Lettings Negotiator Diploma

Lettings Negotiator Diploma

Course Overview

Lettings Negotiators help to promote properties to let and are responsible for managing the letting process, working with prospective tenants and landlord. Day-to-day duties include meeting with clients, keeping landlords informed and conducting property viewings.

This Lettings Negotiator Diploma course will equip you with the core skills to develop a successful career in the property industry, providing in-depth information and guidance on the lettings process. You will learn about the types of agents and lettings services, property valuation, property management, lettings management laws, and much more.

Throughout the course, you’ll also develop the skills to build strong working relationships with potential clients and landlords, opening doors to a wide range of professions in this industry and developing your professional image and credibility. This qualification can be studied on a part-time or full-time basis, and is industry-recognised, validating your skills and knowledge in this sector.

Learning outcomes:

  • Fully familiarise with the role and responsibilities of a Lettings Negotiator
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the different types of agents and lettings services
  • Develop your understanding of the property valuation and negotiation process 
  • Understand the fundamental principles of property management 
  • Build strong working relationships with potential tenants and landlords
  • Understand the role of lettings management agent services and how they work
  • Learn about the legal documents that are needed to let a property
  • Have an excellent understanding of lettings management laws in the UK
  • Sharpen your interpersonal, negotiation, sales and organisational skills, 
  • Familiarise with the different types of investment structures and key legislation

Who is this Course for?

This Lettings Negotiator Diploma course applies to the following:

  • Aspiring professionals looking for a formal qualification to kickstart their career
  • Those who are new to the real estate industry and want to develop their skillset
  • Anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the process of letting a property
  • Individuals from all academic backgrounds – this course is open to all

Career Path

This Lettings Negotiator Diploma course is the perfect stepping stone for aspiring professionals looking to gain experience in this field. On successful completion, learners will have a range of skills requires to establish a successful career in real estate and lettings negotiating, in roles such as the following:

  • Lettings Negotiator
  • Lettings Agent
  • Estate Agent
  • Lettings Coordinator

Course Curriculum

Lettings Management
Introduction to Lettings Management 00:20:00
Necessary Documents for Lettings Management 01:30:00
Lettings Agency Agreements Guideline 00:15:00
Types of Agents 00:15:00
Knowing Your Clients 00:30:00
Property Valuation 00:30:00
Property Negotiation 00:30:00
Property Management 00:30:00
Lettings Management Laws 00:30:00
Letting Agent Code of Practice
Introduction to Letting Agent Code of Practice 00:20:00
Overarching Standards of Practice 00:30:00
Lettings 00:30:00
Management and Maintenance 00:20:00
Ending the Tenancy and Communications & Resolving Complaints 00:15:00
Arrangements 00:15:00
Being a Lettings Negotiator
Lettings Management Agent Services 00:20:00
Home Loans 00:15:00
Knowing When You’re Ready To Buy 00:15:00
Is Your Lake Home For Sale? 01:00:00
Legal System & Lettings Management UK
An Introduction to the UK legal system 00:15:00
Different Types of Investment Structures 00:15:00
Title & Registration 00:15:00
Finance in Lettings Management 00:15:00
Investment Purchase Procedure 00:15:00
Acquisition Costs 00:15:00
Land Usage 00:15:00
Planning & Environment 00:15:00
Investment Structure & Key Legislations 00:15:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Lettings Negotiator Diploma 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Lettings Negotiator Diploma 00:20:00

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