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Psychology of Anxiety and Stress

Psychology of Anxiety and Stress



Anxiety and Stress are two of the most common psychological disorders in Britain today, so understanding the psychology behind them can be extremely valuable for your career and mental health. This Psychology of Anxiety & Stress course will provide you with everything you need to know to start managing these issues better.

The course is split into two halves, each covering one of these disorders. In the first half, you will learn about the psychology of anxiety and other conditions such as Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Social Phobia, which can both have serious negative effects on sufferers. You will also look at the main coping mechanisms that have been developed to deal with anxiety, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindful Based Therapy and medical treatments such as ProzacZoloft and Paxil.

The second half of the course delves into stress, which is believed to have an impact on a sizeable percentage of Britons. You will begin by looking at the definitions of stress, the up-to-date psychology behind it and why and how it affects some people worse than others. Stress management is then covered, and this unit will teach you how to help others, as well as yourself, cope better with stress and how to use a variety of proven techniques to reduce stress.

By taking this course, you will gain confidence in managing the anxiety and stress of yourself and others, including potential clients, and be able to use what you’ve learnt about the psychology of these disorders to improve your career prospects.

Topics also cover:

  • Anxiety-reducing techniques
  • The difference between stress and anxiety
  • When anxiety becomes an anxiety disorder
  • Breathing techniques
  • Good stress vs bad stress

Course design

The course is delivered through our online learning platform, accessible through any internet-connected device. There are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules, meaning you are free to study the course at your own pace.

You are taught through a combination of

  • Video lessons
  • Online study materials
  • Mock exams
  • Multiple-choice assessment

How is the course assessed?

To successfully complete the course you must submit and assignments. After submission, the instructor will check and assess your work.

While I receive a certificate of completion?

Upon successful completion you will qualify for the UK and internationally-recognised professional qualification and you can choose to make your achievement formal by obtaining your PDF Certificate at a cost of £9 and Hardcopy Certificate for £15.

Why study this course

Whether you’re an existing practitioner or aspiring professional, this course will enhance your expertise and boost your CV with key skills and an accredited qualification attesting to your knowledge.

The Psychology of Anxiety and Stress is open to all, with no formal entry requirements. All you need is a passion for learning, a good understanding of the English language, numeracy and IT, and to be over the age of 16.

Course Curriculum

Psychology of Stress
What is ‘Stress’? 00:09:00
How does ‘stress’ affect us? 00:09:00
Why do we experience ‘stress’ differently? 00:10:00
‘Good stress’ (Eustress) Vs ‘Bad stress’ (Distress) 00:09:00
‘Stress’ and ‘Burnout’ 00:09:00
Individual experiences of 'stress'
Coping with stress as an individual 00:09:00
Low ability (inability) to cope with stressors 00:07:00
What do people use to cope with stress? 00:10:00
‘Addictions’ and Coping with ‘Stress’ 00:09:00
Stress Management
‘Breathing’ in Stress Management 00:08:00
Stress-Reducing Techniques 00:10:00
Medication Treatments (Pharmacology) – Part 1 00:06:00
Medication Treatments (Pharmacology) – Part 2 00:04:00
Nutrition and ‘Stress’ – Part 1 00:04:00
Nutrition and ‘Stress’ – Part 2 00:06:00
Psychology of 'Anxiety'
What do we call ‘anxiety’? 00:06:00
What is the difference between ‘stress’ and ‘anxiety’? 00:07:00
Summary 00:01:00
Anxiety Disorders
What are you famous for? 00:04:00
Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia) 00:08:00
Panic Disorder 00:07:00
‘Addictions’ and Anxiety Disorders 00:10:00
Coping with Anxiety
Psychotherapy for Anxiety Disorders 00:08:00
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for Anxiety Disorders 00:09:00
Mindfulness & Mindfulness Based Therapy (MBT) 00:11:00
Medial Treatments (Pharmacology) 00:05:00
Anxiety-Reducing Techniques 00:10:00
Final Words
Good Bye and Thank You! 00:02:00
Assignment – Psychology of Anxiety and Stress 00:00:00

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  1. 5

    Wow this is easily the best online course I’ve taken so far.

  2. 4

    This is such a vital course. Way too many people underestimate the importance of mental health and the downside of leading a stressful life. Hopefully some of them will take this course and it’ll probably end up saving their life!

  3. 4

    Highly informative course and the audios are all very clear as well. Great package overall. Thank you!

  4. 5

    This was fascinating. If anyone is taking this course, don’t try to go through all the videos in one sitting though, otherwise you might miss one or two key information.

  5. 5

    Thankful for the tips on reducing anxiety.


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