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Course Overview

Become a trained professional from the safety and comfort of your own home by taking Start Your Career as Web Developer – Complete Training . Whatever your situation and requirements, One Education can supply you with professional teaching, gained from industry experts, and brought to you for a great price with a limited-time discount.

One Education has been proud to produce an extensive range of best-selling courses, and Start Your Career as Web Developer – Complete Training is one of our best offerings. It is crafted specially to promote easy learning at any location with an online device. Each topic has been separated into digestible portions that can be memorised and understood in the minimum of time. 

Teaching and training are more than just a job for the staff at One Education; we take pride in employing those who share our vision for e-learning and its importance in today’s society. To prove this, all learning materials for each course are available for at least one year after the initial purchase.  

All of our tutors and IT help desk personnel are available to answer any questions regarding your training or any technical difficulties. 

By completing Start Your Career as Web Developer – Complete Training, you will have automatically earnt an e-certificate that is industry-recognised and will be a great addition to your competencies on your CV.

Whatever your reason for studying Start Your Career as Web Developer – Complete Training, make the most of this opportunity from One Education and excel in your chosen field.

Please be aware that there are no hidden fees, no sudden exam charges, and no other kind of unexpected payments. All costs will be made very clear before you even attempt to sign up. 

Course design

The course is delivered through our online learning platform, accessible through any internet-connected device. There are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules, meaning you are free to study the course at your own pace.

You are taught through a combination of

  • Video lessons
  • Online study materials

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Upon successful completion, you will qualify for the UK and internationally-recognised CPD accredited certification. You can choose to make your achievement formal by obtaining your PDF Certificate at the cost of £9 and Hard Copy Certificate for £15.

Why study this course

It doesn’t matter if you are an aspiring professional or absolute beginner; this course will enhance your expertise and boost your CV with critical skills and an accredited certification attesting to your knowledge.

The Start Your Career as Web Developer – Complete Training is fully available to anyone, and no previous qualifications are needed to enrol. All One Education needs to know is that you are eager to learn and are over 16.

Course Curriculum

Introduction 00:03:00
How to Get Course requirements 00:02:00
Getting Started on Windows, Linux or Mac 00:02:00
How to ask Great Questions 00:01:00
FAQ’s 00:01:00
Introduction HTML 00:05:00
Choosing Code Editor 00:06:00
Installing Code Editor (Sublime Text) 00:04:00
Overview of a Webpage 00:05:00
Structure of a Full HTML Webpage 00:07:00
First Hello World! Webpage 00:09:00
HTML Basic
Heading tags 00:09:00
Paragraph 00:08:00
Formatting Text 00:12:00
List Items Unordered 00:05:00
List Items Ordered 00:04:00
Classes 00:09:00
IDs 00:06:00
Comments 00:04:00
HTML Intermediate
Images 00:12:00
Forms 00:05:00
Marquee 00:06:00
Text area 00:06:00
Tables 00:06:00
Links 00:07:00
Navbar – Menu 00:04:00
HTML Entities 00:05:00
Div tag 00:06:00
Google Maps 00:07:00
HTML Advanced
HTML Audio 00:07:00
HTML Video 00:05:00
Canvas 00:06:00
Iframes 00:05:00
Input Types 00:04:00
Input Attributes 00:06:00
Registration Form 00:04:00
Contact Us Form 00:10:00
Coding Exercise 00:01:00
Solution for Coding Exercise 00:02:00
JavaScript Introduction
What is JavaScript 00:09:00
Hello World Program 00:14:00
Getting Output 00:11:00
Internal JavaScript 00:13:00
External JavaScript 00:09:00
Inline JavaScript 00:04:00
Async and defer 00:06:00
JavaScript Basics
Variables 00:13:00
Data Types 00:10:00
Numbers 00:06:00
Strings 00:06:00
String Formatting 00:05:00
JavaScript Operators
Arithmetic operators 00:07:00
Assignment operators 00:03:00
Comparison operators 00:06:00
Logical operators 00:08:00
JavaScript Conditional Statements
If-else statement 00:05:00
If-else-if statement 00:04:00
JavaScript Control Flow Statements
While loop 00:09:00
Do-while loop 00:03:00
For loop 00:08:00
Coding Exercise 00:02:00
Solution for Coding Exercise 00:02:00
JavaScript Functions
Creating a Function 00:07:00
Function Call() 00:07:00
Function with parameters 00:05:00
JavaScript Error Handling
Try-catch 00:05:00
Try-catch-finally 00:17:00
JavaScript Client-Side Validations
On Submit Validation 00:09:00
Input Numeric Validation 00:12:00
PHP Introduction
What is PHP 00:08:00
Installing XAMPP for PHP, MySQL and Apache 00:12:00
Installing Code Editor(Visual Studio Code) 00:07:00
Creating PHP Project on XAMPP 00:03:00
Hello World Program 00:06:00
PHP Basic
Variables 00:16:00
Echo and Print 00:08:00
Data Types 00:11:00
Numbers 00:06:00
Boolean 00:04:00
Arrays 00:06:00
Multi-Dimensional Array 00:07:00
Sorting Arrays 00:04:00
Constants 00:05:00
PHP Strings
Strings 00:04:00
String Formatting 00:05:00
String Methods 00:08:00
Coding Exercise 00:01:00
Solution for Coding Exercise 00:01:00
PHP Operators
Arithmetic operators 00:03:00
Assignment operators 00:02:00
Comparison operators 00:05:00
Increment – decrement operators 00:03:00
Logical operators 00:06:00
Ternary operator 00:03:00
PHP Decision-making System
If statement 00:05:00
If-else statement 00:02:00
If-else-if-else statement 00:03:00
Switch-case statement 00:05:00
PHP Control flow statements
Flow Chart 00:06:00
While loop 00:09:00
Do-while loop 00:04:00
For loop 00:15:00
Foreach loop 00:04:00
Coding Exercise 00:01:00
Solution for Coding Exercise 00:01:00
PHP Functions
Creating a Function 00:08:00
Function with Arguments 00:08:00
Default Argument 00:03:00
Function return values 00:06:00
Call-by-value 00:02:00
Call-by-reference 00:03:00
PHP Super globals
$_POST Method 00:06:00
$_GET Method 00:02:00
PHP Advanced
Form Handling 00:08:00
Date and Time 00:08:00
Include 00:06:00
Require 00:02:00
Sessions 00:08:00
File Reading 00:02:00
File Upload 00:06:00
PHP Object-oriented programming[OOPs]
What is OOP 00:03:00
Class and Objects 00:11:00
Constructor 00:04:00
Destructor 00:03:00
Access Modifiers 00:10:00
Inheritance 00:12:00
Method overriding 00:06:00
Abstract Class 00:03:00
Interface 00:08:00
PHP – MySQL Application [CRUD]
MySQL Basic PhpMyAdmin 00:04:00
Creating Database and Table 00:07:00
Database Connection 00:05:00
PHP Form Create records 00:16:00
PHP Form Reading records 00:11:00
PHP Form Update Data 00:15:00
PHP Form Delete records 00:04:00
PHP Real-world code forms
Registration Form 00:04:00
MD5 Algorithm for Encrypting 00:03:00
Sha Algorithm 00:02:00
Login Form 00:12:00
PHP Validations
On Submit Validation 00:09:00
Input Numeric Validation 00:12:00
Login Form Validation 00:05:00
Form Server-side all Data Validation 00:06:00
Form Server-side Validation 00:06:00
PHP Error handling
Try-throw-catch 00:06:00
Try-throw-catch-finally 00:02:00

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