The Front-End Web Developer Bootcamp: HTML, CSS, JS & React

The Front-End Web Developer Bootcamp HTML, CSS, JS & React


Empower your career journey with our in-demand course: The Front-End Web Developer Bootcamp: HTML, CSS, JS & React

Boost your proficiency and propel your career forward with our meticulously crafted course, designed to be your ultimate guide to professional development. Our super-accessible modules break down complex topics into bite-sized, easy-to-understand lessons, filling your knowledge gaps and equipping you with real-world, practical skills.

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Course design

The course is delivered through our online learning platform, accessible through any internet-connected device. There are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules, meaning you are free to study the course at your own pace.

You are taught through a combination of

Exam & Retakes

It is to inform our learners that the initial exam for this online course is provided at no additional cost. In the event of needing a retake, a nominal fee of £9.99 will be applicable.


Upon successful completion of the assessment procedure, learners can obtain their certification by placing an order and remitting a fee of £9 for PDF Certificate and £15 for the Hardcopy Certificate within the UK ( An additional £10 postal charge will be applicable for international delivery).

Course Curriculum

Introduction to HTML5
Introduction 00:02:00
Features of HTML5 00:01:00
Benefits of using HTML5 00:01:00
Where and how is HTML5 used? 00:01:00
HTML5 editors 00:01:00
Downloading Visual Studio Code 00:02:00
Course Materials 00:00:00
Structure of an HTML5
What are HTML tags? 00:02:00
Structure of an HTML5 file 00:03:00
File and folder structure 00:01:00
How to create an HTML5 file? 00:02:00
HTML5 basic building blocks
Heading Tags in HTML 00:03:00
HTML5 Quotation and Citation tags 00:04:00
Commenting out code in HTML5 00:02:00
HTML5 attributes 00:02:00
How to style in HTML5 00:02:00
Exploring HTML5
What are anchor tags? 00:04:00
What are image tags? 00:06:00
What are paragraph tags? 00:03:00
What are break tags? 00:02:00
What are table tags? 00:06:00
List Tags 00:04:00
Video Tag 00:03:00
Audio Tag 00:01:00
Building a Form from Scratch with HTML5
Form tags 00:06:00
Input Types 00:07:00
Input attributes (size, read-only, disabled) 00:03:00
Additional input attributes (Min, max, multiple, and placeholder) 00:04:00
Required Inputs 00:01:00
Block and Inline Elements
Introduction 00:02:00
Examining Block and Inline Elements 00:13:00
Conclusion (HTML5 Part)
Conclusion 00:01:00
Introduction to CSS3
Introduction to CSS3 00:02:00
Syntax of CSS3 00:01:00
Uses of CSS3 00:04:00
Types of CSS3 00:07:00
Selectors & Colors in CSS3 00:08:00
Basics Properties of CSS3
Background 00:12:00
Borders 00:04:00
Outline 00:02:00
Height and width 00:04:00
Margin and padding 00:06:00
Typography Properties of CSS3
Text alignment 00:03:00
Text decoration 00:03:00
Text transform 00:03:00
Text spacing 00:03:00
Font family 00:07:00
How to use font awesome icons 00:05:00
Selectors Properties in Depth of CSS3
Display 00:02:00
Positions 00:06:00
Z-index 00:01:00
Overflow 00:03:00
Float 00:02:00
DOM Model in CSS 00:02:00
Advanced Selectors 00:07:00
Pseudo-classes Part 1 00:10:00
Pseudo-classes part 2 00:05:00
Pseudo-Elements 00:04:00
Extra features in CSS3
Opacity and important 00:03:00
Border-radius 00:03:00
Box Shadow 00:03:00
Responsive Design with CSS3
Grid System 00:11:00
Flexbox 00:07:00
Media Queries 00:04:00
Mini Project
Mini Project 00:15:00
Introduction to JavaScript
Introduction and History of JavaScript 00:03:00
Syntax of JavaScript and overview 00:04:00
JavaScript Implementation 00:02:00
How to use HTML tags in JavaScript 00:02:00
Var in JavaScript 00:07:00
Global and local var in JavaScript 00:03:00
Advanced console.log 00:03:00
Statements in JavaScript
If statement 00:02:00
If else statement 00:02:00
Condition ternary statement 00:03:00
Switch statement 00:03:00
If else if statement 00:03:00
Break and continue statement 00:04:00
Data types 00:05:00
Operators in JavaScript
Arithmetic operator 00:05:00
Assignment operator 00:02:00
Comparison operator 00:04:00
Popup Boxes in JavaScript
Alert boxes 00:02:00
Confirm box 00:01:00
Prompt box 00:02:00
Functions 00:03:00
Functions with parameters 00:02:00
Function with return 00:05:00
Events in JavaScript
Events in JavaScript 00:05:00
Loops in JavaScript
While loop 00:05:00
Do while loop 00:03:00
For loop 00:03:00
Nested loop 00:03:00
Arrays in JavaScript
Arrays 00:06:00
Modify and delete arrays 00:02:00
Sort and revers methods 00:03:00
Pop and push methods 00:02:00
Shift and unshift method 00:02:00
Concat and join method 00:03:00
Slice and splice method 00:04:00
The isArray method 00:02:00
Indexof and lastindex method 00:03:00
The forEach method 00:02:00
The toString() valueOf() and fill() methods 00:02:00
Include methods 00:02:00
Some and every method 00:03:00
Find and findindex method 00:02:00
Filter method 00:02:00
Objects and their methods
Objects 00:10:00
Arrays objects 00:04:00
For in loop 00:03:00
String and its methods
String methods – Part 1 00:05:00
String methods – Part 2 00:04:00
String methods – Part 3 00:10:00
JavaScript Number Methods
Number Methods 00:08:00
Math Method – Part 1 00:08:00
Math Method – Part 2 00:08:00
Date method 00:05:00
DOM Model
Dom Model 00:04:00
Dom other objects 00:09:00
Dom get methods 00:06:00
Dom styling 00:07:00
addEventListener (Events) 00:04:00
useCapture 00:04:00
classList method 00:08:00
Parent nodes 00:05:00
Children nodes 00:04:00
First and last child 00:03:00
Next and previous siblings 00:02:00
Create element text node 00:03:00
Append child and insert before 00:03:00
Insert adjacent element and insert adjacent HTML 00:05:00
Conclusion JavaScript 00:07:00
Introduction to React: A JS library for building user interfaces
Introduction to React.JS 00:06:00
First React App 00:10:00
JSX In React.JS 00:04:00
Styling Components Hooks
Inline and Internal Styling in React.JS 00:05:00
Template literals in React.JS 00:06:00
Components in React.JS 00:06:00
Props in React.JS 00:07:00
Hooks in Reacts.JS 00:03:00
Hierarchy rendering & advanced hooks
Understanding hierarchy in React.JS 00:06:00
Conditional rendering 00:04:00
useEffect Hook in React.JS 00:02:00
React-Router-Dom 00:04:00
Linking in react-router-dom 00:03:00
Handling Error Pages with react-router-dom 00:03:00
Using the useNavigate() hook 00:02:00
First Project (Part 1) 00:09:00
First Project (Part 2) 00:03:00
Building a Calculator App
Building a Calculator – Part 1 00:03:00
Building a Calculator – Part 2 00:03:00
Using the Pokémon API
Building a Restful API in React.JS – Part 1 00:03:00
Building a Restful API in React.JS – Part 2 00:05:00
Building a Restful API in React.JS – Part 3 00:05:00
Using inside JSX elements 00:05:00
How to use Material UI in React.JS 00:06:00
Conclusion 00:03:00

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