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Learning Outcome


Learn how to use cognitive techniques and communication skills to improve the lifestyle of a client or employee when you take this insightful course on Motivational Interviewing. 

Workers who become disillusioned and ambivalent, or those individuals who exhibit unhealthy or unacceptable behaviour, often need active guidance. Motivational interviewing can provide the counselling needed in these circumstances and make positive changes to a person’s lifestyle and attitude. Whether it is for managerial or therapeutic purposes, we can help you learn the techniques that make this possible and give others a new lease of life.

You will be taught the fundamental principles of motivational interviewing and how it benefits the recipient. The training shows you the strategies, theories, and skills that you will need to blend together, supporting an individual’s goals and reinvigorating their energy. You will learn how to utilise this process in a healthcare setting, a group session, or one-to-one counselling.

Course Benefits

Your Path to Success

By completing the Motivational Interviewing course, you will gain valuable tips and procedures for developing counselling skills and personal guidance. This can prove vital training for counsellors, therapists, and team managers. 

Is This Course Right for You?

This course is designed to provide a valuable introduction to the use of counselling and supportive techniques. As such, it offers an excellent way to gain the skills and knowledge needed to provide support and motivation for groups or solo clients. Full-time and part-time learners are equally supported, and it can take just 20 to 30 hours to gain accreditation, with study periods being entirely customisable to your needs.

Assessment Process

Assessments relating to counselling techniques and communication skills will be given to all students and must be completed to pass the course successfully.

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
Introduction to Motivational Interviewing 00:36:00
Module 02: Principles of Motivational Interviewing
Principles of Motivational Interviewing 00:37:00
Module 03: Motivational Interviewing: Skills & Strategies
Motivational Interviewing: Skills & Strategies 00:26:00
Module 04: Stages of Change
Stages of Change 00:35:00
Module 05: Theories of MI
Theories of MI 00:35:00
Module 06: Developing and Maintaining MI Skills
Developing and Maintaining MI Skills 00:29:00
Module 07: Motivational Interviewing in Various Health Care Settings
Motivational Interviewing in Various Health Settings 00:34:00
Module 08: Perils and Possibilities of Group-Based MI
Perils and Possibilities of Group-Based MI 00:34:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Motivational Interviewing 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Motivational Interviewing 00:20:00


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