Persuasive Writing

Persuasive Writing


Learn the art of persuasive copywriting and the secrets to writing winning headlines, with this complete masterclass.

Are you looking to kickstart a career in copywriting, content writing or marketing? Then you’ll need to have an excellent understanding of the power of persuasion and its importance in  website engagement. Through the Persuasive Writing, you will learn about the personal journey of writing, what kind of writing suits your personality, and the steps to becoming a successful writer. This course will introduce formulas and techniques used by experts in the field to write content that informs, engages and turns clicks into customers.

The end of the course includes a special Q&A bonus module which will answer all your most important questions. Get enrolled today and learn about the power of persuasive writing.

Course design

The course is delivered through our online learning platform, accessible through any internet-connected device. There are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules, meaning you are free to study the course at your own pace.

You are taught through a combination of

  • Video lessons
  • Online study materials

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Upon successful completion, you will qualify for the UK and internationally-recognised CPD accredited certification. You can choose to make your achievement formal by obtaining your PDF Certificate at the cost of £9 and Hard Copy Certificate for £15.

Why study this course

It doesn’t matter if you are an aspiring professional or absolute beginner; this course will enhance your expertise and boost your CV with critical skills and an accredited certification attesting to your knowledge.

The Persuasive Writing is fully available to anyone, and no previous qualifications are needed to enrol. All One Education needs to know is that you are eager to learn and are over 16.

