Vocal Disorders

Vocal Disorders


    Course Overview

    Learn how to identify the source and effects of communication difficulties with this insightful Vocal Disorders Course. When the ability to speak is taken away or inhibited, it can have a devastating effect on a person. With the skills and information given in this expertly written tutorial, you will be trained in voice therapy practices and understand the psychological and physical aspects that need to be supported. The contents of these online modules have been compiled with the assistance of industry professionals, and you will attain the capability to diagnose and treat those that have had their voice muted by nature, ill-health, or accident.        

    This Vocal Disorders Course provides essential information to assist and support anyone with a condition or injury that affects their vocal communication. You will be taught how the human body produces vocalisation and the anatomical details that enable it. Alongside this, you will be shown the causes of functional and organic disorders, with the recommended treatment methods. You will also be given a detailed masterclass in voice therapy itself and learn all of the values and behaviours that are needed to help those dealing with a related condition on an emotional and medical basis. The course can be taken at any location and at your own pace. Enrol now and help others find their voice again.

    Learning outcomes:

    • Understand the physiology of voice production
    • Learn how vocal anatomy changes over a lifetime
    • Know which areas of the human body influences and creates speech
    • Be aware of all the possible causes of Vocal Disorders
    • Gain awareness of how functional disorders can manifest
    • Become accomplished with counselling and interviewing skills
    • Attain the ability to establish the required rapport with patients and clients
    • Discover the best way to diagnose and treat many disorders

    Who is This Course for?

    This course is primarily designed for those who will come into contact with speech-impaired clients, patients, or individuals. This can be in a therapeutic, medical, or communal capacity.

    Career Path

    This course is ideal for those who work in speech or voice therapy or related counselling. It will also be useful for medical or community representatives in the same field. As such, it covers the following careers and roles:

    • Community Health Specialist
    • Counsellor
    • ENT Specialist

    Course Curriculum

    Module 1: Physiology of Voice Production
    Physiology of Voice Production 00:24:00
    Module 2: Causes of Voice Disorder
    Causes of Voice Disorder 00:18:00
    Module 3: Functional Voice Disorders
    Functional Voice Disorders 00:25:00
    Module 4: Voice Therapy
    Voice Therapy 00:14:00
    Module 5: Principles of Diagnosis and Management
    Principles of Diagnosis and Management 00:16:00
    Mock Exam
    Mock Exam – Vocal Disorders 00:20:00
    Final Exam
    Final Exam – Vocal Disorders 00:20:00

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