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Top 10 Educational Apps for Medical Students

Whether you are in high school thinking of applying to an MD program or recently got a medical school acceptance letter, you need to prove that you are the best candidate for the medical school. You need a solid science background, some clinical experience and a passion to lead a successful medical career. Keep in mind that medical school is a truly difficult journey and you need to study hard to fulfill the academic challenges and become a successful student.

You need to strengthen your scientific knowledge as science is the main focus of academic life in medical school, especially in the preclinical years and as well as during the clinical rotations. In order to become a competent physician, you also need to possess the appropriate knowledge of physiology, pharmacology, anatomy, pathology, cardiology, and other science courses.

Thanks to the latest mobile app technology, now it has become easier for medical students to get acquainted with advanced medical knowledge and learn important clinical skills with mobile apps. There are a number of educational apps for medical students that help them develop better understanding of scientific disciplines.

Top 10 Educational Apps for Medical Students

If you are wondering what types of mobile apps you should use during your medical school journey, here is the list of top 10 educational apps for medical students that help them improve their academic performance and become a great physician.

  1.       Nerve Whiz
  2.       Osmosis Med
  3.       Prognosis
  4.       Pharmacology Mnemonics
  5.       MedNotes
  6.       Complete Anatomy
  7.       Medical Terminology Learning Quiz
  8.       BoardVitals Medical Exam Prep
  9.       Clinicals – History & Physical
  10.   Drugs.com Medication Guide

1. Nerve Whiz

Nerve Whiz is a useful neurology app for future and existing medical students who want to master the anatomy of nerve roots, plexuses and peripheral nerves. With the help of nerve and muscle charts, you can learn how muscles of the upper and lower extremities can be sorted by nerve, action and muscle name.

You can also find muscle localizer in the app that makes it a bit easier for students to learn the possible localization of the root, plexus and nerve and their features. The sensory localizer allows you to touch the picture of the body part and it suggests localizations with different graphical representations of the sensory distributions of nerve roots, plexus and nerves.

Whether you are a premedical student completing your medical school application, recently enrolled in a medical school or performing your neurology rotation, you should install Nerve Whiz to improve your understanding of the nervous system.

2. Osmosis Med

Osmosis is an amazing app for medical students, exclusively designed for medical students to improve their academic performance and become a successful medical student. The app uses proven learning techniques such as spaced repetition that makes it easier for students to learn more and forget less.

Whether you are preparing for a class quiz or doing USMLE Step 1 preparation, the Osmosis app provides you with all the important concepts you need to master to stay on the right academic track. The app includes educational videos on the most difficult topics. You will also find USMLE style multiple choice questions and flashcards to better prepare you for the actual test day.

With Osmosis mobile app, you can review your study material anytime, anywhere and perform bit-sized quizzes to strengthen your concepts. Every medical student should add an Osmosis app to their study schedule and stay on the right academic track.

3. Prognosis

During the third and fourth year of summer school, students are required to perform clinical rotations. They need to hone their clinical and diagnosis skills to become a better physician. Thanks to the Prognosis app, especially designed for medical students, residents, practicing physicians and healthcare professionals.

Prognosis app helps you improve your ability to diagnose, provide important facts and relevant explanations of use cases to improve your diagnostic skills. The app covers a wide range of case studies related to different medical specialties. Each case includes a detailed explanation of the diagnostic reasoning and key learning points to remember.

The best thing about Prognosis app is that it regularly updates and adds content based on the endemic and epidemic trends, which will eventually help medical students to get the latest medical information. 

4. Pharmacology Mnemonics

During the preclinical years of medical school, students are required to learn a lot of medical terminologies. For many medical students, memorizing a number of terminologies is a difficult task. With the Pharmacology Mnemonics app, you can memorize and better understand the intricate terms. The user-friendly user interface design and alphabetical order makes searching easier.

You will find colorful images and detailed explanations that help students memorize the concept with better understanding. Medical students should use Pharmacology Mnemonics apps to memorize the name of different drugs, their classification and mechanism of action to score impressive marks in the pharmacology course material.