Course Curriculum

Section 01: Introduction
Introduction 00:05:00
Section 02: The Personal Journey of Writing
Introduction to the Personal Journey of Writing 00:01:00
Are you a Writer? 00:01:00
You’re an Observer of Life 00:01:00
You’re Always Analyzing This…and That 00:01:00
You Live to Write Another Day 00:01:00
You Have Doubts 00:01:00
You have an Ongoing Love Affair with Books 00:01:00
You’re a Lifelong Collector of Tales 00:01:00
You Need Space 00:01:00
What Defines a Writer? 00:01:00
Constancy or Committed 00:01:00
Tenacity and Determination 00:01:00
Hunger and Passion 00:01:00
A Missive or Tenor 00:01:00
Section 03: What Kind of Writing Suits Your Personality
Introduction to the Kind of Writing Styles that Suit Your Personality 00:03:00
The Closet Writer 00:02:00
The Eternal Writer 00:02:00
The Hesitant Writer 00:02:00
The Innovative Writer 00:01:00
The Inspired Writer 00:01:00
The Literate Writer 00:02:00
The Logical Writer 00:01:00
The Savvy Writer 00:02:00
Section 04: The Exceptional Writing Journey
Introduction to the Exceptional Writing Journey 00:01:00
Perspectives of the Exceptional Writer 00:01:00
Worst Case Scenario 00:01:00
Don’t be a People Pleaser 00:01:00
Writing is for an Audience of One 00:01:00
Writing in your Own Voice is Crucial 00:01:00
Your Own Created Space 00:01:00
Avoid Pretense 00:01:00
Section 05: How to Become an Exceptional Writer
Introduction to becoming an Exceptional Writer 00:01:00
Importance of Reading 00:01:00
Define your Audience 00:01:00
Get Inspired 00:01:00
Write Daily 00:01:00
Rewrite 00:01:00
Challenge Yourself 00:01:00
Section 06: Keys to Exceptional Writing
Introduction to the Keys to Exceptional Writing 00:01:00
Don’t be Obsessed with Grammar 00:01:00
Conquer the Art of Description 00:01:00
Limit Background Information 00:01:00
Be Relatable 00:01:00
Take Risks 00:01:00
Writing is Telepathic 00:01:00
Be Serious 00:01:00
Set Deadlines 00:01:00
Re-Evaluate Your Work 00:01:00
Feel Good and Be Good 00:01:00
Section 07: Exceptional Writing Deterrents
Introduction to Exceptional Writing Deterrents 00:01:00
A Lackadaisical Attitude 00:01:00
Feeling Entitled 00:01:00
Romanticizing the Writing Craft 00:01:00
Fearing Marketing 00:01:00
An Unreasonable Timeline 00:01:00
Expecting an ‘Easy-Bake’ Outline 00:01:00
Writer’s Envy 00:01:00
A Need for Approval 00:01:00
Section 08: Practical Guide to Persuasive Copywriting
Introduction to the Copywriting Sections of the Course 00:02:00
Section 09: Headlining Copywriting Formulas
Introduction to Headline Copywriting Formulas 00:01:00
“Who Else Wants…” Formula 00:01:00
“The Secret of…” Formula 00:01:00
The “Method, Target and Benefit” Formula 00:01:00
“Little-Known Ways to…” Formula 00:01:00
“Get Rid of [Problem] Once and For All” Formula 00:01:00
“Here’s a Quick Way to [Solve a problem]” Formula 00:01:00
“Now You Can Have/Do Something Desirable/Great Circumstance” Formula 00:01:00
The “[Do something] Like [World-class example]” Formula 00:01:00
The “[Have a /Build a]… You Can Be Proud Of” Formula 00:01:00
The “What Everybody Ought to Know About______” Formula 00:01:00
The “[number] [item] [persona] Will Love (Hint: [statement])” Formula 00:02:00
The “How To [action] When [statement]: [persona] Edition” Formula 00:01:00
The “[persona]-Friendly Guide To [activity] (statement)” Formula 00:01:00
The “Why I Got [action]: Every [persona] Should Be Aware Of [statement]” Formula 00:01:00
The “[number] Ways To [action] Your [blank] Without Having To..” Formula 00:02:00
The “[number] Signs [action] (Don’t Worry: [statement])” Formula 00:01:00
The “[action] for [time] [result]” Formula 00:01:00
The “Even The [persona] Can [action] [statement]” Formula 00:01:00
The “[power word] Your [persona] At [activity] [result]” Formula 00:01:00
The “We [verb] [object]: Here’s What We Learned” Formula 00:01:00
Section 10: Organizational Copywriting Formulas
Introduction to Organizational Copywriting Formulas 00:01:00
The AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action Formula 00:02:00
The PAS: Problem, Agitate, Solution Formula 00:03:00
The IDCA: Interest, Desire, Conviction, Action Formula 00:02:00
The ACCA: Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction, Action Formula 00:03:00
The AIDPPC: Attention, Interest, Description, Persuasion, Proof, Close Formula 00:04:00
The AAPPA: Attention, Advantage, Proof, Persuasion, Action Formula 00:05:00
The PPPP: Picture, Promise, Prove, Push Formula 00:04:00
The QUEST: Qualify, Understand, Educate, Stimulate/Sell, Transition Formula 00:05:00
The AICPBSAWN Formula 00:04:00
