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Learning Outcome


Discover your “green fingers” and be capable of working with every plant in any environmental setting with this comprehensive Horticulture course. Whether it is for professional purposes or the pure love of gardening, it is a joyful experience to be able to effectively care for vegetation and flowers. As well as keeping greenery attractive and healthy, this absolute masterclass provides the entire learning curve for the budding botanist or creative cultivator. Using expertly sourced knowledge, you will be able to learn the scientific facts about ensuring that exotic plants thrive in the settings that have been arranged for them. From greenhouse to hothouse, and from garden to a window box, you’ll know just what is needed to make your plants grow abundantly.       

This Horticultural Training is perfect for those who want to extend their gardening skills beyond their own borders and look towards professional opportunities that exist in the horticulturally business sector. This may even kickstart an interest and skill in the more biotechnical roles that are offered in forestry and other urgent environmental initiatives. You will learn about the latest facts on climate news, crops that can grow in varied regions, how the quality of light and soil affects plant health, harvesting seeds, pruning branches, landscaping, hardy indoor plants and much more. There is even a thorough exploration of the principles of permaculture and arboriculture that can help you gain specialist knowledge in this area. With step-by-step educational modules designed to be understandable and informative to the highest degree, your attainment of horticultural excellence could be just around the corner.  

Enrol in this course now and ensure that our plant life grows and thrives for the foreseeable future.   

Key Topics to Be Covered

  • Understanding how plant cells grow and react to different settings
  • Becoming able to mix soil composition and perfect growing conditions
  • Knowing how to rear plants from seed form and harvest them safely
  • Using creativity to design and construct stunning ornamental gardens   
  • Exploring the roles and jobs that are currently available for horticultural specialists 

Course Benefits

Your Path to Success

By completing this Horticulture course, you will gain the skills and knowledge needed to be able to grow and cultivate plant life for a variety of purposes. This will be hugely beneficial for those who want to work in those who want to work in gardening, forestry, biology, and other areas where this discipline is needed.

Is This Course Right for You?

This course is designed to provide a valuable introduction to gardening and plant-growing knowledge. As such, it offers an ideal way to gain the skills and knowledge needed to work in gardening centres or horticultural careers such as landscaping. Full-time and part-time learners are equally supported, and it can take just 20 to 30 hours to gain accreditation, with study periods entirely customisable to your needs.

Assessment Process

Assessments (either in the form of multiple-choice questions or assignment questions) relating to horticulture and botany will be given to all students and must be completed to pass the course successfully.

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Introduction to Horticulture
Introduction to Horticulture 00:33:00
Module 02: Structure and Function of Horticulture Plants
Structure and Function of Horticulture Plants 00:50:00
Module 03: Growth of Horticulture Plants
Growth of Horticulture Plants 00:35:00
Module 04: Impact of Temperature
Impact of Temperature 00:36:00
Module 05: Impact of Light
Impact of Light 00:42:00
Module 06: Impact of Soil and Water
Impact of Soil and Water 00:40:00
Module 07: Plant Propagation
Plant Propagation 00:34:00
Module 08: Plant Nutrition
Plant Nutrition 00:36:00
Module 09: Harvesting, Training and Pruning
Harvesting, Training and Pruning 00:44:00
Module 10: Growing Plant Indoors
Growing Plant Indoors 00:41:00
Module 11: Ornamental Horticulture and Garden Design
Ornamental Horticulture and Garden Design 00:45:00
Module 12: Cut Floral Design and Landscaping
Cut Floral Design and Landscaping 00:32:00
Module 13: Plant Pathology, Entomology and Weed Control
Plant Pathology, Entomology and Weed Control 00:27:00
Module 14: Permaculture and Arboriculture
Permaculture and Arboriculture 00:37:00
Module 15: Professional Opportunities in Horticulture
Professional Opportunities in Horticulture 00:39:00
Module 16: Biotechnology Applications in Horticulture
Biotechnology Applications in Horticulture 00:54:00
Assignment – Horticulture 00:00:00

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