Team Management Level 5

Team Management Level 5


    Course Overview:

    Hone your management skills and ensure you have the capabilities to lead a team to success by taking our Team Management Level 5 Course. Every team leader has to learn the appropriate style and techniques that get the most from their team operation, and nobody perfects this skill immediately. This expertly written guide provides a deep dive into every conceivable aspect of team and business management. With the aid of information sourced from industry professionals, you will gain the ability to build a high-performing team and act as a mentor to a motivated group of colleagues. This extensive range of online modules is expressly designed to achieve this education at your own pace and convenience.      

    This Team Management Level 5 Course contains the perfect educational curve for new or existing team leaders. You will be taught how to motivate staff, source and develop talent, deal with stress or conflict, gain excellent communication links, and manage time and change. It provides coverage and advice for every factor that feeds into leadership and will empower you to succeed in your organisation and inspire your peers. Lead yourself to a bright new future and level up your personal business skills.    

    Learning outcomes: 

    • Understand the requirements for leadership and teamwork
    • Learn how to motivate groups of colleagues
    • Gain the ability to identify and develop talent in your team  
    • Be able to manage stress and recognise mental health issues
    • Discover new ways to communicate with others successfully
    • Become skilled with advanced negotiation techniques 
    • Acquire the ability to perform successful change management
    • Attain exemplary time management skills

    Who is This Course for?

    This course is ideal for anyone acting as a team leader within an organisation or wishes their career to progress in that direction. It may also serve as a refresher course or improvement plan for existing team leaders.      

    Career Path

    This course is aimed at team leaders within a business or large organisations. As such, it covers the following careers and roles:

    • Team Manager
    • Team Leader
    • Operations Manager
    • Human Resources
    • Business Owner

    Course Curriculum

    Team Management Level 5
    Module 01: Defining Team
    Defining Team 00:28:00
    Module 02: Understanding Management and Leadership
    Understanding Management and Leadership 00:26:00
    Module 03: Building High Performing Teams
    Building High Performing Teams 00:28:00
    Module 04: Motivating Team Members
    Motivating Team Members 00:37:00
    Module 05: Talent Management
    Talent Management 00:39:00
    Module 06: Stress Management and Mental Health
    Stress Management and Mental Health 00:23:00
    Module 07: Succession Planning
    Succession Planning 00:31:00
    Module 08: Communication Skills
    Communication Skills 00:42:00
    Module 09: Negotiation Techniques
    Negotiation Techniques 00:19:00
    Module 10: Managing Change
    Managing Change 00:21:00
    Module 11: Managing Time
    Managing Time 00:28:00
    Module 12: Managing Conflict
    Managing Conflict 00:31:00
    Module 13: Risk Management Process
    Risk Management Process 00:14:00
    Module 14: Managing Virtual Teams
    Managing Virtual Teams 00:17:00



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