Massage & Aroma Therapist - 5 Courses In 1

Massage & Aroma Therapist

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This course bundle is a complete A-Z guide on massage and aromatherapy for anyone looking to learn about these subjects and becoming a professional massage and aromatherapist.

Every course in this bundle is made by experts with the utmost care. You will get a detailed step by step breakdown of each and every course topic and after completing the course you will get a certificate of completion from One Education.

Take this course bundle today and learn new skills with the fantastic audiovisual courses from One Education.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know about dilution rates
  • Learn about Diffusers, Inhaler Tubes and More
  • Know the basics of essential oils
  • Learn about the safety with essential oils
  • Learn How to Improve Your Focus, Concentration and Memory
  • Know how Aromatherapy Acupressure Pain Relief works
  • Learn the techniques for acupressure to alleviate pain
  • Learn how to set up a successful massage therapist business
  • Learn about Musculoskeletal Pain and how to treat specific disorders
  • Learn the Basics Of Blending
  • Learn The therapeutic qualities of some common essential oils
  • Learn how to use essential oils to treat yourself and others
  • Know how to process essential oil at home
  • Learn which are the best methods of application for specific conditions
  • Know how to treat muscle ache and minor injuries
  • Learn how to sleep better, treat allergies and cure sunburns using essential oils
  • Understand how to live in a safer and healthier environment using aromatherapy

Course design

The course is delivered through our online learning platform, accessible through any internet-connected device. There are no deadlines or teaching schedules, meaning you are free to study the course at your own pace.

You are taught through a combination of

  • Video lessons
  • Online study materials
  • Mock exams
  • Multiple-choice assessment

How is the course assessed?

To successfully complete the course you must pass an automated, multiple-choice assessment. The assessment is delivered through our online learning platform. You will receive the results of your assessment immediately upon completion.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Upon successful completion, you will qualify for the UK and internationally-recognised certification and you can choose to make your achievement acccredited by obtaining your PDF Certificate at a cost of £9 and Hardcopy Certificate for £15.

Why study this course

Whether you’re an existing practitioner or aspiring professional, this course will enhance your expertise and boost your CV with key skills attesting to your knowledge.

The Massage & Aroma Therapist – 5 Courses In 1 is open to all, with no entry requirements. All you need is a passion for learning, a good understanding of the English language, numeracy and IT, and to be over the age of 16.

