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Intelligence Analyst Certification Course


    Course Overview:

    Discover methods for accurately evaluating acquired information and identifying potential security threats when you take our Level 1 Intelligence Analyst Certification course.

    Assessing data and preparing mitigation for anticipated attacks is a cornerstone skill for National Security and Military Operations. It requires a trained analyst to be disciplined and confident in their interpretive skills and foresight. With the help of this certificated training, you will gain an acute awareness of the abilities and techniques that need to be applied in the role of a professional analyst.   

    As you work through this course, you will learn about the origins of intelligence gathering, the objectivity of analysis, the phases of the intelligence cycle, and critical thinking. From this foundational tuition, you will be taught about the national security issues, legal and ethical responsibilities, and the many challenges that face a serving analyst. Work to keep the country safe and enrol today.

    Key Topics to Be Covered

    • Understanding the requirements of analysis in crime and military areas
    • Awareness of the “intelligence cycle” and its importance to analytics  
    • Defining critical thinking and asking the right questions during investigations
    • Collecting data and formulating a hypothesis based on evidence  
    • Working under legal and ethical codes of conduct and responsibilities

    Learning Outcomes

    • Instant access to intelligence gathering methods and analysis techniques  
    • Full participation in observational and analytical exercises
    • Quick assessment and guidance for all assignments
    • CPD accreditation for proof of acquired skills and knowledge
    • Freedom to study in any location and at a pace that suits you
    • Expert support from dedicated tutors committed to online learning

    Your Path to Success

    By completing the Level 1 Intelligence Analyst Certification course, you will gain an understanding of the roles and responsibilities played by a professional analyst in appropriate work areas. This will provide helpful knowledge for pursuing a career in criminal investigation, military planning, or scientific research. 

    Is This Course Right for You?

    This course is designed to provide a valuable introduction to analytical best practices and legalities. As such, it offers an excellent way to gain the skills and knowledge needed to train as an analyst in a chosen professional field. Full-time and part-time learners are equally supported, and it can take just 20 to 30 hours to gain accreditation, with study periods being entirely customisable to your needs.

    Course Curriculum

    Intelligence Analyst Certification Course
    Module 01: Defining Intelligence Analysis
    Defining Intelligence Analysis 00:46:00
    Module 02: Development of Intelligence Analysis
    Development of Intelligence Analysis 00:26:00
    Module 03: The Intelligence Cycle
    The Intelligence Cycle 00:35:00
    Module 04: Critical Thinking and Structuring
    Critical Thinking and Structuring 00:39:00
    Module 05: Analysis Process and Best Practice
    Intelligence and National Security 00:45:00
    Module 06: Intelligence and National Security
    Legal Issues and Ethics 00:42:00
    Module 07: Legal Issues and Ethics
    Your Role, Responsibilities, and Functions as an Analyst 00:45:00
    Module 08: Your Role, Responsibilities, and Functions as an Analyst
    Analysis Process and Best Practice 01:00:00
    Mock Exam
    Mock Exam – Intelligence Analyst Certification Course 00:20:00
    Final Exam
    Final Exam – Intelligence Analyst Certification Course 00:20:00

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