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Life Coaching and Counselling


Course Overview

Life coaching and counselling are two of the most rewarding careers, and the feeling that you’ve made a difference in people’s lives is truly unbeatable. If you’re considering becoming a Life Coach or Counsellor, then this comprehensive training course will provide you with all the tools and skills you need to get started.

The modules in this course have been designed in such a way that those with no experience can easily dive into them. They cover the essentials of life coaching and counselling, from the skills and qualities required to how to start a life coaching business. It provides an in-depth overview of coaching delivery systems, theories and perspectives, as well as goal-setting techniques and client communication.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills and understanding to identify your clients’ needs and support them in reaching their goals, helping them to overcome their obstacles and attract success in all areas of their life. You’ll also be familiar with a range of strategies and models used by experienced coaching and counselling professionals. 

Gain the skills to change people’s lives for the better and become a qualified Life Coach or Counsellor!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Kickstart your career as a life coach or counsellor with this accredited course
  • Develop the skills & qualities needed to become a successful life coach or counsellor
  • Understand the different coaching delivery systems, theories and perspectives
  • Learn how to set goals for your clients and understand their individual needs
  • Know how to motivate your clients and help them to overcome their obstacles
  • Get started in setting up your own coaching business and acquiring your first clients
  • Understand how to maintain work-life balance and deal with stress effectively
  • Learn about the psychology of a positive mindset for attracting success in life
  • Get tips on how to price your services and create a solid action plan 
  • Develop an excellent understanding of coaching competencies and activities

Who is This Course for?

This course applies to the following:

  • Anyone looking to become a qualified Life Coach or Counsellor
  • Those who are looking for a formal qualification to kickstart their career
  • Anyone interested in personal development
  • Teachers, Coaches, Mentors, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Career Path

A certificate in Life Coaching and Counselling will equip learners with the skills, confidence and practical knowledge to work in the following professions:

  • Life Coach
  • Counsellor
  • Therapist
  • Mentor
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Entrepreneur

Course Curriculum

Life Coaching
Introduction to Life Coaching 00:30:00
Life Calling Theory and Model 00:30:00
Additional Coaching Theories and Perspectives 00:30:00
Overview of the Life Coaching Process 00:30:00
Coaching Delivery Systems 00:15:00
Coaching Competencies & Activities 01:00:00
Coaching Documentation 00:30:00
Life Coaching Fundamentals
Life Coaching Explanation 00:30:00
Know About Pricing of the Life Coach 00:30:00
What Techniques To Look For Before Selecting A Course? 01:00:00
The area your life coach will be helping you with 00:30:00
Identifying Where You Are 00:15:00
Setting Targets 00:30:00
Action Plan 00:30:00
Motivation and Life Coaching
Criteria for idealising successful people in the world 02:00:00
Definition of a Happy and Successful life 00:30:00
Self Improvement through motivation 00:30:00
Goal setting 02:00:00
The distinction between Goals and Values 01:00:00
20 qualities for a successful life 02:00:00
Stress Management 01:00:00
Time Management 00:30:00
Challenging yourself to be motivated 00:30:00
Ways to Maximize your Potential 02:00:00
Overcome Obstacles Created by Your Self-Limiting Beliefs 02:00:00
Aspects of human behavior to succeed 00:30:00
Why motivation is important for a successful life 00:30:00
Role of Education in successful life 01:00:00
Social roles for a successful life 02:00:00
Maintaining work life balance 00:30:00
What make a person Unsuccessful? 00:15:00
Dealing with Life Challenges 01:00:00
Factors behind importance of motivation in successful life 00:30:00
Becoming a Life Coach
Understanding the Concepts 01:00:00
Life Coaching Areas 00:15:00
The Role of a Life Coach 00:30:00
Key Skills of a Life Coach 00:30:00
Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Coach? 00:30:00
Coaching Business 00:30:00
The Income Streams of a Life Coach 00:30:00
How to Build Your Business 00:15:00
Life Coaching FAQ 00:30:00
Recommended Reading
Recommended Reading : Life Coaching and Counselling 00:00:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Life Coaching and Counselling 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Life Coaching and Counselling 00:20:00
Refer a Friend
Refer a Friend and Claim One Course for FREE 00:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Enjoyed The Course


    I have been searching for an online course about being a life coach since I want to become one. I’m glad that this course provided me all the lessons about life coaching that will surely help me guide people through their life changing process.

    More than good

  2. Excellent!


    I picked up this course on a whim due to it being in the sales. However, the more I learnt about life coaching, the more interested I became. I was really impressed by how this course took complicated techniques and boiled them down to basic lessons which even I could understand, and now I know how to take what I’ve learnt and apply it in the real world to go professional and attract clients. Thanks so much!

  3. 5

    I’m new to online learning but have a real passion for helping people achieve the goals they want, so this was the ideal course for me. I could learn anywhere and didn’t have to worry about deadlines, which is great for anyone who panics under pressure. And at such an affordable price, why not take a chance? I did and I never looked back.

  4. Good course and straight forward


    I enjoyed the course and pleased to have passed it for my own development. Only thing is that some of the material had really bad grammar which will need to be reviewed ASAP.

  5. Life Coaching and Counselling


    I chose this course as I wanted to learn more about life coaching. The course was rather informative and I learnt a lot of new things. The guidance through the course was good and this made progressing easy. Some of the videos were excellent and some not so great. The way the course simplified some of the concepts made learning easy and helpful. I couldn’t help notice a few typos here and there, which did not detract from the overall pleasant and easy-to-use interface. Thanks for the course.

  6. 1 2

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