Veterinary Nursing Fundamentals

Veterinary Nursing


Bring your love of animals to your profession and take your first steps in Veterinary Nursing with us. This interactive course has been compiled with the help of industry professionals in order to train students in the practice of Veterinary Nursing and assist the recovery and treatment of a wide range of sick or injured animals. Vet Nurses are expected to perform all manner of medical techniques, technical operations, and animal comforting. By studying our interactive online modules, you’ll get a basic overview of these topics.

This Veterinary Nursing Fundamentals course will provide you with a comprehensive overview of animal First Aid and details the types of wounds and conditions you may treat. You will also be taught some of the critical skills needed for a Vet Nurse. The principles of animal welfare are also covered, along with a summary of your career prospects and UK animal legislation. If this sounds like the perfect role for you, enrol now.

Please note: This course only gives you the theoretical knowledge that you need to excel in this field. This Veterinary Nursing Fundamentals doesn’t entitle you to practise as a professional in this specific field.

Learning outcomes: 

  • Learn to deal with bleeding wounds and fractures in all animals
  • Know how to handle an unconscious animal safely 
  • Understand how to treat poisoning and environment injuries on animals
  • Construct your own Pet First Aid Kit
  • Become aware of the responsibilities of a Vet Nurse
  • Appreciate the importance of animal welfare in today’s society
  • Gain an understanding of your career prospects as a Vet Nurse
  • Become familiar with UK Veterinary legislation

Method of Assessment

To assess your learning, you have to participate in an automated multiple-choice question exam. You have to score at least 60% to pass the exam and to qualify for CPD accredited certificates. After passing the exam, you will be able to apply for a certificate.

To enhance your knowledge regarding the course and to further assess your learning, you are advised to complete the assignment questions provided at the end of the course, which you can complete anytime you wish. 

After submitting the assignment, our expert tutor will assess your assignment and will give you feedback on your performance.


After completing the MCQ assessment, you will qualify for the CPD Certificate from One Education, as proof of your continued professional development. Certification is available in PDF format, for £9, or a hard copy can be sent to you via post, for just £15.


There are no specific prerequisites to enrol in this Veterinary Nursing Fundamentals. Anyone and everyone can take this course.

The Veterinary Nursing Fundamentals is fully accessible from any internet-enabled smart device. So, you can study from the comfort of your home!

All you need is a passion for learning, literacy, and to be over the age of 16.

Who is This course for?

This course is primarily aimed at individuals interested in the field of Veterinary Nursing or animal care.

Career Path

This Veterinary Nursing Fundamentals will help you gain all the necessary theoretical knowledge to excel in the relevant field. Enrol on our course now and get started on the journey of taking your career to the next level.

Course Curriculum

Module 1. Introduction to Veterinary Nursing
Introduction to Veterinary Nursing 00:13:00
Module 2. Basic Care and Animal Welfare of All Species
Basic Care and Animal Welfare of All Species 00:26:00
Module 3. Career Prospect and Development
Career Prospect and Development 00:18:00
Module 4. Veterinary Nursing Legislation
Veterinary Nursing Legislation 00:15:00
Module 5: Collapse & Unconsciousness
Collapse & Unconsciousness 00:12:00
Module 6: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 00:21:00
Module 7. Shock
Shock 00:11:00
Module 8. Bleeding
Bleeding 00:15:00
Module 9. Bandage
Bandaging 00:27:00
Module 10. Fractures
Fractures 00:09:00
Module 11. Seizures
Seizures 00:05:00
Module 12. Choking & Drowning
Choking & Drowning 00:07:00
Module 13. Heat Stroke & Hypothermia
Heat Stroke & Hypothermia 00:05:00
Module 14. Burns & Scalds
Burns & Scalds 00:06:00
Module 15. Poisoning
Poisoning 00:10:00
Module 16. Bites and Stings
Bites & Stings 00:05:00
Module 17. Common Emergencies
Common Emergencies 00:17:00
Module 18. Managing a First Aid Scenario
Managing a First Aid Scenario 00:05:00
Module 19. Pet First Aid Kit
Pet First Aid Kit 00:10:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Veterinary Nursing Fundamentals 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Veterinary Nursing Fundamentals 00:20:00

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