The PASTOR: Problem, Amplify, Story, Transformation, Offer, Response Formula 00:03:00
The FACE: Familiar, Audience, Cost, Education Formula 00:03:00
Section 11: Action Copywriting Formulas
Introduction to Action Copywriting Formulas 00:01:00
The TPSC: Text, Placement, Size, Color Formula 00:02:00
The Elements of an Offer Formula 00:02:00
The RAD: Require, Acquire, Desire Formula 00:02:00
The “I Want Button” Formula 00:01:00
The “Get…Formula” 00:01:00
Section 12: Email Copywriting Formulas
Introduction to Email Copywriting Formulas 00:01:00
The Report Formula 00:02:00
The Data Formula 00:01:00
The How-To Formula 00:02:00
The Inquiry Formula 00:01:00
The Endorsement Formula 00:02:00
The This/That Formula 00:01:00
The Shorty Formula 00:01:00
Section 13: Q&A with Renee Sylvestre-Williams (Forbes Contributor)
Q&A Introduction to Renee Sylvestre-Williams 00:02:00
Meet Renee 00:01:00
Renee’s Hobbies and Interests 00:03:00
The Evolution of Renee’s Work Life 00:01:00
Renee’s Passion for Writing 00:08:00
Content Strategy as a Career Path 00:01:00
The Implications of SEO and Keywords 00:01:00
How does a Writer go Viral? 00:01:00
Ranking Content in Search Engines 00:01:00
Getting Published 00:02:00
Press Distribution (PR Web, PR Newswire) 00:02:00
Renee’s most Memorable Experiences 00:01:00
Renee’s Sources of Inspiration 00:01:00
Written vs. Video Content 00:01:00
Thoughts on Paid Advertising 00:01:00
Components of Good Quality Web Content 00:01:00
Deciding on a Topic or Subject 00:01:00
Does Tone Matter? 00:02:00
Are CMS’ effective? 00:01:00
Gauging Success 00:01:00
How to Promote Content 00:01:00
Blog Post vs. Article 00:02:00
Content Writing vs. Copywriting 00:01:00
Making Content Unique 00:01:00
What is Writer’s Block? 00:04:00
Does Writing Get Repetitive? 00:03:00
Renee’s Passion for Reading 00:04:00
What is “Storytelling”? 00:07:00
Mechanics of Strategy 00:05:00
Is Blogging Lucrative? 00:01:00
Renee’s Role as a Finance Columnist 00:04:00
Renee’s Professional Hurdles 00:02:00
Content Strategy for Big vs. Small Brands 00:02:00
Five Strengths and Weaknesses as a Content Strategist 00:04:00
Handling Feedback and Criticism 00:01:00
Working as Part of a Team vs. Independently 00:01:00
Introvert vs. Extrovert 00:01:00
Finding Inspiration for Content 00:01:00
Renee’s Career Aspirations 00:01:00
Advice for Aspiring Writers 00:01:00
Going back in Time 00:01:00
Top Three Content Marketing Strategies for Long-term Growth 00:01:00
Thoughts on Google Trends 00:02:00
Targeting a Global Audience 00:01:00
Ethically Policing Social Media Content 00:02:00
Sparking Curiosity with the First Sentence 00:02:00
Thoughts on Infographics as the new King of Content 00:03:00
Social Media, Email. & SEO for Driving Sales 00:01:00
The Importance of Research before Publishing 00:02:00
Defining a Call-to-Action 00:01:00
Ideal Length for Content 00:02:00
10 Words that Trigger an Emotional Reaction 00:02:00
Importance of Crediting a Source 00:03:00
Section 14: Q&A with Matthew Rolnick (Forbes Council Member & Columnist)
Q&A Introduction to Matthew Rolnick 00:03:00
Matthew Rolnick: Contributor and Council Member at Forbes 00:01:00
Matthew’s role as VP of Sales at Yaymaker 00:01:00
Matthew’s main area of Focus as a Content Writer 00:01:00
Hooking your Reader, as a Writer 00:01:00
Defining “Copywriting” 00:01:00
Persuasive Writing Tips for Selling 00:01:00
Examples of Effective Copy 00:02:00
Building an Emotional Connection with the Reader 00:04:00
Defining a “Call-to-Action” 00:02:00
The importance of a Headline and Examples 00:03:00
Tips on writing News Worthy articles 00:01:00
10 Keyword Formulas that Trigger a Response 00:01:00
Writing “Viral” Content 00:03:00
Defining AIDA & Examples 00:03:00
Elements of an Offer with High Conversion Rates 00:02:00
The Effectiveness of Deep Discounts in Copy 00:01:00
Defining Social Proof and Use Cases 00:03:00
The Concept of “Scarcity” & “Urgency” in Copy 00:01:00
Using the “Storytelling” Approach in Copy 00:02:00
The Importance of Building Reader Profiles 00:02:00
Building a Relationship in less than 200 Words 00:01:00
The “PAS” Copywriting Formula – Problem, Agitate, Solution 00:01:00
The “IDCA” Copywriting Formula – Interest, Desire, Conviction, Action 00:02:00
The “ACCA” Copywriting Formula – Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction, Action 00:01:00
The “FAB” Copywriting Formula – Features, Advantages, Benefits 00:03:00
The “4 P’s” Copywriting Formula – Promise, Picture, Proof, Push 00:02:00
Additional Writing Tips from Matthew Rolnick 00:09:00
Assignment – Persuasive Writing 00:00:00

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