MD-100: Windows 10

MD-100: Windows 10

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Learning Outcome

  • Learn how to install Windows 10 successfully
  • Find out how to select the Windows 10 edition that is best for you
  • Gain insight into networking in Windows 10
  • Discover how to configure your storage spaces
  • Learn how to manage your apps

Course Description

Learn essential computer skills and develop the qualities potential employers look for by enrolling on the MD-100: Windows 10 training course!

Windows 10 is a common operating system in many businesses, homes, and places of education. Ensure you know how to use Windows 10 and how to enhance your business’s productivity with the One Education the MD-100: Windows 10 training course.

Through ten comprehensive modules, the MD-100: Windows 10 training course will take you through the fundamentals of using Windows 10. From installing Windows 10 on a computer, configuring and personalising the system to suit your needs, and keeping windows updated, it covers everything to ensure you’re getting the most from Windows 10.

Additionally, you will delve into configuring storage, security including malware and how to protect against threats, and how to deal with troubleshooting. 

This MD-100: Windows 10 course is the perfect introduction to using Windows 10. You will finish the course with a detailed and clear knowledge of how to use configured files and folders, configure security, and troubleshoot any problems you might encounter.

This course will improve your Windows 10 and boost your CV.

Why people enrol on the MD-100: Windows 10 course from One Education

  • Instantly accessible CPD-accredited certificate on successful completion of this MD-100: Windows 10 course
  • 24/7 access to the course for 12 months
  • Study at your own pace
  • No hidden fees or exam charges
  • Full Tutor support on weekdays (Monday – Friday)
  • Efficient assessment and instant results
  • Comprehensive understanding of setting up and using the Windows 10 operating system

Who is this course for? 

This excellent Windows 10 course is suitable for anyone interested in working with Windows 10, either at work or for personal reasons. 

This MD-100: Windows 10 course is ideal for

  • Office workers
  • Remote workers
  • Households looking to get more organised
  • Self-employed business owners

If you’re an individual looking to excel within this field then this MD-100: Windows 10 course is for you.

Whatever industry you work in, this MD-100: Windows 10 course will enhance your expertise and boost your CV with key skills and an accredited qualification attesting to your knowledge.

Career path 

This MD-100: Windows 10 course provides learners with the opportunities to explore professions like:

  • Office worker (Average Annual Salary in the UK: £27,000)
  • Office Assistant (Average Annual Salary in the UK: £20,000)
  • Administration Assistant (Average Annual Salary in the UK: £21,000)

Course Curriculum

MD-100: Windows 10
Module 01: Installing Windows 10 01:37:00
Module 02: Configure and Personalize Windows 01:25:00
Module 03: Updating Windows 00:20:00
Module 04: Networking in Windows 10 01:47:00
Module 05: Configuring Storage 01:05:00
Module 06: Managing Apps 00:57:00
Module 07: Configuring Authorization and Authentication 01:00:00
Module 08: Configuring Access to Files and Folders 00:52:00
Module 09: Configuring Security 01:10:00
Module 10: Supporting and Troubleshooting
video1 00:02:00
video2 00:01:00
video3 00:02:00
video4 00:03:00
video5 00:02:00
video6 00:04:00
video7 00:01:00
video8 00:07:00
video9 00:18:00
video10 00:02:00
video11 00:02:00
video12 00:01:00
video13 00:01:00
video14 00:04:00
video15 00:02:00
video16 00:01:00
video17 00:01:00
video18 00:01:00
video19 00:03:00
video20 00:01:00
video21 00:01:00
video22 00:01:00
video23 00:02:00
video24 00:01:00
video25 00:10:00
video26 00:02:00
video27 00:01:00
video28 00:02:00
video30 00:02:00
video31 00:03:00
video32 00:03:00
video33 00:01:00
video34 00:04:00
video35 00:02:00
video36 00:02:00
video37 00:03:00
video38 00:02:00
video39 00:02:00
video40 00:03:00
video41 00:09:00
video42 00:03:00
video43 00:02:00
video44 00:01:00
video45 00:02:00
video46 00:01:00
video47 00:02:00
video48 00:03:00
video49 00:01:00
video50 00:01:00
video51 00:01:00
video52 00:02:00
video53 00:01:00
video54 00:01:00
video55 00:02:00
video56 00:02:00
video57 00:01:00
video58 00:01:00
video59 00:01:00
video60 00:02:00
video61 00:01:00
video62 00:01:00
video63 00:03:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – MD-100: Windows 10 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – MD-100: Windows 10 00:20:00

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