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Healthy Fitness



    A healthy lifestyle can make you happy and boost your productivity. Learn how you can keep your fitness and health in check from the Healthy Fitness course and maintain a happy and healthy life.

    You will learn how you can keep your body fit and healthy from this Healthy Fitness course. This course will teach you a 7-day workout plan, bodybuilding tips, hypertrophy, exercise, different workout techniques, diet, daily health habits, and many other topics. You will be able to learn about a healthy lifestyle and fitness from scratch.

    The course is ideal for fitness instructors, nutritionists, health coaches, or anyone who wants to learn, practice healthy habits, and keep fit.

    Course design

    The course is delivered through our online learning platform, accessible through any internet-connected device. There are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules, meaning you are free to study the course at your own pace.

    You are taught through a combination of

    • Video lessons
    • Online study materials

    Will I receive a certificate of completion?

    Upon successful completion, you will qualify for the UK and internationally-recognised CPD accredited certification. You can choose to make your achievement formal by obtaining your PDF Certificate at the cost of £9 and Hard Copy Certificate for £15.

    Why study this course

    It doesn’t matter if you are an aspiring professional or absolute beginner; this course will enhance your expertise and boost your CV with critical skills and an accredited certification attesting to your knowledge.

    The Healthy Fitness is fully available to anyone, and no previous qualifications are needed to enrol. All One Education needs to know is that you are eager to learn and are over 16.

    Course Curriculum

    Section 01: 7 Day Work Program
    Day 01 -Leg Blast 00:10:00
    Day 02 -Upper Body 00:11:00
    Day 03 -Cardio Blast 00:10:00
    Day 04 -Dynamic Upper Body 00:10:00
    Day 05 -Dynamic Lower Body 00:12:00
    Day 06 –Core 00:09:00
    Day 07 -Stretching and Isometrics 00:16:00
    Section 02: Bodybuilding Tips
    Beginning High Intensity Training 00:04:00
    HIT Recovery 00:04:00
    Science of Body building 00:04:00
    Foundations Of HIT 00:03:00
    Debunking Myths Of Lifting 00:04:00
    The Most Important Thing In Training 00:04:00
    HIT Workout Day One 00:04:00
    HIT Workout Day Two 00:04:00
    HIT Diet 00:04:00
    Section 03: HIT
    Beginning High Intensity Training 00:04:00
    Foundations of HIT 00:03:00
    Debunking Myths of Lifting 00:04:00
    Science of Bodybuilding 00:04:00
    The Most Important Thing In Training 00:04:00
    HIT Recovery 00:04:00
    HIT Workout Day One 00:04:00
    HIT Diet 00:04:00
    HIT Workout Day Two 00:04:00
    Section 04: Hypertrophy
    Not All Strength is Created Equal 00:06:00
    Body Weight Training 00:04:00
    Gym Based Training 00:07:00
    A Simple Workout You Can Do Anywhere 00:07:00
    Crossfit: is it for you? 00:05:00
    Stretching: Why It’s So Important 00:07:00
    HIIT and TABATA Explained 00:05:00
    How to Hire A Personal Trainer 00:10:00
    Paleo Diet Explained 00:05:00
    Creating Your Own Training Program 00:06:00
    Section 05: Joint Health 101
    Introduction 00:01:00
    The Importance Of Joint Health 00:07:00
    A Look At Common Joint Problems 00:07:00
    Exercise Your Joints 00:08:00
    Balance Your Diet 00:08:00
    Watch Your Weight 00:06:00
    Home Remedies For Easing Joint Pains 00:07:00
    Best Supplements For Joint Health 00:10:00
    Other Options To Treat Joint Pains 00:07:00
    Conclusion 00:01:00
    Section 06: Workout
    Clips Home Fitness Man 00:02:00
    Workout Aid your Recovery 00:01:00
    Workout Aim past your goal 00:01:00
    Workout Air Your Dirty Laundry 00:01:00
    Workout Avoid Tendinitis 00:01:00
    Workout Back Flys 00:01:00
    Workout Back to Comfort 00:01:00
    Workout Be a Lightweight 00:01:00
    Workout Be an Early Bird 00:01:00
    Workout Be an Energizer Bunny 00:01:00
    Workout Become a Better Runner 00:01:00
    Workout Bike more Efficiently 00:01:00
    Workout Bike Uphill Better 00:01:00
    Workout Biking 00:01:00
    Workout Break out the Cash 00:01:00
    Workout Breathe as You Rise 00:01:00
    Workout Build Your Back 00:01:00
    Workout Catch Baseballs Better 00:01:00
    Workout Catch the Spiral 00:01:00
    Workout Chin-Ups 00:01:00
    Workout Close Grip Bench 00:01:00
    Workout Close Grip Lat Pull-Down 00:01:00
    Workout Count Backwards from 100 00:01:00
    Workout Create Constructive Sleep Habits 00:01:00
    Workout Crumple and Crush 00:01:00
    Workout Crunches 00:01:00
    Workout Deadlift 00:01:00
    Workout Dips 00:01:00
    Workout Diversify for Ultimate Success 00:01:00
    Workout Do it in Parts 00:01:00
    Workout Elliptical 00:01:00
    Workout Exercise Bike 00:01:00
    Workout Incline Dumbbell Press 00:01:00
    Workout Incline Reverse Flys 00:01:00
    Workout Jump Rope 00:01:00
    Workout Jumping Jacks 00:01:00
    Workout Knee Push-Ups 00:01:00
    Workout Leg Curls 00:01:00
    Workout Leg Extensions 00:01:00
    Workout Leg Press 00:01:00
    Workout Leg Raises 00:01:00
    Workout Lower Back Raises 00:01:00
    Workout Lunges 00:01:00
    Workout Military Press 00:01:00
    Workout Oblique Crunches 00:01:00
    Workout Oblique Sit-Ups 00:01:00
    Workout Overhead Triceps Extension 00:01:00
    Workout Preacher Curl 00:01:00
    Workout Pull-Ups 00:01:00
    Workout Push-Ups 00:01:00
    Workout Runner 00:01:00
    Workout Running Treadmill 00:01:00
    Workout Seated Row 00:01:00
    Workout Shoulder Press 00:01:00
    Workout Side Dumbbell Raise 00:01:00
    Workout Single Arm Curl 00:01:00
    Workout Sit-ups 00:01:00
    Workout Squats 00:01:00
    Workout Triceps Kickback 00:01:00
    Workout Upright Barbell Rows 00:01:00
    Workout Walking 00:01:00
    Workout Wide Grip Pull-Down 00:01:00

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