Voiceover artist online course

Voiceover artist online course


    Course Overview:

    Make your mark in the dynamic UK voice acting industry and start an incredible journey on an exciting new career. Voice acting is a hugely desired talent within the entertainment sector, and you can become part of it. Many individuals are already earning a living by putting their vocals to good use in recording booths, and we can help you become a professional voice actor and join them. Even if you’ve never previously considered performing voiceover work, this online guide could provide you with everything you need to jumpstart a brand-new job and a whole new working ethic. 

    By taking part in this educational experience, you’ll be guided through all the steps and requirements that are needed to craft a career from using your voice to all manner of products to life. As well as an introduction to the industry, the content will help you “find” and train your voice, making you stand out from your competitors. Learn to love your voice and make a living from it with this dynamic course.

    Learning outcomes: 

    • Learn the difference between voiceovers and voice acting, and decide which is best suited for you
    • Understand your audience and know what to look for in an offered script
    • Treat your voice as an instrument and practise your vocalisation 
    • Gain the ability to change or correct any accents and speech impediments
    • Know how to produce a world-class demo and showcase your abilities
    • Develop the confidence and skill to impress at every audition ties
    • Learn how to record your voice and present it in the best way
    • Understand how to prepare yourself for intense sessions in the recording booth

    Who is This Course for?

    This course is perfect for those who are about to embark on an intended career in voice acting or voiceover work. It is eminently suitable for beginners but remains useful for those voice actors looking to improve their methods or techniques for obtaining employment in this sector. 

    Career Path

    This course provides a full overview of the UK voice acting industry and will help those that are either starting in the business or already maintain a presence within it. It provides support for the following careers:

    • Voiceover artists
    • Voice actors
    • Vocal coaches 
    • Speech therapists

    Course Curriculum

    Module 01: Introduction to Voiceover
    Introduction to Voiceover 00:37:00
    Module 02: Voiceover Basics
    Voiceover Basics 00:28:00
    Module 03: Finding Your Voice
    Finding Your Voice 00:25:00
    Module 04: Using Your Instrument
    Using Your Instrument 00:23:00
    Module 05: Exercising Your Voice
    Exercising Your Voice 00:40:00
    Module 06: Useful Tips
    Useful Tips 00:17:00
    Module 07: Plan Your Demo
    Plan Your Demo 00:14:00
    Module 08: The Audition
    The Audition 00:23:00
    Module 09: Record Your Voice
    Record Your Voice 00:15:00
    Module 10: The Studio
    The Studio 00:25:00
    Module 11: Promoting Your Voice
    Promoting Your Voice 00:12:00
    Module 12: UK Voice Acting Industry
    UK Voice Acting Industry 00:24:00

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