Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis

Learning Outcome


Do you want to see the world of statistics better? Learn to question numbers and think like a statistician? Learn to make better judgments at work and in life? Then don’t waste further time and enrol in Statistical Analysis Course. This is not a typical statistics course. Because there will be minimal math, you will be required to solve mathematical problem sets, which will eventually add to your development in practical knowledge. The course will emphasise statistics to make better decisions and judgements. We will look at basic statistical ideas and concepts.

Statistical Analysis is the process of summarising data using numbers and graphs. It simplifies the vast amounts of data for interpretation without drawing conclusions or reacting to any hypotheses. An introduction to descriptive statistical analysis will help learners to express and analyse data more effectively using numerical calculations, graphs, or tables.

That’s why we’ve created this Statistical Analysis course with thirteen modules that cover everything from basic statistics to applying statistical analysis in business, research and more. The basic introduction will teach you more about statistics and how it may be used in many circumstances. Learn more about data management, artificial intelligence and the foundation of probability. Finally, if you are willing to do statistics better, this course is perfect for you.

Course Benefits

Your Path to Success

After completing the Statistical Analysis course, you will be able to apply Statistics foundations in any professional path that requires data management, research, or predictive business analysis. Statistical Analysis can be a common course choice for students looking to improve their skills before a career.

Is This Course Right for You?

This structured Statistical Analysis course introduces you to concepts such as the realm of statistics, basic statistical terms, binomial and normal distributions, hypothesis testing, and how to do better in statistics. This course will teach you data management, statistics, and other skills that you may not have used since college. This course is ideal for people who are changing jobs or returning to the workforce after a break from data management.

Assessment Process

Assessment relating to the Statistical Analysis Course will be given to all students and must be completed to pass the course successfully.

Course Curriculum

Module 01: The Realm of Statistics
The Realm Of Statistics FREE 00:28:00
Module 02: Basic Statistical Terms
Basic Statistical Terms 00:43:00
Module 03: The Center of the Data
The Center of the Data 00:07:00
Module 04: Data Variability
Data Variability 00:15:00
Module 05: Binomial and Normal Distributions
Binomial and Normal Distributions 00:14:00
Binomial Probabilities Table 00:14:00
Z-Table 00:04:00
Module 06: Introduction to Probability
Introduction to Probability 00:37:00
Module 07: Estimates and Intervals
Estimates and Intervals 00:36:00
Module 08: Hypothesis Testing
Hypothesis Testing 00:33:00
Module 09: Regression Analysis
Regression Analysis 00:11:00
Module 10: Algorithms, Analytics and Predictions
Algorithms, Analytics and Prediction 00:49:00
Module 11: Learning From Experience: The Bayesian Way
Learning From Experience: The Bayesian Way 00:33:00
Module 12: Doing Statistics: The Wrong Way
Doing Statistics: The Wrong Way 00:39:00
Module 13: How We Can Do Statistics Better
How We Can Do Statistics Better 00:43:00
Assignment – Statistical Analysis 00:00:00

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