Professional Logo Design

Professional Logo Design


Create eye-catching logos that capture your brand perfectly, using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

The Professional Logo Design course is a complete introduction to logo design, ideal for students and aspiring graphic designers. It starts by covering essential information about logos, their use and importance, as well as the requirements for logos. Your instructor will take you through the entire logo design process, including best practices and guidelines for using Photoshop and Illustrator. What’s more, you will learn how to work with trends to create visual interest, use typography, and work with colour theory effectively.

Whether you’re a small business owner, aspiring graphic designer, or creative professional looking to develop their skill set, this course covers the A-Z of logo design for complete beginners.

Course design

The course is delivered through our online learning platform, accessible through any internet-connected device. There are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules, meaning you are free to study the course at your own pace.

You are taught through a combination of

  • Video lessons
  • Online study materials

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Upon successful completion, you will qualify for the UK and internationally-recognised CPD accredited certification. You can choose to make your achievement formal by obtaining your PDF Certificate at the cost of £9 and Hard Copy Certificate for £15.

Why study this course

It doesn’t matter if you are an aspiring professional or absolute beginner; this course will enhance your expertise and boost your CV with critical skills and an accredited certification attesting to your knowledge.

The Professional Logo Design is fully available to anyone, and no previous qualifications are needed to enrol. All One Education needs to know is that you are eager to learn and are over 16.

Course Curriculum

Section 01: Introduction
Introduction 00:02:00
Welcome, here’s What You’ll Learn 00:02:00
Meet Your Instructor 00:01:00
Course Requirements 00:02:00
What You’ll Be Able to Accomplish with This Course 00:02:00
Section 02: Getting Started
Introduction To Getting Started 00:01:00
An Introduction To Logo Design 00:04:00
What Exactly Is A Logo? 00:14:00
Why Do Logos Even Exist? What Is Their Purpose? 00:06:00
Most Logos Are Meaningless 00:07:00
Logos Identify Our Tribe 00:04:00
A Metaphor For Logos 00:04:00
Logos For Small Business 00:05:00
Successful Logo Requirements 00:09:00
A Brief History Of Logo Design 00:04:00
Section 03: Logo Fundamentals: Understanding The Basics
Introduction To Logo Fundamentals: Understanding The Basics 00:01:00
Can Only Artists Design Great Logos? 00:10:00
Why Small Business Needs Your Logo Design Skills 00:05:00
Guidelines And Best Practices For Logo Design 00:11:00
Analyzing Globally Recognizable Logos 00:09:00
Trends In Logo Design 00:06:00
Copying, Stealing…Plagiarism! 00:04:00
Avoid The Cliche 00:12:00
Why Bad Logos Don’t Work 00:09:00
Section 04: A Logo's Visual Elements
Introduction To A Logo’s Visual Elements 00:01:00
Organizing A Logo’s Visual Information 00:06:00
Using Alignment Within Logos 00:09:00
Using Whitespace To Your Advantage 00:05:00
Creating Visual Interest With Movement 00:09:00
Section 05: The Power Of Typography
Introduction To The Power Of Typography 00:01:00
Type-Only Logos 00:06:00
Understanding Typeface Styles 00:05:00
Typography Terminology 00:04:00
Choosing A Typeface Hierarchy 00:04:00
Forbidden Fonts! 00:04:00
Font Resources 00:06:00
Section 06: Understanding Colour
Introduction To Understanding Colour 00:01:00
How Colour Is Interpreted 00:10:00
Brand Differentiation Via Color 00:05:00
How Many Colours Should A Logo Have? 00:04:00
Understanding Colour Spaces 00:06:00
Section 07: The Logo Design Process
Introduction To The Logo Design Process 00:01:00
Step 1: Getting Started With Client Questions 00:10:00
Step 2: Research And Information Gathering 00:05:00
Step 3: Brainstorming Ideas 00:09:00
Step 4: Moving To The Computer 00:05:00
Step 5: Presenting Your Best Ideas 00:03:00
Step 6: Final Logo Delivery 00:05:00
Section 08: Graphics Fundamentals
Introduction To Graphics Fundamentals 00:01:00
Raster vs Vector Graphics 00:08:00
Alternatives To Photoshop 00:02:00
Alternatives To Illustrator 00:02:00
How Does InDesign Fit Into All This? 00:02:00
Section 09: Adobe Illustrator Primer
Introduction To Adobe Illustrator Primer 00:01:00
Getting Started With Illustrator 00:08:00
Understanding Paths And Anchor Points 00:08:00
Aligning And Spacing Objects 00:06:00
Grouping, Locking, Stacking, And Duplicating Objects 00:11:00
Working With Colour 00:09:00
Building Colour Schemes And Palettes 00:07:00
Illustrator Typography 00:07:00
Advanced Typography Techniques 00:09:00
Mastering The Pen Tool 00:20:00
Section 10: Adobe Photoshop Primer
Introduction To Adobe Photoshop Primer 00:01:00
Getting Started With Photoshop 00:08:00
Understanding Resolution And Resizing 00:06:00
Using Photoshop Layers 00:08:00
Creating And Modifying Selections 00:07:00
Handling And Formatting Text 00:12:00
Section 11: Creating A Logo With Photoshop and Illustrator
Introduction To Creating A Logo With Photoshop and Illustrator 00:01:00
Clean Up With Photoshop 00:05:00
Automatically Converting Pixels To Vector Shapes 00:05:00
Manually Tracing Pixels To Create Vector Shapes 00:09:00
Ideas For Logo Variations 00:13:00
Saving To Different File Formats From Illustrator 00:09:00
Saving To Different File Formats From Photoshop 00:07:00
Section 12: Additional Resources
Introduction To Additional Resources 00:01:00
Inspirational Resources For Logo Designers 00:05:00
How Much Should You Charge? 00:06:00
How To Find Clients 00:04:00
Conclusion 00:01:00
Assignment – Professional Logo Design 00:00:00

COPYRIGHT © 2022 One Education

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