Course Curriculum

Aromatherapy Acupressure - Health and Welbeing
The best of both worlds 00:02:00
How to Use This Course 00:02:00
Dilution Rates 00:05:00
Diffusers, Inhaler Tubes and More 00:03:00
Safety with Essential Oils 00:02:00
An Important Word About Your Essential Oil Shelf Life 00:02:00
TCM and the Emotions 00:03:00
How to Treat Yourself And/Or Your Clients, Family and Friends 00:06:00
Should I Press All of the Points? 00:01:00
Blending by the Notes 00:02:00
A List of Soothing and Stimulating Essential Oils for You 00:02:00
Great News If You Are a Therapist as Well! 00:01:00
If You Are Really Struggling Emotionally 00:01:00
Emotional Conditions
How to Improve Your Focus, Concentration and Memory 00:17:00
Worry 00:11:00
Fear/Phobias 00:10:00
Anger 00:10:00
Insomnia 00:08:00
Depression (Mild) 00:09:00
Stress/Irritation/Frustration 00:09:00
Fatigue/Exhaustion 00:07:00
Happiness/Joy/Positivity 00:04:00
Anxiety/Panic Attacks 00:05:00
Grief/Loss 00:04:00
A Word About What to Do If You Get Massages 00:03:00
Addiction 00:04:00
Something Special That You Can Do for Your Clients 00:02:00
Your Emergency Rescue Remedy Points and Essential Oils
Your Rescue Remedy Points and Essential Oils 00:02:00
What to Do When You Need to Become More Relaxed 00:03:00
What you need to do when you need more energy, have more focus and concentration 00:04:00
Congratulations and Thank You Very Much! 00:01:00
Aromatherapy Acupressure - Pain Relief
0acu promo 1 00:02:00
1intro to course 1 00:04:00
2how it works 1 00:02:00
3tables and floor 1 00:02:00
4thumbs correctly 1 00:02:00
5technique 1 00:02:00
6how to get pressure 1 00:03:00
7body mechanics 1 00:03:00
8treatment spacing 1 00:03:00
9LI 4 1 00:04:00
10refer on 1 00:01:00
11 LBP vo 00:10:00
11LBP intro 1 00:01:00
12Back-Sequence (1) 00:15:00
12questioning 1 00:05:00
13 Back Pain Exercises new 00:04:00
13cause LBP 1 00:06:00
14foam rolling new 00:05:00
14time to treat LB 1 00:02:00
18neck acu (1) 00:07:00
18neck intro 1 00:06:00
19 neck1 00:05:00
19neck acu (1) 00:07:00
21neck self treatment 1 00:06:00
21shoulder intro 1 00:01:00
22neck exercises 1 00:06:00
22shoulderdiffdiagudemy 00:08:00
23refer pain 1 00:05:00
23shoulderremovecauses1 00:05:00
24hip intro 1 00:05:00
24shoulder acuvo 00:06:00
25hip points 1 00:03:00
25shoulderthependulum4 (1) 00:03:00
26hip stretch 1 00:02:00
26shoulderthesupra5 (1) 00:03:00
27knee 00:01:00
27tennis intro 1 00:02:00
28kneecauses2 00:06:00
28tennis pts 1 00:07:00
29kneevo 00:06:00
29tennis exercises 1 00:02:00
30carpal intro 1 00:02:00
30kneeexe1 00:02:00
31carpal pts 1 00:03:00
31kneeexe2 (2) 00:02:00
32kneeexe3 (2) 00:02:00
33kneeexe4 (1) 00:03:00
34UBack 00:01:00
35UBvo 00:04:00
36How to do acupressure for ankle pain 00:20:00
32carpal stretches 1 00:02:00
Massage Therapist - A successful Business
It’s time to look at why we need a new mindset as massage therapists 00:01:00
So what do we need to do differently when treating our clients? 00:05:00
But what about my relaxation clients? 00:01:00
The 30 Day Challenge 00:01:00
Let's get these steps done first to generate more clients immediately
The first steps to success! 00:01:00
Step 1 : Your business cards are virtually useless-until now! 00:04:00
Step 2 : Doing this one thing will work wonders! Just watch and see 00:06:00
Step 3 : Another free thing that generated our spa a ton of work 00:02:00
Step 5: Free images that you can use. 00:02:00
Step 6 : Bookmark this site, you never know when you will need them 00:01:00
Let’s check that you have done all of the steps. 00:04:00
What Business set up is right for you? The pros and cons of each
The different options to earn money in the massage industry 00:01:00
Maybe you want to work for somebody? 00:03:00
Now it’s time to get serious! 00:02:00
The cheapest option to start working for yourself 00:04:00
Working from home. Yes, you can. 00:02:00
Sharing space or renting a room, Multi modality businesses 00:05:00
Corporate massage 00:04:00
Why stop at just one method? 00:01:00
Own your own business 00:02:00
Buying someone existing business 00:02:00
Make sure that you do a cost analysis 00:03:00
You need to ask yourself these questions to see what would fit you best 00:03:00
Your new way of treating your clients.
Learn all of these things to become very successful 00:01:00
The Key to answering the phone successfully 00:07:00
Greeting the new client 00:03:00
The intake form 00:02:00
The assessment 00:05:00
An example of the evaluation with a client 00:04:00
A closer look at the app and how it can help you 00:04:00
The next step-your findings 00:03:00
You will also give them aftercare advice to help them more. 00:07:00
Using a tennis ball to help with muscle pain and trigger points 00:03:00
Advice on texting-text neck. 00:02:00
Start recommending this ‘miracle cure!’ 00:02:00
The importance of the email after the treatment 00:03:00
This is key to your client’s education, appreciation and your income 00:08:00
Set yourself apart from other therapists by doing this. 00:03:00
What to do when they come back for their second massage therapy session 00:03:00