5. MedNotes

MedNotes is one of the best educational apps for medical students, especially for the first- and second-year students that contains useful information. The app is packed with more than 50 medical disorders, 50+ medical books, 100+ question papers, histology slides, cadaveric images, and medical notes.

The app includes important notes of nearly every course material you will study in medical school such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, neuroanatomy, and pharmacology. You will also find a disease section to improve your understanding of different medical disorders. The best part of MedNotes is that the notes are updated monthly so that students can get the updated content.

6. Complete Anatomy

For many medical students, memorizing intricate anatomical terms and scoring impressive marks in the anatomy course is a big challenge. Thanks to the Complete Anatomy app that includes interesting, informative and up-to-date anatomical content. It is an amazing 3D anatomy platform that uses ground-breaking technology to create anatomical content and models.

This super amazing anatomy learning platform provides you with in-depth and complete human anatomy 3D models and individual interactive structures.

You will find unique dissection course on abdomen and spine as well as atlas of more than 700 screens. Students can also view radiological images of interactive 3D models. The dynamic cross sections, real-time muscle motion and insertion mapping help students become a smart medical student.

Furthermore, you will also find microscopic anatomy models, layered systems, nerve tracker, blood supply tracer, and much more. The app includes clinical videos and tools for virtual dissection that improve your clinical skills. All in all, Complete Anatomy is the best educational app for medical students that helps students master the important anatomical concepts.

7. Medical Terminology Learning Quiz

Whether you are a preclinical or clinical student, being a medical student, you are supposed to memorize loads of medical terminologies. Medical Terminology Learning is a useful learning app for medical students, designed for students who find it extremely hard to absorb medical knowledge.

This medical app can improve your memorization skills and learning experience. The app covers important topics such as anatomy, physiology, pathology and other diagnostic testing and medical treatment. Its special feature “Teach me” provides intelligent learning experience. The feature understands how you answer questions and shows the content accordingly to enhance your learning experience.

The gamification features include medical terminology quiz, medical picture quiz, medical game anagram and medical spelling with answers. These features help you understand and learn complex medical terms in a fun way. Download this app to make learning fun and easy.

8. BoardVitals Medical Exam Prep

BoardVitals is one of the best educational apps for medical students that is especially designed for USMLE preparation. The app includes board-style practice questions of different medical specialties. It helps students to prepare for the USMLE exams as they will find detailed explanations for every answer.

The app includes up-to-date content for students so that they better prepare for their board exams, perform outstandingly and score good marks. The BoardVitals Mobile app is a great choice to improve your exam taking skills and give confidence to give your best.

The app includes multiple choice questions, fill in the blank calculation, graphic items, hot spot items, exhibit questions and audio questions. Furthermore, you will choose from different modes including quiz modes, study mode, test mode and NCLEX CAT test mode. The detailed analytics report allows you to check your performance, average response time and peers rank.  

9. Clinicals – History & Physical

Clinicals is an amazing study app for premedical and medical students who want to strengthen their clinical skills and become a competent physician. Whether you are shadowing a physician or completing your clinical rotations, Clinics app is a great app to improve your history taking skill which is required to become a great physician.

The Clinicals app helps you learn how to observe patients, take general and systematic history, symptoms identification and grading. The general history section includes important sections such as chief complaints, medical history, family history, drug history, obstetric history and more. Clinical questionnaires improve your diagnostic, history taking and physical examination skills.  

10. Drugs.com Medication Guide

Pharmacology is one of the most important medical courses that include useful information related to drugs and their mechanism of action. Drugs.com Medication Guide is a useful app for medical students that includes a list of drugs in alphabetical order, pill identifier, interactions checker, and many useful tools.

You will find the detailed information on side effects and dosage information. The pill identifier allows you to identify the medicine through its color, shape or imprint.  The app is a suitable choice for medical students, residents and healthcare professionals who are supposed to prescribe medicine, diagnose and create treatment plans.

Final Note

These are the top 10 educational apps for medical students that help them improve their academic performance and clinical skills, while making it easier to fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor. 

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