 00:03:00
Smart Bidding Strategies 00:07:00
Lookalike Audiences 00:02:00
Data Driven Attribution Models 00:04:00
Dynamic Ad Customisers
Introduction to Ad Customisers 00:04:00
Advantages & Example Uses 00:07:00
Setting up the Business Data Feed 00:06:00
Best Practice for Ads 00:03:00
Google Analytics for Google Ads
The Advantages of linking AdWords with GA 00:04:00
Linking GA & AdWords 00:02:00
AdWords Reports in GA 00:01:00
GA Conversion Tracking & Goal Setup 00:07:00
Remarketing Segments in GA 00:13:00
Attribution Models in Google Analytics 00:07:00
Using Scripts
Introduction to AdWords Scripts 00:04:00
404 Link Checker Script 00:07:00
Experiment Results Script 00:07:00
Google Ads Audit Script 00:06:00
AdWords Editor
Introduction and advantages of AdWords Editor over the online interface 00:04:00
Example Uses for AdWords Editor 00:04:00
AdWords Editor – what you can’t do 00:02:00
Competitor Research Tools
Auction Insights displayed graphically 00:18:00
3rd Party Competitor Research Tools -SEMrush 00:16:00
Landing Page Software
Why Use Landing Page Software 00:06:00
Unbounce Walk-through 00:08:00
Tracking integration for landing pages 00:09:00
Other Features
Ad Variations 00:06:00
Search Responsive Ads 00:05:00
Life Events Audiences 00:04:00
Custom Intent Audiences 00:04:00
Google Ads for eCommerce Businesses - Specialized Course
Ecommerce for AdWords Campaigns
Introduction 00:01:00
Ecommerce Campaign Structure 00:07:00
Dynamic Search Ads 00:02:00
Search Campaigns 00:02:00
Ad Customisers 00:01:00
Google Shopping Campaign Structure Setup 00:03:00
Multi-tiered Retargeting strategies tailored for eCommerce 00:07:00
404 Error Checking Scrip 00:07:00
Ecommerce & enhanced ecommerce tracking for Google Analytics
Background to ecommerce tracking reports 00:03:00
Setup for ecommerce tracking 00:04:00
Ecommerce Reports Review in Google Analytics 00:07:00
Product Feeds for AdWords
The Future of Google Shopping 00:03:00
Background to Product Feeds 00:08:00
Google Merchant Centre Walk-through 00:05:00
Feed Policy & Troubleshooting Issues 00:03:00
Optimising Feed Quality 00:07:00
Advanced Merchant Centre Opportunities, Suggestions & Price Benchmarks 00:02:00

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