An example of how that would sound 00:02:00
How to schedule if the person is still in a lot of pain 00:01:00
You are moving better today 00:01:00
What to do after they have finished their 6 treatments 00:04:00
Let’s summarize the key aspects on treating the client 00:08:00
What if they say no thanks? I will call you 00:02:00
Hone your skills 00:01:00
What else you need to be doing correctly
Make sure that you also do these things correctly as well 00:01:00
The posture app is your best marketing tool 00:04:00
Conducting yourself professionally outside the clinic 00:02:00
The Keys to a successful voicemail message 00:04:00
Making the next step on from the voicemail to make even more money 00:02:00
Here are ways to easily increase your revenue per client 00:04:00
Starting a website and a blog 00:02:00
What to wear as a massage professional 00:03:00
The name of your place is really important as well. 00:03:00
The keys to success on youtube 00:05:00
Mobile phone -do’s and don’ts 00:03:00
The reason to start your client face down 00:01:00
This little thing can also make a big difference 00:02:00
Using heat to your advantage. 00:03:00
Be educated and lets stop saying this because it simply isn’t true. 00:01:00
Being educated about when to use ice or heat 00:03:00
The business side of the business 00:03:00
Adding the reviews to your promotions 00:02:00
Don’t bombard your VIP list 00:02:00
Congratulations! 00:01:00
Aromatherapy Acupressure - Massage Therapist
Welcome to the course! It is so great to have you here! 00:02:00
Download your ‘goodies’ from the resources! 00:01:00
Learning the basics of essential oils
If you don’t know about essential oils then this section is important 00:01:00
Knowing the grade of your essential oils-are they therapeutic or not? 00:04:00
Why Do Certain Plants Have Essential Oils? 00:02:00
When is an essential oil not an essential oil? 00:02:00
Why essential oils have such huge variations in cost. 00:03:00
Buying your essential oils 00:05:00
Storing your essential oils and their shelf life 00:04:00
This is important when buying citrus essential oils 00:01:00
This is REALLY important when you have citrus essential oils. 00:01:00
So how do they adulterate essential oils? 00:06:00
So how do they test essential oils for purity? 00:02:00
Results from the adulterated essential oil test 00:01:00
The unsung heroes of the aromatherapy world-carrier oils. 00:03:00
The qualities of the various carrier oils 00:10:00
Personal inhalers-These are brilliant for you and your clients! 00:01:00
What you can make for your clients for them to use at home
Massage is the perfect modality for using aromatherapy to get great results 00:06:00
What equipment you need 00:04:00
Essential oil safety-very important things that you should know 00:04:00
A word about using peppermint and eucalyptus with children 00:02:00
Diffusers at home-what you shouldn’t do 00:04:00
Personal inhalers-These are brilliant for you and your clients! 00:06:00
Making diffuser blends for your clients 00:02:00
Roller bottles are great for your clients! 00:03:00
How to make a muscle and pain balm and chest rub 00:08:00
Unscented lotions are a better alternative for your clients at home 00:03:00
Using warm and cold compresses-when is the right time to do which? 00:03:00
Baths with essential oils-do not recommend this! 00:02:00
How to charge correctly for your essential oil blends and products 00:03:00
Relaxation massages and the correct dilutions for your clients 00:03:00
Treating problem areas-you can increase your dilution levels. 00:02:00
If you are a reflexologist, here is what you can do. 00:01:00
Make your full body massage sessions 75 mins or more. 00:02:00
The consultation with your clients is really important 00:04:00
A word about diluting for different people 00:03:00
It is important to keep good records for several reasons 00:01:00
Tell the world! Promote about your new skills. 00:03:00
Using aromatherapy for specific emotional, physical and psychological disorders
Let’s take a look at how you can help your clients on so many levels. 00:01:00
The stressed client-Here is a fabulous massage blend to help them 00:03:00
Awesome Stock Blends for your Massage Clients 00:04:00
How to make anxiety relief blends and inhalers for your clients 00:03:00
Insomnia-This blend will knock them out! 00:03:00
Morning Sickness-One essential oil that made a huge difference! 00:02:00
Allergy relief inhalers for your clients 00:04:00
How to make a nausea inhaler for your clients 00:04:00
The best uplifting blends for your clients 00:02:00
Headaches-Lotions, inhaler and diffuser blends and roller ball blends. 00:04:00
Blends to help your clients have better focus and concentration 00:03:00
Menopause- A really powerful massage blend that you can also make for them 00:02:00
How to enhance your clients athletic abilities using essential oils 00:02:00
Help your clients through cold and flu season with these great blends 00:04:00
Musculoskeletal Pain and how to treat specific disorders
What you will learn in this section 00:03:00
Muscular aches and pains and a great blend to help them 00:03:00
