Mastering Essential Excel

Mastering Essential Excel

Learning Outcome


Make the most of your spreadsheet tools by mastering Excel. This super-exclusive Mastering Essential Excel course will teach you how to use Excel to become proficient with the software.

Excel is used by almost every business organisation. If you know how to use Excel, finding work becomes a lot easier. This is a fantastic program for improving your Excel skills. It will guide you on the sequence of manipulating data entry in Excel, understanding and using formulas and functions and exploring worksheet layout and data. One you complete, you’ll have honed your ability to work with various workbooks and worksheets. 

Enrol now, take your Excel skills to the next level and establish yourself as a valued member of your organisation.

Course design

The course is delivered through our online learning platform, accessible through any internet-connected device. There are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules, meaning you are free to study the course at your own pace.

You are taught through a combination of

  • Video lessons
  • Online study materials

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Upon successful completion, you will qualify for the UK and internationally-recognised CPD accredited certification. You can choose to make your achievement formal by obtaining your PDF Certificate at the cost of £9 and Hard Copy Certificate for £15.

Why study this course

It doesn’t matter if you are an aspiring professional or absolute beginner; this course will enhance your expertise and boost your CV with critical skills and an accredited certification attesting to your knowledge.

The Mastering Essential Excel is fully available to anyone, and no previous qualifications are needed to enrol. All One Education needs to know is that you are eager to learn and are over 16.

Course Curriculum

Section 01: Getting Started with Microsoft Excel
How to Use the Menu System 00:03:00
How to Use the Quick Access Tool bar 00:03:00
Understanding Workbooks And Worksheets 00:02:00
How to Use the Formula Bar 00:02:00
How to Use the Status Bar 00:02:00
How to Use the Navigation Tools 00:02:00
How to Use the Short Cut Menus & the Mini Toolbar 00:02:00
How to Create New Workbook 00:02:00
How to use the Excel help 00:02:00
Section 02: Manipulating Data Entry in Excel
Exploring Data Entry and Editing Methods 00:03:00
AutoFill Data Entry Methods 00:02:00
How To Use Undo And Redo 00:02:00
How to Add Comments 00:02:00
Using the Save and Save us Command 00:02:00
Section 03: Understanding and Using Formulas & Functions
How to Create Simple Functions 00:03:00
How To Copy A Formula In To Adjacent Cells 00:02:00
How To Create Year To Date Totals 00:02:00
How To Create A Percentage Change Formula 00:02:00
Understanding Absolute and Relative Reference 00:03:00
How To Use SUM And AVERAGE Function 00:02:00
How To Use Other Excel Functions 00:03:00
Section 04: Understanding and Using Formatting Methods
How To Style And Effect Fonts 00:02:00
How To Adjust Column Width And Row Hights 00:02:00
How To Use The Alignment And Wrap Text 00:03:00
How To Design and Use Borders 00:02:00
How To Use Special Formatting Methods 00:03:00
How To Format Dates And Numbers 00:03:00
How To Use Conditional Formatting 00:03:00
How To Create And Use Tables 00:03:00
How To Insert Shapes And Others Visual Elements 00:05:00
Section 05: Exploring Worksheet Layout and Data
How to Insert and Delete Columns and Rows 00:03:00
How To Hide and Unhide Rows And Columns 00:03:00
How to Move, Copy and Insert Data 00:03:00
How to Find and Replace Data 00:03:00
Section 06: Page Setup and Printing
Exploring Page Layout Methods 00:03:00
How to Preview Page Breaks 00:03:00
Page Setup and Printing Controls 00:03:00
Section 07: Understanding and Using Excel Charts
How to Create Charts 00:04:00
Exploring Chart Types 00:04:00
How to Format Chart 00:03:00
Axes, Titles and Other Chart Elements 00:03:00
Exploring New 2016 Charts 00:05:00
Section 08: Exploring Worksheet Views
Freezing and Unfreezing Pans 00:02:00
How to Split Screen Horizontally and Vertically 00:02:00
How to Collapse and Expand Data Views 00:02:00
Section 09: Exploring Workbooks and Multiple Worksheets
How to Display Workbooks and Multiple Worksheets 00:03:00
How to Rename, Insert And Delete Worksheet 00:02:00
How to Move, Copy and Group Worksheet 00:03:00
Linking Worksheets and Workbooks by Formulas 00:04:00
How to Locate and Maintain Links 00:02:00
Section 10: Vlookup, CountIF and IF Functions
How to Use IF Functions and Relational Operators 00:05:00
Using The Vlookup Function for Approximate Match type 00:03:00
Using The Vlookup Function for Exact Match type 00:03:00
How to Use CountIF, SumIF and AverageIF Functions 00:04:00
Section 11: Working with Security and File Sharing
How to Protect Worksheets 00:02:00
How to Protect Workbooks 00:02:00
How to Assign Passwords Workbooks 00:01:00
Section 12: Essential Data Management Tools
How to sort Data in Excel 00:03:00
How to Insert Subtotals in A Sorted Data 00:03:00
How to Use Filters 00:03:00
How to Split Data in to Multiple Columns 00:02:00
How Use Flashfill for Splitting and Combining Data 00:03:00
How to Remove Duplicate Data 00:01:00
Using Validation Tools to The Best 00:04:00
Section 13: Essential Data Analysis Tools
How to Use Goal Seek 00:04:00
How To Use Solver 00:04:00
How to Use Scenario Manager 00:05:00
How to Use Data Tables 00:04:00
Section 14: Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
How to Create PivotTables 00:03:00
Manipulating PivotTable Data 00:03:00
Date and Time Grouping 00:03:00
Extended Grouping Analysis 00:02:00
How to Use Slicers 00:03:00
How to Use Pivot Charts 00:03:00
Assignment -Mastering Essential Excel 00:00:00

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