Sprains and strains-A roller bottle blend for your clients thats brilliant 00:05:00
Overuse Problems-Tendonitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis etc 00:03:00
Cellulite treatments, oils and creams 00:06:00
Post exercise soreness massage blends and lotions for home use 00:05:00
Fluid retention/Edema/Lymphatic drainage oils and treatments 00:07:00
Oil and lotion Blends for Cramps and Muscle Spasms 00:02:00
A very effective bruises and bumps oil to make 00:02:00
Rheumatoid arthritis- which oils are the best and why 00:02:00
Osteoarthritis- The oils that work best for this condition 00:02:00
How to effectively use essential oils for nerve pain and sciatica 00:03:00
What if you do not know whether to use warming or cooling oils? 00:03:00
The Basics Of Blending
Blending Basics-Making your own blends. 00:12:00
The therapeutic qualities of some common essential oils
Looking at the specific properties of common essential oils 00:01:00
68Basil 1 00:03:00
Bergamot 00:02:00
Black Pepper 00:02:00
Cardamon 00:01:00
Cedarwood 00:02:00
Cinnamon 00:02:00
Clove 00:01:00
Eucalyptus 00:02:00
Frankincense 00:02:00
Geranium 00:01:00
Chamomile German 00:02:00
Ginger 00:02:00
Grapefruit 00:02:00
Lavender 00:02:00
81helichrysum 1 00:02:00
Lemon 00:02:00
Mandarin 00:01:00
Patchouli 00:01:00
Peppermint 00:02:00
Chamomile Roman 00:01:00
Rosemary 00:01:00
Sandalwood 00:01:00
Congratulations and thank you very much!1 00:01:00
Aromatherapy - Use of Essential Oils
Introduction 00:02:00
Some important information before we get started. 00:05:00
Let’s get you in the right frame of mind first! 00:02:00
Essential Oils 101
Knowing the grade of your essential oils-are they therapeutic or not? 00:04:00
Why Do Certain Plants Have Essential Oils? 00:02:00
A 2 minute history lesson on essential oils and aromatherapy. 00:02:00
When is an essential oil not an essential oil? 00:04:00
Why essential oils have such huge variations in cost. 00:03:00
Buying your essential oils 00:05:00
Storing your essential oils and their shelf life 00:04:00
This is important when buying citrus essential oils 00:01:00
So how do they adulterate essential oils? 00:06:00
So how do they test essential oils for purity? 00:02:00
Results from the adulterated essential oil test 00:01:00
The unsung heroes of the aromatherapy world-carrier oils. 00:03:00
A Closer look at carrier oils and their qualities. 00:10:00
The various way we can use aromatherapy to treat our children
What are the best routes of absorption for the condition you are treating? 00:04:00
Diffusing and which diffusers I prefer and why 00:05:00
Personal inhalers 00:06:00
Smelling salts, a great way to inhale your essential oil blends! 00:02:00
Roller bottles 00:04:00
Safe Bath Practices-what you should definitely not do. 00:02:00
The Fabulous Shower Method! 00:02:00
Shower Aromatherapy Hearts 00:03:00
The Steam Method is fantastic! It is really beneficial. 00:04:00
Making balms 00:05:00
Babies and aromatherapy
How to use aromatherapy with babies. 00:03:00
Sweet Dreams Blend for Babies 00:06:00
Aloe Vera Hydrosol for your babies skin 00:02:00
To summarize… 00:02:00
Children and aromatherapy
Ok, just a reminder on how to apply everything to maximal therapeutic effect 00:02:00
A word about essential oil safety and phototoxicity 00:03:00
Irritation and Sensitization 00:02:00
Dilution rates for children from 2 years and up 00:02:00
Personal Inhaler for Anxiety/Nervousness/First day back to school etc 00:05:00
How to improve focus and concentration by doing these steps. 00:08:00
Aloe Hand Cleanser 00:02:00
A word about water based products on the skin and solubol 00:03:00
Sunburn 00:03:00
Bumps and bruises oil 00:03:00
Stomach Pains 00:03:00
What to do for scrapes, minor cuts and grazes. 00:01:00
Sinus Infections 00:03:00
Headache relief blends 00:04:00
Nausea relief 00:04:00
Allergy Relief 00:03:00
Immune boosting oils and blends 00:05:00
A word about eucalyptus and peppermint safety with children 00:03:00
Colds and Flus 00:04:00
Mosquito Repellents 00:06:00
Green Cleaning. 00:04:00
Hydrogen peroxide and it’s many incredible uses. 00:02:00
So what actually is Castile soap and why should you start using it? 00:02:00
A closer look at vinegar 00:01:00
A closer look at baking soda 00:01:00
All Purpose Cleaning Spray 00:05:00
Super powerful Scrubbing paste 00:04:00
Cleaning and sanitizing your cutting boards 00:05:00
The easiest ways to sanitize your house chemically free 00:02:00
Make your own natural wood cleaner and polish 00:03:00
Making a fabulous all natural citrus sanitizer 00:06:00
Mold Remover 00:01:00
The vinegar shower head magic trick 00:02:00
it is time to go into the future of cleaning, unless you already are that is… 00:06:00
Wonderful trash can smell remover 00:01:00
Congratulations and thank you very much! 00:01:00
Green Cleaning-How to have a chemically free clean house
Getting to know your essential oils better
This is REALLY important when you have citrus essential oils. 00:01:00
18end sec 1 1 00:01:00

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